Blog Niches That Make Money – How To Choose One For Your Money Making Blog

how to choose the most profitable niche for your money making blog

When creating a money-making blog one of the first and most important problems to solve is to choose the blog topic or blog niche out of many potential niches that make money.

Many people create a blog with the intention to monetize it and make an extra income stream as bloggers but never reach success. They give up because they get disappointed when they can’t reach their goal of making money blogging even after creating and publishing lots of original content.

One of the reasons why many beginner bloggers fail is because they make a mistake in the very beginning of not choosing the right niche for their blog. In this post, there are some guidelines that can help you in the decision-making process of the niche of your new blog.

Mistakes that bloggers make when choosing a niche

1. Choosing a very broad niche

Choosing a very broad niche is one of the mistakes many newbie bloggers make. They tend to choose a very broad blog niche instead of focusing on a narrow niche within the general niche. They choose to blog about computers in general but the better approach would be to focus on a narrower niche within like for instance Apple Mac.

It is easier to become an expert in one narrower niche than trying to learn everything and cover all the topics of a more general niche. It is also easier to get more traffic to your blog and monetize it if your focus is more narrow.

2. Choosing a blog niche without many monetizing options

There are many ways to monetize a blog and there are blogs from various niches that make a good profit. However not all niches are equally profitable if you use advertising as a method of monetization. Some niches pay more per click or per impression than others but on the other hand, they have much stronger competition. These are all things you must take into consideration.

3. Not doing the necessary research

Starting and running a blog with the purpose to make money is not an easy task. Many inexperienced beginner bloggers jump right in before doing the necessary research to see if their blogs can be profitable in the future.
If your intention is to create a money-making blog then before you launch it invest time in research. It may take you a few days but in the long run, it will certainly be worth it.

Proper niche research will help you identify future trends and find profitable niches for your future money-making blog. However, don’t spend too much time choosing a niche so that you get entangled in what’s called analysis paralysis. Even if your first choice is a failure you can always choose a new niche and start a new blog.

4. Not knowing when to give up

Many new blogs are unsuccessful because they fail to either drive a significant number of visitors and not meet the money aking objectives. If this happens then bloggers should consider the fact that they might have chosen the wrong niche.

Instead of putting in a lot of effort and seeing any return maybe the best would be to start a new blog on a different niche and possibly sell your old blog. The work and energy you invested in your previous blog are not lost however because now you have more experience and this can contribute to your next blog is very successful and profitable.

What advantages does a well researched niche brings to your blogging business?

1. You will get more traffic to your blog

If you have done proper research and discovered trends the possibility of creating a highly successful money-making blog is greater. Instead of guessing and relying on luck you will have identified and targeted a niche that will bring in many visitors to your blog. Your blog will also have higher rankings in search engines like Google, Baidu, Bing, Yandex, and others, which will get lots of organic traffic.

2. You will get more returning visitors to your blog

If your blog is focused on a single popular niche you can expect to get many visitors interested in whatever you blog about. If they find the information they need and the blog posts you publish live up to their expectations then you can expect that they will be returning to your blog in the future.

They will also subscribe to your newsletter and follow you on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and others. All this will result in an ever-increasing number of visitors.

3. You can establish your reputation as an expert

If you focus on a single niche during your blogging then you have pretty good chances to become an expert in your field over time. To create and regularly publish original and informative content on your blog requires constant research and learning of new things.

If you stick long enough with your blogging business your knowledge and experience will increase and you can become one of the top names in your field. This knowledge can further be used to start new blogs, create an info product, offer your writing services on the topics you are familiar with, etc.

4. It will be easier to monetize your blog

This is probably the most important reason why you should choose the niche for your blog carefully. If your niche has an audience that is large and has affiliate programs that promote both physical or digital products associated with your niche then you can be making serious money promoting products from Amazon Associates or other networks once you are able to get a decent number of targeted visitors to your blog.

Once you get targeted visitors to your blog you will be able to make money with your blog by selling advertising. Certain niches will give you higher earnings than others for every 1000 visitors, so a reason why choosing your niche is important.

In other words, if you have done your job in selecting the right niche for your blog the monetization of your blog will be easier, and sooner you will see your blog starts making money from ads or affiliate programs.

4 things to keep in mind when choosing blog niches that make money for your new blog

1. Your own passion, experience, knowledge and interests

A great starting point when picking a niche for your money-making blog is your own personal experiences, knowledge, passion, and interests. Think about what you know and how your experience may help others. Talk about problems you had and how you have solved them. This type of information is what people are looking for online.

If you provide value to your readers they will be coming back to your blog and sharing it with their friends and followers on social networks like Twiter, Facebook, Pinterest, and others so you will see even more visitors. That is the most important thing you must consider, offer value to your visitors.

2. Choose a niche with low competition

A very important thing to consider when choosing a blog niche is the competition. If you have done the necessary research you have probably found niches with a potentially large audience. However, you are not the only one that is creating a money-making blog, and chances are others have discovered these niches and are working on their blogs based around the same niche.

Strong competition will clearly make your blogging business more difficult, so among many potential blogging niche ideas, you have discovered look for a niche that has the lowest competition.

3. Your blogging niche should have growth potential

You have made research and compiled a list of blogging niche ideas. Now you need to choose a profitable niche for your money-making blog from that list. A very important factor to consider is the future of your chosen niche. Okay, your niche has a large potential audience now but what about in 2, 3, or five years? Will it be relevant then as it is now?

To make a good prediction you can use a tool called Google Trends. You can use this tool to see if the peoples’ interest in your niche over a longer period of time has increased or decreased. If in the last few years the interest was steady or even better has increased then you can assume that it will continue to increase in the following period as well.

4. Consider monetization potential of your niche

The goal of creating a money-making blog is to make money. Even if you have the highest ranking blog in your niche and lots of targeted traffic it doesn’t mean anything unless you monetize it.

Because of this one of the things to consider before you launch your blog is how do you plan to monetize it. There are many blog niches that make money using various monetization methods. Will you use affiliate programs or sell advertisements? Are there good affiliate programs that your visitors will be interested in? How much do advertisers are ready to pay per click or per view?

A good starting point is to visit your competition and see how they monetize their blogs. That should give you a good idea of what works best.


Choosing the best niche for your blog should start from creating a list of blogging niches that make money. Then you should look into things like competition and your knowledge and experience to find the best one for you. Aking money with a blog is possible with many niches just keep in mind that the most important thing about blogging is being useful and providing value to your readers.

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