10 Easy Fiverr Gigs Anyone Can Do To Make Money Online

Thanks to the internet today anyone can make extra money by working from home in front of a computer connected to the internet. The demand for various services has opened money-making opportunities for all people from all over the world to make full-time and part-time income using their skills. Many teenagers, stay-at-home moms, students even retired people can make extra money online working on various gigs. If you are someone with certain talent, knowledge, skills, or experience, and free time on your hands then you can be making money online completing jobs for clients.

There are many websites where jobs can be found and one of the best for beginners is Fiverr. On Fiverr anyone can find freelance jobs called also gigs that match his skills and talent, but also there are money-making opportunities even for those without any special skills and experience. There are gigs that are in demand and that anyone can do in their free time. In this post, there will be a discussion about easy Fiver gigs anyone can do at their own home.

1. Image background removal gigs

This type of Fiverr gig involves removing background from images in JPG, PNG, GIF. If you don’t know how to do this then you can search nine and find instructions on YouTube. It is easy to learn and if you put your mind to it you can do it in a very short time. After you know how to do this go ahead and list your services on Fiverr as a seller and start making money.

2. File conversion gigs

This is another relatively simple and easy gig that almost anyone can do. If you offer this service you will be required to convert one file from one format to another. You buyers may for instance pay you to convert a large number of Word files to PDF, or an image file to PDF, etc. This is an easy and simple job thanks to many online and offline tools but pretty time-consuming so you will be able to find buyers that don’t have time to do that themselves.

3. Cover page design

This is an in-demand gig that people with some experience in design can complete in a very short time. In a very short time, they can complete a simple gig of making a cover page for an eBook or physical book. Beginners can start with this type of gig and continue developing and learning new skills and in time they will become successful making thousands of dollars every month. Cover page design gigs can be completed using online tools for free like Canva which is among the best graphics tools.

4. Mug design gigs

Another type of Fiverr gig fit for beginners is designing mugs. Creative and interesting mug designs are in demand on Fiver and this type of gig can also be done using free online tools like Canva.

5. Design t-shirts

You can also design a t-shirt for your clients. There are many potential clients ready to pay for original t-shirt designs. Some of them buy designs in bulk in order to sell them to their clients. You can offer your services on Fiverr and you can use available tools to design a t-shirt with images, text, or a combination of both according to the wishes of our customers.

6. Posting comments on blogs or forums

Posting comments on blogs or forums is one simple and fairly easy gig almost anyone can do to make money online. All you have to do is visit blogs online read the article or the forum thread and leave a meaningful comment about the topic of discussion.

A thing to be careful about is to write original comments and not just copy-paste other comments or leave spammy comments. On Fiverr, you can list your service for instance $5 for 10 comments or two sentences each.

7. Voice over for video gigs

A simple and easy gig to make money on Fiverr is doing a voice-over for videos. YouTubers for once will be your most numerous clients if you start selling this service on Fiverr. All you will have to do is record your voice while reading a given text. A good start would be to ask for $5 for every 200-300 words you read and more experienced voice-over artists charge much more than that.

8. Social media promotion gigs

If you are someone with a large following on social media like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. You can offer to sell promotion services to potential clients. You can offer to tweet to your follower and post on your Facebook page or create pins linking to your client’s website on behalf of your clients.

9. WordPress installation gig

WordPress is the world’s most popular platform for blogging. One of the reasons for the popularity of WordPress is the ease of installation and use. However, some people might be not that savvy in technology, or do not have time to set up themselves, or are simply lazy and you can offer to do that for them for a certain amount of money. You can offer to install a number of themes and essential plugins as a part of the gig.

10. Gaming services Fiverr gigs

make moneyplaying games on fiverr

This is a method to make money on Fiverr that many find hard to believe. The truth is it is possible to have fun playing popular computer games and make money from them. You can sell your gaming services to customers on Fiverr if you have experience with popular games. You can offer to train someone how to be a better gamer and show them some tips and tricks or you can offer to make a gameplay video for them they can use on their YouTube channel etc.


The previously mentioned gigs are a good way to start making money online with Fiverr. They are easy, do not require any special skills and almost anyone can do it as a side hustle. If you are serious about making freelancing on Fiverr your full-time job then you should learn new skills, expand your knowledge, and offer many more services to sell on Fiverr.

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