How To Get Extra Cash Selling Your Old Stuff Online

If you want to get some money online no further than at your home. As the old saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Virtually everyone has their home or garage things that they no longer use and only create clutter. Instead of going the old-fashioned way and throw it all you can use it to make some extra cash. You can start selling them online and get some extra money for stuff you actually need.

You can start your quest by looking around your home, your garage, your closet, backyard, etc. You will surely find things you don’t use and don’t need anymore. However, that does not mean that they have no value. Someone else will probably find them useful and they will probably be willing to spend money for your used stuff. Thanks to the internet you can now list them on online marketplaces where interested buyers can find them and buy them from you.

Selling your things online is a great way to make money from home. Why throw them when many others could be interested and even pay a good price for certain items like collectibles, antiques. books, clothes, games, furniture, artwork cd’s and many more items.

Thanks to online marketplaces you can sell your things online and earn a decent amount of money. It is very simple and easy to start selling online on online marketplaces. You don’t need any large investment, most of the time only time and effort to take a picture of items, list them for sale, and send them to the buyers.

What can you sell online?

You can sell absolutely anything online, even websites and blogs. And not just only old items in good condition. You can even find interested buyers even for items that are broken damaged, incomplete, and not operational. Whatever it is there is probably someone interested and willing to pay money for it. You just have to make an effort to list them online where they can be found by interested buyers. Here are just some of the things you can sell online

Your designs

If you are a talented designer and you love designing then you can sell various things with your designs. You can sell t-shirts, mugs, keychains, apparel, etc.

There are many websites where you can start selling your designs and making money online. You will need to create the designs and they handle the rest. You will receive a percentage of the profit every time merchandise with your design sells. Some of the websites where you can make money with designs are:




Etsy – good place to sell your handcrafted items

Your old games, CD’s and DVD’s?

Old CD’s DVD’s and videogames are merchandise which can be sold online. There are many websites that are ready to pay good money for them you can ship your old and used CDs, DVDs, and games, and if they are accepted, you will be paid. You can try :




Your old books and textbooks

If you are a person that likes to read a lot and you probably have lots of used books at your home that you have already read. You can now sell your old books for the extra cash you can use to buy new books or something else that you need. There are websites that are paying cash for old books and textbooks you have from your college years. The price you will get depends on the condition of the books or textbooks you are selling and the demand. You can offer your old books and textbooks on the following websites:




Your old electronics

Your old computers, tablets, phones, and laptops are also in demand. Many places online are ready to buy them from you. Some of them even accept faulty and non-working hardware. The best places to trade in your old laptops, computers, smartphones, iPhones, iPads are:






Your old clothes and fashion items

Your old clothes and fashion items are also merchandise that is in demand. You can sell anything from luxury fashion items to kids’ clothes. If you have clothes that you no longer need you can check out the following sites:





Get cash for your gif cards

Gift cards are regularly given on occasions such as birthdays etc. All the best brands have gift cards and you have yourself gotten one or more of them. But what about if you get a gift card and you don’t need to buy anything or you just desperately need cash at the moment. If this is the case then there are many websites where you can exchange your gift card for cash. Here are some of them:





Sell anything on auction sites

If non of the above sites mentioned before do not work for you then you can try to sell your stuff on online auction sites. Online auction websites are marketplaces where you can find potential buyers for your old and unused stuff. Thanks o online auction websites you can launch your online business without owning a website.

To sell something you need to list it and interested buyers will be able to find your item and bid on them. Thanks to online auction websites you can even get more money than you originally expected thanks to the bidding process. You can even get list your stuff for a fixed price and avoid bidding. Some of the best online auction websites are:

eBay – probably the best of all





Why just throw away things you no longer use and you don’t need when you can sell them and get some extra cash in return. It is very easy to do that online. You can find potential buyers for almost anything online if you are willing to invest some time and effort.

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