10 Tips How To Get More Traffic To Your Blog

Getting visitors to your website or blog is the only thing that is really important. The blog, the content it has, and the information it provides have no value unless many people come to your blog. Visitors looking for valuable information can then be converted into leads, sales, or subscribers to help make money with your blog.

This is why the greatest challenge for website owners, bloggers, online store owners, drop shippers is getting traffic to their blog. Everything associated with the work they do, creating content, SEO optimization, the promotion has a one and the only goal of getting a large number of visitors to their site. Here are some tips to help you get more visitors to your blog if you are a beginner:

Choose your domain name carefuly

This is the first thing people that search online notice. If your domain name is short simple, easy to remember and explanatory then it will make it easier for visitors to find your blog and come back regularly. You can read more about domain names here.

Publish original and useful content

People today search the internet looking for information about how to solve problems they have and answers to questions they have. If you create and publish content that offers them useful information and for free they will visit your blog and boost your traffic.

Get your blog indexed by Google and other search engines

Most of the targeted and high-quality traffic today to blogs comes through search engines. Google but also Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Baidu, and other search engines are important sources of traffic for blogs, online shops, and websites. To get indexed and listed by search engines research for keywords and use them to write SEO optimized content. This is the best way to have your blog posts indexed by Google and other search engines and get a flood of targeted visitors in the future.

Tap into paid traffic for your blog

This is the fastest way to get traffic to your new blog. If you use paid methods like pay per click you will see an instantaneous increase in the number of visits to your blog or website. The downside is that this will cost you money. So if you have available funds to invest this is a way to go.

Be an active participant in online communities

Take part in online forums and discussion boards and be active. Offer valuable information and answer questions and help other members solve their problems. This will help you establish your reputation as an expert and someone who is an authority in your niche. You can also link to your blog posts and get visitors to your website.

Collect emails from your visitors

Set up a signup form on your blog or website so you can connect to your visitors and turn them into returning visitors. You can offer an incentive like a free report, or you can start your own newsletter. An email list is the best way to get many returning visitors.

Use social media

Millions of people use social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and others every day. Because of this social media are a great place to find an audience that might be interested in the content you create and publish. If you are active on social media platforms you can drive significant traffic to your blog. Every time you post new content make sure you share it across all social media platforms. Some blogs get most of their visitors from social media platforms.

Submit articles to directories

Another way to showcase your experience and knowledge and establish your reputation as an expert and at the same time drive traffic is to write articles and submit them to article directories. Article directories further allow you to link back to your blog or website so your target audience can easily find you. Some of the best article directories are: Ezine Articles, Article factory, Self Growth, SooperArticles

Guest post on other blogs

Guest posting is a great way to drive traffic to your blog by diverting visitors from other blogs to your own. You can ask other blog owners to publish a blog post on their blog and in the content, you can include a link back to your blog. Readers will click this link and find your blog.

Constantly publish fresh content

The best visitors are returning visitors. People visit your blog looking for useful information and if they find that information in your blog is no longer relevant or out of date then they will no longer return. Therefore always keep your blog content relevant and updated with fresh information.

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  1. Great tips and I’d add to make sure your website is fast today. People don’t like to spend time waiting to download anything! You can check them via Google page speed or Pingdom. It can really make a difference. Another thing is to be sure to link new blog posts to old blog posts for further reading of your blog 🙂

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