10 Tips How To Get Traffic To Your Blog Using Social Media

If you are a beginner blogger then probably the question you ask yourself all the time is:
How to get more visitors to my new blog? If you want to get visitors to your new blog then one of the best ways is by using social media websites.

Many bloggers today make extensive use of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and others to reach their goals. Social media platforms have hundreds of millions of regular users and they are a perfect place to reach your target audience and get more traffic to your blog and increase your earnings.

Do I really need social media to be a successful blogger? The short answer is no you do not but if you establish your presence on social media platforms it will be easier for our target audience to find you and you will see a lot of traffic to your blog from social media.

1. Create accounts on social media websites for your blog

To promote your blog on social media accounts first you will need to set up accounts. It is easy and free and all you will need is an email. If you own a personal Facebook or Twitter account you can create a page for your blog. This is where you post regularly whenever you publish a new post. If your blog post contains images you can pin them to Pinterest.

This is the first step you need to take to get more visitors to your blog from social media. If your blog is new and you don’t have much time to dedicate to social media you should probably focus on two or three platforms in the beginning.

2. Invite your friends to follow your blog on social media

Once you have created your accounts on social media you should ask your online friends and followers to follow and like. Every time you meet new friends online share a link to your blog.

Every time you publish a new post to help someone with a piece of valuable information insert a link back to your blog. This is a good and nonspam way to get visitors to your blog and increase the number of followers.

3. Engage with your followers on social media

You must engage your audience on social media and increase the number of interactions between your account and your content and your audience. Good engagement will result in more like comments, shares, followers, etc.

There are a number of ways you can engage your audience and expand your reach. You can post regularly, answer questions your audience might have, conduct polls, and take part in questions and answers sessions. These are just some of the ways to engage your audience and make your readers feel they are important to you and that their opinion matters.

4. Learn how to properly use hashtags

Hashtags are very important for promoting your blog on social media. Not all platforms use hashtags but those that do use them are making it easier for you to reach your targeted audience. Twitter users and Instagram users use them a lot. If you know how to use hashtags properly you can get targeted traffic to your blog.

Hashtags are words added to the social media posts and indicate the topic to which the post relates. If your post is about logging then you will use hashtag blogging in your post and that will make it easier for those users interested in blogging to find your post and eventually reach your blog. You can use the following tools to find the best hashtags for your posts: Hashtagify, RiteTag, Hashtag Expert, and others.

5. Ask your visitors for shares and likes

You spend a lot of time creating informational content to publish on your blog and then promote your blog posts on social media. You spend a lot of time and energy and your expectations are high that your posts will become viral and get in lots of visitors to your blog.

However for a post to become many people need to share and it seems no one is sharing your posts. You have put in a lot of work to create great content and there are very few tweets likes and shares. If you want more shares and likes what don’t you just stop being shy and ask your visitors. If you ask nicely and very directly with a call to action at the end of your post then many will be happy to do what you want from them.

6. Make it easy for your blog visitors to share and follow your blog

The more people like share and follow our blog on social media the greater will be the reach and more targeted visitors to your blog. Many people if they like your content are willing to share it with their followers and friends. If that is the case then why don’t make it easier for them to do that.

This is very easy if your blog is based on WordPress. Your visitors can do this by simply clicking a button. You can add a social media share and follow button on your WordPress blog by installing plugins. There are many free and premium plugins available for this purpose. Some of the best are Shareaholic, AddToAny, GrowSocial, SassySocialShare.

7. Use available tools to make your social media promotion work easier

Blogging is not easy and it requires a lot of work invested not only in creating and publishing content but also in promotion and managing social media accounts. Many bloggers with not much free time on their hands go on and outsource many activities associated with blogging.

If you don’t have much time to manage your social media then you can use a number of tools that will make your work easier. They can help with scheduling posts, promoting blog posts, curating content, and other aspects of social media management. Some of the best are Hootsuite, Buffer, Tailwind, ViralContentBee (read more about ViralContentBee here), and others.

8. Follow experts in your field

Your followers and blog visitors expect valuable content full of useful information. They expect the content and posts you provide will help them increase their knowledge and learn new things that will help them in their life and business.

By following experts in your field you can find more interesting and useful content you can share with your followers. Experts have more experience and knowledge and that makes them a great source of valuable information for your followers and as well as you.

9. Post regularly and consitently

Just as previously mentioned your followers and blog visitors expect valuable information that will help them solve their problems in life and business. They expect to find and read something new whenever they have free time to go online and check out their social media accounts.

This is why posting regularly and being very consistent is very important. If you are consistent with your posts then our target audience will come back regularly to check out what is new and this means more returning visitors to your blog.

10. Use images in your social media posts

There is an old saying that one image is worth a thousand words. This is also true for social media. On social media platforms, there are millions of posts every day so every blogger is bothered about how to make his post stand out from the rest. One solution is to use images.

Images are eye candy that gets the attention of the readers more than large columns of text do. Bloggers use images in their blog posts and also images can be included in posts on social media platforms. You can find images you can use on your blog on a number of websites. Some of the best are Unsplash, Pixabay, and others. Make sure to inform yourself about the conditions you can use images from these websites.

Using images is very important if you use social media to promote products from CafePress or Etsy because images help potential buyers make decisions easily then just writing product description


Social media platforms are one of the best traffic sources for blogs. This is more true for new blogs that do not rank in search engines and are no getting any organic traffic. If you follow the tips in this post then social media platforms can be a major source of targeted traffic to your blog.

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