Introduction To CPA Marketing Beginners

Out of many legitimate ways to make money online is by CPA marketing or promoting CPA offers. Promoting CPA offers is a great way to monetize your traffic if you have a blog, website, or large following and influence on social media.

What is CPA Marketing?

CPA stands for Cost Per Action. CPA marketing is similar to affiliate marketing in the way and methods you are promoting offers but the difference is that unlike affiliate marketing you don’t actually have to sell something to earn money. With ordinary affiliate marketing, you send potential customers to the vendor’s website and when they buy something you get cut from the profit. With CPA offers they only need to complete a certain action like providing their email, signing up to try something for free, downloading an app, filling up a survey, etc.

CPA offers can be from any niche like fashion, technology, business opportunities, food and cooking, health, fitness, weight loss, finance, loans, entertainment, jobs, and many more.

Advantages of CPA marketing

Promoting CPA offers has many advantages over affiliate marketing. It is easy to get into CPA marketing as long as you have the ability to generate traffic either through your own blog, YouTube, or social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or by buying traffic from ad networks. There are many marketers who make a decent amount of money using any way of the above.

Another advantage is that there are many offers available for any niche. If you are a blogger and blog about food or fashion or any topic, you must find something your audience will be interested in.

Because your visitors don’t actually need to spend money and buy something for you to get paid CPA offers are easier to convert than ordinary affiliate marketing offers.

How to get started with promoting CPA offers online

1. Join the CPA network. First of all, to make money online promoting CPA offers, you will need to find offers you can promote. You can find hundreds of offers once you join. To join is a free and fairly simple process. You should go to their websites and fill out a form as well as you will have to provide some more details like your experience, what kind of offers you want to promote, how will you drive traffic, provide information about your website and many other things. When applying to CPA networks be honest. If you don’t have experience in promoting you should not worry your application will be turned down because many networks accept eve publishers with no experience. There is a large number of CPA networks you can join. Some of the are:

Adworkmedia (read more about Adworkmedia here)





2. Choose the offer you want to promote. Once you become a member of CPA networks you can search their database of offers and find offer your audience might be interested in. First and foremost the choice of offer will depend on the niche of your website or blog. If your blog is about health and fitness then you should find offers related to this niche. A good idea is also to ask your affiliate manager about which offers are profitable and he will help you with your choice. When choosing CPA offers you should also pay attention to various statistics but most importantly EPC, or earnings per click. This will show you how much profit is every offer is a network-wide average earning.

3. Start promoting CPA offers. After you have chosen the offer you want to promote the next step is to start the promotion campaign, that is to send targeted visitors to the offer who will be interested enough to perform the necessary action to earn you a certain amount of money. You can start by placing ads on your website or blog or you can choose to make a new website designed specifically for promoting the offer and drive traffic to it from your blog and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, etc.

4. Get paid. Most CPA networks use online payment methods to pay like PayPal and others. Payments to publishers are made on regular basis like every week, every two weeks and there is a usually low payment threshold.


If you are a blog owner or social media influencer with an engaged audience and looking for a way to make money online then you should seriously consider looking into CPA offers. There are CPA offers for virtually any niche and you will certainly find something that will interest your audience.

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