Introduction To Email List Building For Bloggers

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If you are like the rest of the bloggers the most important thing for you is how to get visitors to their blog, increase the number of their readers and use monetization methods to make money with your blog. All the hard work invested in search engine optimization, creating content, and promotion on social media has an end goal to get more traffic to the blog. One other way to keep in touch with your visitors and have them return to your blog ad increase your traffic is by building and using an email list. Email list building for bloggers helps with getting more returning visitors and boosting blog traffic

What is an email list?

Everybody knows what is an email and everybody today has at least one email. However many blog owners are not aware through emails they can contact their readers and bring in even more traffic than by using other methods. For this, you as a blogger will need an email list.

An email list is a collection of emails that their users have given to you with their permission to send them emails. You will need your email contacts to opt in to be on your list otherwise if you send emails to random email addresses it is considered spam.

Benefits of email list building for bloggers

Email may be a very old tool but it still has some great benefits for bloggers, marketers, online businesses, and all others who built email lists and know how to take advantage of them.

Emails have more click-through rate than other channels of communication

Many bloggers and online business owners use various channels to connect with their target audience. Social media are among those. Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or others make it very easy to notify your readers when a new post is being published or new products are available, or even fr simple messages like saying Happy New Year.

Although social media channels are good the emails still tend to have a higher click-through rate and higher return on investment. If you send a tweet to your followers and an email to your subscribers you will probably get several times more clicks and visitors from your email list than from your social media followers. This can be seen in the following article here.

Your email list will help you build relationships with your blog readers

Building a good relationship with your reader is very important if you want your blog to grow and reach even more audiences that might be interested in your content. If you use email to connect with your readers it makes it feel more personal unlike posting on social media platforms that resemble talking to the masses.

This will make your readers feel more connected to your blog and more likely to share your content on social media and bring in even more readers and traffic to the blog.

An email list is very targeted and help you get many returning visitors to your blog

Your readers don’t opt-in and sign up to your email list by accident. They need to type in their email and confirm their subscription to your email list. They take all these necessary steps to give you permission to send them emails in the future.

They would not have done that unless they are interested in your content and are looking forward to reading what is new as soon as it is published. They are very likely to return to your blog every time new content is published boosting your traffic and your earnings from your blog.

You can make money from your email list

As we have already discussed email list is another tool to connect with your readers and bring in more returning visitors to your blog. But email list even when it is built from a blog for a purpose of connecting with blog readers is also an asset beyond useful beyond getting more visitors to a blog.

You can even monetize your email list and make money. Considering that the subscribers are a very targeted audience you can promote affiliate products to your subscribers according to their interests. You can offer both physical and digital products to your readers. This is only one way you can make money with your email list.

How do I create an email list on my blog?

Step 1: Choose an email marketing service

First of all, you will need an email marketing service. Luckily there are a large number of email marketing platforms available you can choose from. You should research and see what their pricing is and what features they offer. Many of them offer free trials.

Some of the best email marketing services you can choose from are Aweber, MailetLite, GetResponse, MailChimp, ConstantContact, SendinBlue, and others. Some of them like AWeber even offer a free plan with certain limitations.

Step 2: Place opt-in forms on your blog

After you have chosen an email marketing service next step is to create an email opt-in form and place it on your blog. Creating an opt-in form is easy and email marketing services offer many templates you can choose from. The opt-in form should be able to get the attention of the visitor and make it easy for him to sign up to your email list.

To place an opt-in for your blog you first must choose where to place it. This should be in a visible spot like the above content, in the sidebar, after content, etc. To increase your opt-in rate you should offer some sort of incentive to your visitors like a free report, ebooks, premium access, etc.

Step 3: Start collecting emails and building your email list

If you created an opt-in form and place it on your blog you will see your email list growing and people signing up every day. Not all visitors will join your mailing list, the vast majority will not but the ones that do join are very interested in what you blog about and represent a very targeted audience and long-term asset.

You should experiment with different placement of the opt-in form, a different incentive, and different calls to action and find the one that brings in most opt-ins. Make sure to set up a welcome email for your new subscribers and thanking them for joining your email list.

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  1. Simple and powerful tips here. Most new bloggers never realize the power in building a targeted, loyal email list. Do this and you will have one source of traffic and profits for your blogging business. I need to give mine a little boost because I know there are people out there who would follow me more frequently by email. Consider it done 😊

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