Get Paid Downloading Apps And Playing Games On Your Phone For Newbies

make money playing games and downloading apps on iOS and Android devices phones

Today everyone has at least one mobile phone and is probably using it for a lot more than just making phone calls. Modern phones are a lot more than the original phones were and many users use them for many objectives related to work and productivity but most of all modern phones are used for entertainment purposes and playing games. Modern phones today are a sort of pocket-sized computers and there are many applications designed and published every day that have a fill a real-life need. Moreover today you can even make money by downloading and installing apps on your phone and trying out games. This way is a great way to make money online from home or anywhere you are using your phone. In fact, there are many opportunities to do this starting right away and with no cost to you.

Get paid downloading apps and playing games

Later on, we will mention a few sites and apps that will pay you with money and gift cards for downloading and installing apps and games on your phone but now first we will discuss what do you need to get started and what are the requirements to be able to start making money downloading games and apps. I am sure that nearly 100% of people could meet these requirements.

1. A phone with an Android or iOS operating system.
Today nearly everyone has a phone so this is no som a great obstacle to most people.

2. Internet connection. Preferably you should use a Wi-Fi connection when available because some apps and games can take up large amounts of data.

3. Free time on your hands. If you like many other people who love playing games then this will be no trouble for you since you will be rewarded for something you are already doing. This is an opportunity for all gamers even casual ones. You don’t have to be an experienced professional even total newbies can make money online this way.

Step by step instructions for making money by installing apps and playing games

1. Open an account with proper websites and apps. A good thing about making money with apps and games is that there are websites where you can find such earning opportunities. There are decent places where you can find a good list of paying tasks. A list of the best ones can be found in this article. They are all free to join.

2 . Verify your account and email. After signing up you will have to verify your account by going to the email you used to sign up and clicking on a verification link that they will send.

3. Familiarize yourself with the process of making money by installing apps and games. See what you need to do to earn money. Some conditions are that you only need to do is download and install the app, others may require that you use it for a certain period of time so make sure to understand them before starting to download apps and games for money and rewards.

4. After you have your account and know what is necessary to do to get rewards you can get started. Just find apps or games you are interested in, download them and install them and rinse and repeat until you have accumulated enough points for cash out to Paypal or to redeem for gift cards or whatever.

List of websites and apps where you can earn money online downloading apps and playing games

So if you are interested you should at least check and try the following sites and apps:

AppKarma is one of the best apps for making money playing games, installing apps, and many other ways. You can earn points as you install and play games, watch videos as well daily rewards and scratch cards. For your activity, you are rewarded points which you can convert for Paypal cash or gift cards for the world’s best brands. This app is available for Android and iOS. You will also get 300 points for signing up if you go click here to enter your phone number and you will receive a link to install the app on your phone. It’s easy and free so happy money-making.

InstaGC is another website where you can earn money installing apps and playing games. There are other ways like surveys, watching videos, and working tasks provided by Appen. This way you earn points you can later redeem for gift cards and money to your Paypal account. An interesting feature is that InstaGC has an option to use your points to bet on sports. You will enter choose your picks and the top winners will split the prize pot.

Ysense is a website similar to InstaGC where you can earn points and redeem for gift cards and cash. You can earn by installing apps, completing surveys, watching videos, and working on tasks.

Microworkers is a site that at all times has a large number of tasks to complete and earn money. There are a lot of tasks about installing apps or games on Android or iOS devices as well as on desktop computers PC or Mac. Other ways to earn money on this site are social media tasks like liking a post or tweet, following, sharing a post or an image, and similar stuff. There are also transcription tasks, survey tasks, image, and video annotation tasks, data collecting, forum posting, comment posting, review writing, signing up or websites, etc.

Picoworkers is a website similar to Microworkers where you can find many social media jobs, app and games download apps, internet research jobs, promotion(vote and rate) online jobs, Instagram jobs, Facebook jobs, Video marketing jobs, and more.

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