How To Make Money Online With Content Locker

There are many legitimate ways to earn money online with your work and talent. If you are a writer, a graphic designer, and have experience and knowledge, and valuable information that some online audiences might find useful then there are many money-making options are available to you online.

Aside from selling your services online or creating and selling your own products, another legitimate method to make money online is by using content locking. Content locking is restricting access to the premium content or information until visitors perform certain actions, after which they are granted access.

What type of content can you lock and monetize?

You can monetize any type of content as long as you provide value to your target audience. You can write reports, create an instructional video, presentations, programming code, design templates, or other types of product you wish to make available to interested internet visitors.

Reports and ebooks are the most prevailing form. You can write a report and ebook and lock it to make money. Depending on your target audience you can write for example a book of recipes if you are a food blogger. Or a report about how to best exercise for weight loss if that is your niche. If you are a gamer you can lock a guide for certain games cheat codes etc. Instead of reports and ebooks, you can also create instructional videos and lock them as you would lock any other type of content.

How does content locking works?

Content locking is a form of CPA marketing. That means that in order for your visitors to get access to your premium content they don’t need to spend any money to buy anything, they just need to perform certain actions like filling out a survey, downloading an app, providing their email, signing up for a trial, etc. Because of this, it is very easy for your traffic to convert since people are easier to convince to do something simple to get access to the information they want than to spend money.

Step by step guide to making money with content locker

1. Join a CPA network that has content locking. The first step to start making money online by locking content is that you are a member of a network that provides monetization by content locking. There are a number of networks online for this. One of the most prominent ones is Adworkmedia (more information about Adworkmedia here). If you don’t have an account, then you will need to sign up as a publisher. To do that go to their home page and click on sign up. Fill out the form and provide detail about yourself. You will have to also answer how do you plan to promote, you should choose ContentLocker/FileLocker/LinkLocker/PPD. After you submit your application they will review it and if everything is in good order you will be approved and be able to start making money with content lockers.

2. Create your product. To make money with content lockers one of the things you’ll need is exclusive content you can monetize using this method. Make sure that content is uniquely useful and in line with the interests of our visitors so much that they will be willing to invest time to perform the necessary action.

3. Upload your content. Once you have it ready you should upload it to your website (media library if you own WordPress blog) or if you don’t have a website in that case you can use a free file hosting service like

Google Drive,



Deposit Files

After you uploaded your file get the download link.

4. Log into your Adworkmedia account and lock the file. The most simple method is to go to tools and click the link locker. Next, you should type in the link to the uploaded file in the URL field and click Shorten and monetize. That’s it.

A short link URL will be created that you now can promote and every time a visitor clicks this link he will be required to complete an offer to continue to download the file that he wants and for every successful conversion you will be paid.


Using content, product, or link locking to make money online from your premium content is a legitimate and fairly easy way to do it because it doesn’t require the visitors to spend money and pay for something they are interested in. If you have exclusive content that has a certain value to your target audience, a traffic source, and an account to a CPA network that offers content locking then this is a way to make money you can try yourself.


  1. Setting up gates here and there can definitely boost online profits. The key is to give away enough non-gated content for free to increase your exposure and credibility. Eventually, as you attract a loyal, growing readership, gating content gives you a nice profits boost through a creative means. I never tried it but definitely see the power in this strategy.


  2. I have been left dazed for some munites thinking my God! All we need naw is creativity/unique ideas and products and we are on our way. I think am starting to feel something… I think I can do this..thanks to content locker.

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