How To Work And Make Money Online On Freelance Job Websites

What are freelance jobs websites?

Freelance websites are places where freelancers and potential customers meet. Freelancers exchange their time work talent, experience, knowledge, and skills completing projects and tasks for their clients and get paid for them. One such website is Fiverr, but there are many others.

People requiring the services of professionals post their projects and what is needed to be done and freelancers bid on these projects with their price. The client then selects who wants to work on his project. People from all over the world join freelance job websites and make a full-time or part-time career online.

How to get started with freelance job websites?

Step 1: Register. To start working on freelance jobs websites and easy and all that is necessary is a computer connected to the internet. To get started the first step is to go to the freelance jobs website and register an account. This can be done for free. After registration, you will probably need to verify your email.

Step 2:Create your profile. This is the next step and is also very important for your online freelancing success. When creating your profile you should list all your skills and experience as well as a portfolio of your past work. This will greatly increase your chances of being hired to work on projects.

Step 3: Bid on projects. After you are set your profile you can start bidding on projects. There are hundreds and even thousands of projects available at all times on freelance jobs websites. For easy navigation, they are grouped into different categories like writing, proofreading, logo design, programming, app development, data entry, website development, etc.

Step 4: Start working. If your bid and you are selected by the client you can start to work on the project. After you complete the work the client will review it and if it meets the demands you will be paid. There are a number of ways that freelance jobs websites use to pay. Most popular are Paypal, Payoneer, Bank transfer, etc.

Advantages of being online freelancer

1. Flexible time schedule. When you are a freelancer you set your own hours. You can work how much and when do you want to work. You can set your working schedule in the morning or in the evening. No more fixed 9 to 5 work schedule.

2. Flexible workspace. To do your job you only need a computer and internet connection. If you have this you can work and complete your projects from anywhere in the world., while on vacation, from home, etc.

3. You’re your own boss. When you work on freelance jobs online you are your own boss. There is no one to look over your shoulder.

4. Many opportunities. At all times there are many opportunities to work listed on online freelance jobs websites. If your bid ad doesn’t get selected there are always more work opportunities you can bid on listed every single day.

5. Full-time or part-time jobs. You can make a full-time job working online on freelance jobs. There are many freelancers earning full-time salaries and more working from home in front of their computers. If you have a regular job then you can make it your part-time work and earn extra cash in your free time.

6. You save money. With regular 9 to 5 jobs there are many expenses included like travel expenses to your workplace and more. When you work online freelance jobs you will be working from home which means you avoid those expenses and save money.

Disadvantages of online freelancing

1. Lack of focus and motivation. Being your own boss and not having someone looking over your shoulder might be an advantage but some people don’t have the necessary discipline and can’t stay focused if there is not someone watching over them to do their job on time.

2. No social contacts. When working from home you lose social contacts with coworkers and friends that you usually have when you are working at the office.

3. Many distractions when working at home. One of the advantages of being an online freelancer and working from home is being close to your family and spending more time with them but this can also be a problem because the family can also be a major distraction in your work. It is good to have a quiet room for yourself in the house to minimize distractions.

Popular jobs on online freelancing websites

1. Writing. Writing jobs are numerous on freelance jobs websites. If you are a talented writer and love to write there will always be work opportunities for you. There are jobs for creative and technical writing blog posts, website content, ghostwriting, etc. You can find freelance writing projects on content mills like iWriter and others.

2. Editing and proofreading. Proofreading and editing jobs are great choices for you if you have good focus and attention to detail and love correcting what other people have written.

3. Website development. There are millions of websites live online today and many more are added each day like web stores, blogs, etc. If you have skills in website development then this will open many job opportunities for you.

4. Design. People with talent, experience, and skills in graphics design are always in demand by businesses. You can be making a living designing logos, postcards, flyers, book covers, illustrations, business cards, etc.

5. Translation. This is also a very profitable and in-demand freelance job. If you speak languages you can monetize your knowledge by translating documents, letters, books, blog posts, essays, and other works from one language to another.

6. Audio transcription. You can be making money by listening to audio and typing what is said in a text document. If you have good listening skills and you type fast you can start making money online by transcribing audio files.

How to set a price for your freelance work

Setting the price for your services is important for your success. It is worth noting that in beginning you should not set your price too high. Don’t go for earning much money at the beginning of your freelancing career. Instead, focus on delivering top-quality work and earning excellent reviews from your clients. When you establish your reputation you can charge a premium for your services. Many clients are also prepared to pay extra to get the best freelancers for their projects.

If you are interested in making money online, have the necessary skills, and think online freelancing is right then start joining freelance jobs websites. Some of the best are:

Fiverr (read more about Fiverr here)

PeoplePerHour (read more about PeoplePerHour here)


Upwork (read more about UpWork here)


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