4 Legitimate Ways To Make Money Online By Typing

If you have a computer and an internet connection as well as you are a fast and accurate typist you can find many money-making opportunities and freelance jobs available to you online. Among them, there are many types of jobs posted that you can begin to make money online by typing.

There are many earning options available online for those with good typing skills. Freelance jobs that require no other skills but fast and accurate typing and a decent knowledge of computer software like MS Office are being published all the time and typing is an in-demand skill today. And thanks to the internet you can today work from your home from anywhere in the world.

Today online can be found many different types of typing freelance jobs all requiring a certain set of skills in addition to being a fast and accurate typist. First of all familiarize with different types of jobs and think about your skills and preferences. You can select the type of job that suits you best.

Data entry

Data entry is probably the simplest and easiest type of typing job to get started with. With this type of typing job, your job will be generally speaking to type in the data from one provided source in the pre-made template. Some freelance jobs of this type will require that you do some internet research but this is not always the case. If you are not very experienced then this might be the perfect job to get started with.

There are many websites online where you can find data entry jobs. You should get started with freelance jobs websites like Upwork, PeoplePerHour, Freelancer.com, Fiverr, SEOClerks, etc. Another good site is Amazon Mechanical Turk where many data entry typing jobs can be found.

Audio transcription

Another legitimate way to earn money online by typing is by working on audio transcription freelance jobs. This type of job requires that you listen to audio recording and type what was said. Aside from good typing skills and basic computer literacy, good listening skills and familiarity with different accents is necessary as well as additional equipment like high-quality headphones. The audio recordings can be various. If you decide to try audion transcription freelance jobs you will be turning into text file webinars, interviews, debates, focus groups, videos, university lectures, recordings of phone calls, etc.

Within audio transcription, there are certain specializations, for instance, medical transcription or legal transcription. Medical transcriptionist usually transcribes doctors dictation and legal transcriptionists transcribe court proceedings, testimonies, interrogations et. To work on medical or legal transcription you are normally required to have a certain certification and good knowledge of legal or medical terminology.

Audio transcription freelance jobs is a very popular type of online freelance jobs. It is not easy to be a good transcriptionist and you will certainly need a time to develop your skills and experience to be good transcriptionist but still it pays to work on transcription jobs. You can start small and take on easier jobs that pay rather low salary but over time you can take on high paying jobs that pay much more. Both medical, legal, and general transcription can be your full-time work-at-home job once you master it.

Transcription freelance jobs of all types general, medical, legal can be found on a large number of websites online. There are many freelance jobs websites like UpWork, Freelancer.com, PeoplePerHour as well as many websites that deal exclusively with transcription jobs. Some of them are

GMR Transcription, (more details about GMR Transcription here)



SpeechPad, (read more about SpeechPad here).

CrowdSurf (read more about CrowdSurf here)

Keep in mind that on some of the above mentioned transcription jobs websites are easier to join and you will only need to pass a certain exam. Others may be more strict in their requirements and may demand you have certain prior experience in freelance transcription as well as fast typing skill.

Type content from images into text documents

Many typing jobs online that are posted require that a text or other type of data from scanned images, handwritten documents be converted into documents of another format. When you apply for this type of job you will be provided with images, usually, scans of documents, business cards, bills, etc, and your job will be to transcribe them into .txt, .doc, or spreadsheet table. Jobs of this type can be found on UpWork, Freelancer.com, PeoplePerHour, Fiverr, SEOClerks, and rarely Amazon Mechanical Turk

Video captioning

Another type of freelance job that involves typing is captioning jobs. Captioning jobs sometimes called subtitling are similar to audio transcription jobs but with the difference that in these cases you are transcribing what is said in a video. You as a freelance captioner will transcribe the audio of the video recording which in the post-production will be added to the video with proper timing. Websites, where you can find and apply to freelance captioning jobs, are Rev, HappyScribe, SpeechPad as well as on general freelance jobs websites.


If you are a fast typer and want to start making money online working from home, you should certainly try the above-mentioned freelance jobs and websites. If you are a beginner, my advice is to get started with data entry jobs or typing content from images into text files.

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