Best Online Freelance Jobs To Make Money From Your Language Skills

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One of the most in-demand skills is speaking more than one language and you can find many online freelance jobs to make money from your language skills. Multilingual people on average make more money than others. Speaking foreign language skills is a high-paying full-time or part-time freelance job and side hustle and if you are multilingual you start making money from the languages you speak. There are many available language freelance jobs online if you speak another language in addition to your native language. Here as some o the online freelance jobs that require language skills:

Language tutoring online freelance jobs

One of the freelance jobs for multilingual to get into is teaching others the language that you speak. Having a formal education as a language teacher or a certification is a plus not strictly required. The good side to language tutoring online is that you only need to be proficient in the language you are teaching. This is good news for native English speakers because English online tutors are in high demand.

There are many ways how you can teach others languages online and this depends on the preference of your client. If your clients prefer to practice verbally spoken communication then you are expected to communicate with them verbally so they may develop their verbal speaking skills. They may need to improve their written foreign language skills and in that case, you will need to communicate with them with chat and text messages. This way they will improve their grammar, spelling and in the end be able to write documents, articles, proposals, or essays on their own. But however most of the time your classes will be a combination of both speaking and writing exercises.

To start making money online working from home as a language tutor in addition to being fluent in the language you don’t need any special investment inexpensive equipment. At the minimum, you will need a computer and an internet connection as well as a camera and good quality microphone. Also a free time and a place that is quiet and without distractions so it does not interfere with your work.

There are a number of websites where you can find online language tutoring jobs. Some of them are Preply, Cambly, VipKid, Fiverr, and others.

Online translation freelance jobs

As it was previously mentioned if you are a multilingual person looking for a way to earn extra money working from home then being a tutor and teaching language to others is one great demand high paying side hustle, but it is not the only one. If working with people and giving one on one lessons is not something you like then you can start working online as an online freelance translator. Online translation freelance jobs are a great way to work from home and get extra money and also allow the flexibility of choosing your own work hours, how much and when will you work.

As a translator, you will be working for clients that need to translate speech, reports, documents, letters, etc from one language to another. Most translators work translating from or to their native language but fluency in the other language is also required.

You can find freelance translation jobs online on the following websites: Fiverr, Upwork,, SmartCat, Gengo (read more about Gengo here) Stepes, Lionbridge, and others.

Create and sell your own language course

If you have experience as a language teacher, or you are retired teacher and know how to transfer the language skills to other people then you can create your own language course and sell it to people willing to learn. Instead of giving lessons one to one to students, you can make a series of instructional videos that people can learn from.

You can offer your course on your own website or blog or you can sell it on websites like Udemy, SkillShare, Teachable, LearnWorlds, etc. A good way to promote your course is to create sample videos and upload them to YouTube.

Advantages of being fluent in more than one language

You can make money online using your language skills

Speaking more languages than only your native opens a whole world of opportunities to you if your plan is to make money online in your free time working on freelance jobs. Many jobs don’t even require certification and even basic knowledge of the language is sufficient.

You will be able to connect with people from all over the world

The services for language tutors and translations are in demand and they are required from people all over the world. Since you will be working online and using the internet to connect to your clients and deliver your services you will be able to establish connections with people from all over the world. Some of them will become your long-term clients and others might refer other potential clients to you. This kind of connection would be impossible to make if you offer your services to your physical location.

You will increase your knowledge and improve your skills

When you use certain skills for completing freelance jobs you will not only earn extra money but you will also develop your skills and become a better tutor or translator as time goes by. You may start your freelancing as a tutor and translator small by working on small gigs and without certification but in time you will be able to take on more demanding and more profitable long-term jobs that might require certain experience that you might lack in the beginning.

You will build your reputation and be able to charge more for your work

It is not easy to get started as an online freelancer. It will be hard to get hired if you have no good reviews and no positive feedback from previous clients. In time as you continue to deliver quality work and start getting good reviews your reputation will improve and you will be able to charge more for your work. Paying clients will be willing to pay extra to hire an experienced tutor or translator who delivers quality work and on time over someone else who is just starting


Being fluent in more languages than just your native one is an in-demand skill and it pays very well. Online freelance jobs requiring to be able to speak and write in more than one language are in constant supply and you will be able to make a full tie or part-time income according to your available time. If you speak foreign languages and looking for a side hustle to earn extra money working from home then you should consider giving translation and language tutoring a try.

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