4 Ways To Create Original Content For Your Blog

Importance of quality content for your blog

It is important to keep your blog updated with new and fresh content. By providing new and useful content will your blog stay relevant and readers will keep coming back. If you own a blog then there are several ways to create content for your blog.

1. Write your own blog posts

The first and the best way is to write your own blog posts. Even if you are not skilled and have no experience it is important that you start and develop your writing skills over time. To create content that your readers will love you should follow certain guidelines.

1. Research what your audience wants to read. This is the first step to take if you want to write blog posts that your audience will love and share on social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. You should research and find out what are the most popular topics from your niche that people are searching for and looking for answers to. You can use community sites like Quora, Reddit, Google Trends, and online forums to do this. Once you discover what your blog post will be about then you should proceed to the next step.

2. Use relevant keywords. Using relevant keywords, you will increase the chances of your target audience finding your posts among thousands of similar posts online. Proper keywords will help your blog post rank high in search engines and drive massive traffic to your blog. You can use several tools to find relevant keywords you can use in your blog post: Ubbersugest, WordStream, Wordtracker, Moz Keyword Explorer, KeywordTool.io, and others.

3. Carefully choose the title for your blog post. The title is the first thing readers notice. It is the title of the blog post that gets their attention and makes them wanna keep on reading. Because of this takes some time and invest effort to create a title that is catchy and unique. Also, make sure to include the keywords in the title to help your blog post rank higher for your focus terms.

4. Write original content. Once you know the subject and you have done your research and have a list of keywords to focus you can start writing your blog post. Keep in mind that your blog post needs to be original and unique in order to go viral. You should write about your own experience and give your honest opinion on whatever you are writing about. Blog posts that give valuable information and help readers solve problems they have are the ones that become viral and attract many readers.

2. Hire someone else to write original blog content for you

If you can’t write your own blog content for whatever reason another way to create original content is to hire freelance writers to write blog posts for you. There is a huge number of websites where you can freelance writers to write your blog content. Some of them are freelance jobs websites where freelancers from all categories can be found like web design, graphic design, application development, video editing but also writers specializing in various areas like technical writing, creative writing, SEO optimized articles writing, etc. Some freelance jobs websites are:





SEO Clerks

Along with freelance jobs websites, there are websites where writing jobs are offered are content mills. Some of them are:








Hiring freelance writers is relatively easy. You should join one or more of the above websites and hire a writer for the job. This you can do by browsing the database of available writers, the pay rate they demand their work as well as feedback from previous clients.

Keep in mind those high-rated freelancers with lots of completed jobs and excelled review scores can be much more expensive than newie freelance writers that are just starting. This doesn’t mean that new writers are all bad, it simply means that their reputation is not yet established so maybe you will be able to find a very talented freelance writer to write for you for a relatively low price.

Some of the websites also allow you to post your job and explain what is demanded, provide keywords that need to be used, and let freelancers bid for your project. After the bidding period is over you get to choose who will work on your project.

When the project is done you will review and if it meets your demand you can approve it and pay it or you can demand corrections to be made before you pay for it.

3. Use private label rights content

Private label rights content is content you can use as your own. Authors write articles, books, reports, and give them away or sell them to others to use as their own. There are many websites online where you can find PLR content you can use on your blog.

IndigitalWorks – is a great place to find PLR content. Once you join you will gain access to articles, reports, and ebooks you can use for blog content.

NorthPublisher – is another great website to look for PLR articles and eBooks you can use a s a material for your blogs.

When using PLR content don’t just copy and paste the articles but first, make sure to edit them and alter them a bit to make them unique. You can use this manually, hire someone to rewrite it for you on freelance websites or you can use article rewriter software. You can find many articles rewriting tools online. Some of them are:





Article Rewriter Tool

Small SEO Tools Article Rewriter

After using rewriting tools make sure to proofread the generated content to make sure it is readable and clear and feels like a human has written it.

4. Invite Guest Bloggers

If you need fresh content for your blog then why not reach out to fellow bloggers for original content. This way other bloggers will write blog posts and publish them on your blog. This method is a win-win for both blog owners and guest bloggers. You as a blog owner will get original content for your blog and the guest blogger will be able to promote his blog and get more exposure and traffic to his blog.

To find guest bloggers you can check out forums like



Also you can join blogging groups on Facebook which is also a good way to find bloggers interested in guest posting.

Those are the 4 ways how to create original content for your blog. If you have something to add please do so in comments section. Also please share this post so more people can read it. Thanks.

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