Make Money Online Fast With Short Tasks

Those involved in making money online know there are many ways to make money working online. Some of the opportunities like starting an online business require an upfront investment of money, time, and work and start to bring in income after a while. Other ways bring in income from day one but many have requirements for some kind of minimum time to be devoted to the work which many people who already have a day job can’t commit and only look for a side hustle to earn some extra cash. One good side hustle is listening and analyzing phone calls about which you can read here. Another way to make money online in free time is by working on short tasks also called micro-jobs.

What are short tasks?

Short tasks or micro jobs as they are also called are tasks that can be done in a very short amount of time. This is usually a few minutes and often they may take even less than a minute to complete. Because of this, they are good for people that have full-time jobs and require some side hustle to earn extra cash.

Short tasks pay very little, starting from a few cents but on the other hand, because they can be completed quickly a freelance worker could complete dozens and even hundreds of tasks in one work session. There are many websites where you can find short tasks or micro-jobs. One of the best websites for this purpose is Microworkers.

How to join Microworkers?

Microworkers is a short tasks website or marketplace where a variety of tasks can be found. It is completely free to join Microworkers and anyone from anywhere in the world can join and start earning from home. To join go to the website and click on Register. You will need to provide your details like your name email address as well as password for your free account. Next, you’ll need to verify your email and that will conclude your joining process with Microworkers.

What kind of tasks are available?

There are a variety of tasks available on the Microworkers marketplace. They are grouped into a number of categories. Some of them are:

– Testing. Get paid by testing websites functionality or fixing a bug.

– Mobile applications. Download and install an app on Android or iOS phones.

Surveys. Complete surveys and get rewarded.

– Sign up. Make money when you sign up to other websites.

– Click, search tasks pay for searching and visiting websites and performing various actions.

Transcription tasks – you need to transcribe audio recording or image into text.

– Data collection and data entry– collect data from websites like addresses, emails, etc. and input them in forms.

Social media tasks that pay to share, like, or other tasks using popular social media like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.

– Questions, answers, and comments tasks. Find a question on sites like Quora, Reddit, or similar answer and link to a website.

– Forum tasks. You get paid to post on forums and link to websites.

– Write a review task. You will be required to write a review, feedback or vote.

Blogging tasks.

Writing tasks.

– Other.

As you can see there are many different categories of short tasks available. A good start would be to get started with one or two categories and build your reputation by completing tasks successfully before moving on to more categories. Your reputation and success rate are very important so when you work on a job focus and do your best to complete it as required by the employer.

How much can you make?

The short tasks or micro-jobs require very little time to complete but they also pay very little. Most of them start from a few cents and up but there are certain tasks that will earn you a dollar and more. How much you will earn depends on how fast you work and how much time you dedicate to working.

The good thing about working on short tasks is that they are easy, no special skills are necessary and there are many of them available at all times. Because of this, they are great for students, stay-at-home moms, teenagers, people with full-time jobs, and anyone else looking for a side hustle to make some extra cash online fast. You can also try another short tasks platform called Remotasks.

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