Make Money Online Monetizing Your Skills On Fiverr

If you have skills and extra time you want to spend with benefit then Fiverr is one of the best places you can find customers ready to hire you. Thanks to Fiverr you can now work from anywhere in the world and make money in your free time.

Freelancers from all over the world are earning good money by offering their services on Fiverr. Earning can go from few dollars to hundreds even thousands of dollars. So, if you are someone who has free time on your hand and has certain skills and knowledge this is a way to earn extra cash.

Make Money Online Monetize Your Skills On Fiverr

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a free-to-join internet-based marketplace where freelancers can meet clients and earn money by completing various jobs. Freelancers can join and offer their services for a certain price. These services can be of many categories writing, design, programming, or anything else. Whether you are a writer, blogger, musician, web developer, programmer you can offer to do a service for a client and set your price. Potential clients will browse the offers and if you are selected you will get to complete the job and be paid.

The price for completing jobs called gigs is set on the low end as $5, which is where the name Fiverr comes from and up to hundreds of dollars for certain gigs.

Fiverr was founded in 2010 and today is one of the largest online marketplaces where freelancers meet customers and earn extra income and even full-time income. Whatever your talent is, whether it is designing logos, websites, greeting cards, t-shirts or you have experience in SEO or social media marketing you can list your services and your clients will find you on Fiverr.

On Fiverr there are two ideas involved in the business process. The side that is offering their services for monetary compensation and is called sellers and the side that is hiring the freelancers and paying for the job done are called buyers.

When a buyer has a project that needs to be completed he determines the specific set of skills needed to complete the project and searches on Fiverr for sellers who offer adequate services. Once he finds potential sellers they agree on the deadline, the job that needs to be completed, and the conditions that need to be met after which all that is left is sellers to start working and eventually deliver what was agreed.

How to start selling your services on Fiverr

To get started on Fiverr and easy and very simple. Anyone from anywhere in the world can do it and it’s free. If you have a computer you can start in minutes.

Join Fiverr

Step 1: Opening an account

This is the first step you must-do if you want to make money selling services on Fiverr. You should go to the Fiverr website and click on Become a seller. After which you will be prompted to join using your Google, Facebook, Apple account, or your email. The rest of the registering process is simple, you must provide your details after which you will get a confirmation link in your email.

Step 2: Create your profile on Fiverr

This is the second step after you register your account on Fiverr. By completing your profile you will stand out from other sellers and will make it easier for your clients to find you. You should start b uploading your photo, then write a little bit of something to describe yourself, add your skills, certifications, education, link your social accounts, and even mention any other language that you might speak.

Step 3: Create a gig offering a service that matches your skills

After creating your profile comes another important step and that is to create a service you can provide to potential clients. Think about what skills you have and how to use them to deliver a service that is in demand and is marketable then writes a description about what you can do, your conditions, and of course your price. Now clients can find your gig listed on Fiverr and hire you.

Step 4: Increase your chances of getting hired

Completing a profile and creating a gig might be enough to get started on Fiverr but it doe not mean you now just have to wait for the clients to come. You can go and content buyers on Fiverr and offer them your service. Buyers are able to post tasks that need to be done and you can check out their demand and if you have the necessary skills to do it then you can contact them directly and offer them your services personally.

How much does it cost to open an account on Fiverr

To open an account on Fiverr is completely free. The steps are described above in this post and you can join Fiverr anytime you want. The only thing you will need is the necessary skills, an internet connection, and a computer. However, Fiverr charges a fee for every gig. If let’s say a gig is valued at $5 then after you complete it successfully you will earn $4 after Fiverr takes its cut.

What kind of gigs can you sell on Fiverr

If you have any skills that are in demand then Fiverr is the best place to monetize them and earn money online. There are a number of categories and all of them have a large number of sub-categories.

Graphics and design. You can offer to design a website, a poster, a logo, a menu, a pin for Pinterest, or absolutely anything from any area like fashion, the internet, printing, industrial design, architecture, photography, etc.

– Digital Marketing – If you have skills like SEO, content marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing you can create a gig in this category and start making money online.

– Writing and translation – Fiverr is a great place to find jobs for freelance writers as well. Services like article writing, blog post writing, proofreading and editing, transcribing, copywriting, book writing, essay writing, etc, fall in this category. Also if you can write in other languages like Spanish, German, Japanese, Russian then you can also find clients.

– Video and animation – If you have skills in video editing, 3D animation, website videos, creating promotional videos, video effects, or any other service related to video and animation production and editing you can create a gig in this category.

– Music and audio – create a gig and offer to edit music, record a song, do a voice-over, mixing and mastering or something similar.

– Programming and tech – this is a place for you if you know how to code and write desktop or mobile apps, website development, database development, app testing, etc.

– Business – offer services related to business like data entry, creating presentations, virtual assistant services, legal consulting, financial consulting, flyer distribution, etc.

– Lifestyle – offer gigs like cooking lessons, fitness lessons, craft lessons, and similar.

– Industries – offer services if you have experience working in industries like fashion, e-commerce, real estate, book and ebook publishing, etc.


Fiverr is one of the best websites for freelancers and anyone else who wants to make money online by monetizing their skills, education, and experience. It is free to join and it already has over 2 million sellers from all over the world some of them making part-time and some of them full-time income. If you are new to freelancing then Fiverr is probably the best place to start.

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