6 Ways To Make Money Playing Games

How to make money online playing games oc pc playstation xbox iPhone android device

There are quite many ways for someone to make a living today but probably if someone would tell you that you can make money playing games you would think he is simply lying. But the truth is yes you actually can earn money playing games. When we say playing games we mean video games on computers like PC or Macintosh, consoles like Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo, or games for mobile phones with Android or iOS systems.

How to make money online playing games

There are number of ways how to monetize the time you spend playing games and having fun. Here are some of them.

1. Get Paid Testing Computer Games

A lot of money is invested in the development of modern computer games. Computer games are software just like any application and are developed by programmers. For a game to be successful and return the investment it has to be attractive to the target audience that is the gamers and have necessary fun to play, great atmosphere, realism and be visually appealing to potential customers. That is the reason why gam developers need game testers. Game testers play the game and later report to the game developers about how fun or how boring the games are. What is they like about the game and what is that needs to be fixed to make it a better and more interesting and fun to play.

Game testers also participate in surveys and take part in focus groups related to gaming. So if you are someone who loves games. Action-adventure, sports games, strategy games or any other genre of games and have lots of experience playing many games then you could be a good fit for this type of job





2. Enter Pro League Gaming Competitions.

Many people would be surprised but today there are even professional gaming leagues and competitive playing on the computer or video games also called eSports exist today. Professional gamers can earn good money by participating in gaming championships. There are a number of gaming or eSport leagues or championships. Some of them are World Cyber Games, Major League Gaming, Eleague, League of Legends Pro League, and others.

There are professional gamers that have earned millions from participating in gaming competitions. There are a number of popular games for competitive gaming, some of them are: Overwatch, Fortnite, League of Legends, Counter-Strike: GO, Starcraft 2, etc. A piece of advice for those who wish to be professional games, pick one game that you like the most and master it, don’t focus on many from the beginning.

3. Make Money From Your Gameplay Videos

If you go to YouTube and search for some terms related to gaming like a name of a popular game you will see there are thousands of results containing links to gameplay videos some of them even hours long. Since popular games have players in the tens of millions then it is easy to understand why some of these videos have millions of views. Now, you are probably asking yourself why would people invest time and effort in playing the game recording it, and uploading it to YouTube. The reason is simple: they monetize the videos by displaying ads. If you click on a link and watch a video you will see that from time to time ads will be displayed embedded in the video. Every time a visitor views the ad the creator of the video earns some money. There are many gaming YouTube channels run by teenagers that earn decent amount of money this way

To start making money on YouTube from your gaming videos first you need an account that can be opened for free then comes creating a channel and you are ready to start uploading your videos. To create gameplay videos you can use video recording and live streaming software like OBS Studio or Nvidia Shadowplay.

You need to also keep in mind that in order to be accepted in an advertising program and monetize your videos there are certain guidelines and policies that your videos must comply with.

4. Create Game Tutorials and Guides

If you are an experienced gamer and have mastered a very popular computer then you can monetize your knowledge by writing and selling a tutorial or game guide, sometimes called a strategy guide. If you go to websites like Amazon and search for game guides you will see that there are many guides on sale for a large number of popular computer games.

These game guides can be in physical and electronic book format and contain walkthroughs, tips, tricks, and other information gamers can use to master the game. Considering that popular games have millions and millions of fans then you can see the earning potential.

Another way to monetize your computer game mastery is by creating game tutorials in video format and publishing them on YouTube which you can later monetize with ads. If you have good and valuable advice to give to other gamers then you can expect a huge number of visitors and good earnings from your gaming tutorial videos.

5. Make Money Playing Games And Streaming On Twitch

Twitch (read more about Twitch here) is a very popular website for gamers worldwide. To start earning money on Twitch first you will nd to open a channel and stream your gameplay live in front of your audience. The thing is the bigger your audience is the more money you will make.

To grow your audience on Twitch you will need not only to be a good gamer but also to make your gameplay steams fun and interesting. If you are able to do this ten your audience will grow and you will be able to earn money from ads and affiliate links. Gamers can also make money on Twitch from endorsement deals and sponsorships.

6. Earn Money For Downloading And Playing Games

In addition to the above ways that passionate gamers can make money the simplest way that anyone can make money, playing games is by simply downloading and playing games. To do this all you need is a device like a phone or a tablet-based on Android or iOS, or a computer and to join sites that offer payment for tasks where you must download and play certain for a while. Some tasks will require you to install and play the game for e few minutes while other tasks will require play until you reach a certain level. There are a number of websites and apps that where you can find such tasks. Some of them are AppKarma, Ysense, Microworkers, Picoworkers, InstaGC.

Buff is a gaming app that rewards players just for playing games. By playing games, gamers earn points that they can redeem for prizes and gift cards. To join and make money is free and all that is necessary is to download the app and run it while playing. Buff supports very popular games like DOTA2, Fortnite, Valorant, League of Legends, Player Unknown Battlegrounds, and other popular games

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