Beginners Guide How To Make Money With Blog Through Advertisement

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There are still opportunities to make money with a blog, website, or other online ventures. You can monetize your blog in many different ways. One of the ways to make money with blogs is through advertisement. You can even monetize blogs created using free blogging websites. This article discusses the best practices and models for online monetization of digital content. Begin with the basics. What is monetization, you ask? Simply put, monetization is making money with your site. Monetization refers to the process of making money online from content on your blog.

Advantages of using ads to make money with your blog

You may want to consider adding blog ads. Bloggers have available to them many different kinds of income, but it’s important to make sure that the revenue stream is sustainable and profitable in the long term. A great way to do this is through advertising on your blog. In this post, we’ll discuss the advantages of making money with your blog through ads!

Advantages of adding ads to your blog

You can make money blogging without selling your blog or site.

It’s a simple process that requires minimal maintenance.

There are many types of ads you can add.

Ad revenue is generated based on the number of visitors who view them, not social shares.

There are many different types of ads you can make money with.

You don’t have to make any changes or updates if the ad network is doing its job properly.

How much can you earn by displaying ads on your blog?

The most important factor that determines how much you will earn from your blog by displaying advertisements is the traffic or the number of visitors that come to your blog. If your blog gets lots of visitors then you can expect to earn a very large sum of money.

Ads that are displayed on your blog are served by ad networks and paid for by advertisers.  Your earning from advertisements as a publisher is through two main pricing models CPM or CPC

CPM is short of cost per mile and that means cost per thousand impressions. If for example, the CPM  rate is  $2 that means for every 100 times the ad is shown to the visitors you will earn $2. CPM rates can go from a few cents to dozens of dollars depending on the geolocation the traffic is coming from and also the niche.

CPC is short from cost per click. With this model, you will earn money each time a visitor clicks on an ad and visits the advertiser’s website. Earning per click can be from one cent to many dollars again depending on the location where the visitor comes from and the niche of your blog.

There is also the option to get paid a fixed amount of money to place an ad on your blog for a certain time, usually on a monthly or weekly basis. You can do this by establishing contact with potential advertisers. This can be done by placing the “Advertise here” link on your blog so they will be able to contact you. Or you can join an intermediary network like BuySellAds.

CPA  is short for cost per action. Your visitors need to perform certain actions for you to get paid. The action required is something like signing up for a trial, submitting an email, completing a survey, joining a newsletter, etc.

Types of ads you can place on your blog

Your blog is a money-making machine. Your blog can make you money in many different ways and blog ads; it’s the best way to earn an income. Blog ads are like any other ad: they help make your blog more profitable and generate revenue for you and your blog. These are common types of blog ads that most bloggers use for blog monetization:

Banner ads are the most common type of ads that bloggers place on their blogs with the intention to make money from the traffic. There are many sizes but the most common are 300×250 called a rectangle, 468×60 called full banner, 120×600 called a skyscraper, 160×600 called a wide skyscraper, 728×90 Leaderboard, 250×250 called square and other sizes.

Push ads

Push ads are another type of ad you can use to make money with your blog. Push ads are very much are notifications that are served by websites and apps. Push ads are nonintrusive and when a visitor clicks on them he is directed to the advertisers’ website. You have probably seen this type of ad when visiting a website and you get a small pop-up message that the website would like to send you notifications. These notifications are push ads.

Popup and popunder ads are also very popular types of web advertisements. Both popup and popunder ads are similar and they appear (pop) when a visitor comes to the page or performs certain action like a click. Popup ads appear in a new window open above the page while popunder ads are less intrusive and appear below the page visitor is viewing. Popup and popunder ads are generally more profitable but some bloggers avoid them because they may annoy their readers.

Interstitial ads

Interstitial ads are types of ads that cover most of the screen and they appear on transition points in the content like navigating to a new page or breaks. They can be text, video ads, or images. Interstitial ads are great for engaging the audience and are bringing in more earnings for the publishers compared to banner ads.

Native ads

Native ads are similar to banner ads but unlike banner ads, they are designed to fit perfectly fit in the look and feel of the website or blog. If you place naive ads to monetize your blog your visitors will see them as being part of the blog such as other articles published on your blog. Because they blend perfectly they have higher engagement compared to other ad types.

Regarding the niche of the blog ads, there are ads available for any niche imaginable. As long as you have targeted traffic and an audience that is interested in your content you can find ad networks that will have advertisers ready to pay for advertising on your blog. Some more popular niches are:

  • B2B/Marketing
  • Fashion
  • Travel
  • Food
  • Sports
  • Lifestyle
  • Gaming
  • Parenting
  • Health and Fitness

Step by step how to start making money with blog ads

Let’s go back and start at the beginning. How can bloggers make money online, and what are the steps to follow? These are the seven steps you need to take to make money blogging. It seems like it’s a straightforward process. While some steps are straightforward, others can be difficult. You will need to have the proper knowledge and tools as well as patience.

Create your blog

Creating your own blog today is a fairly simple and straightforward process. There is a number of steps included like choosing a niche, choosing a name, registering a domain name, and buying web hosting services. It will not even take much time. If you are new to blogging then you should go for WordPress because it is very powerful and at the same time very easy to use.

Start creating great content

You now have a website. That’s awesome! It’s now time to tackle the most difficult task of blogging: creating content for your blog. It is crucial to grasp from the very beginning how important content is for the success of your blog. Great content (be it good, fantastic, or amazing – you decide) will increase traffic and credibility and make you money in different ways.

Increase organic traffic to your site

Let’s take a look at the entire process. Registering your domain name and setting up your blog are the first steps. Next, you will need to decide what topics you want to cover and learn keyword research. The next step in building organic traffic is to publish your blog. This is a very important step. If your website does not have traffic, then your blog or website will not rank. No customer will come. So after publishing the content, you have to build organic traffic in different ways like promoting your blog on Facebook, or Pinterest.

Create a community around your brand

After creating a rich content blog and traffic has started to come in, the next step is to create a community for your brand. Beginners often skip this step and jump straight to money-making. This is not the best way to go. You must first gain trust from the user before you can make any sales (conversions). This is done through community building.

You will see that I utilized the expression “brand” and not “blog,” which was deliberate. Your blog should no longer be viewed as a hobby. Instead, you must change your perspective and treat it like a business. Your blog isn’t an exception to the rule. Branding is crucial for any business’ success. There are many ways to brand your business (e.g., a unique logo or slogan). Community building is one of these.

Join one or more advertising networks

Once you have a blog that is having a large number of visitors you can start monetizing it. Making money with your blog through paid ads is the first and easiest choice for many bloggers. The process is simple, you display ads on your blog and you get paid for it. To start displaying ads on your blog you need to join one or more ad networks.

To make the most out of your blog you should join more than one ad network and start experimenting to find the one that is most profitable for your blog. There are many ad networks available. Some of the best ones are Google Adsense, Infolinks, Bidvertiser, Mediavine, Ezoic, Propellerads, and many others.

Sell ads to make money

You might not make a lot of money blogging, but you can make some money. And that’s better than nothing! It would help if you made your blog about ads or affiliate marketing to make money either. There are plenty of ways for bloggers to earn revenue without selling out their content and readership. But if you’re looking for an alternative way, here are some tips on how you can start making money by selling ads.

Earning money with your blog through ads is easy. If you are a member of an ad network you can start by placing ads on your blog by inserting a code snippet in your blog. You get to choose how many ds and of what types to start showing on your blog. If your blog is a WordPress blog there are many plugins that make the process of placing ads on your blog very easy. Some of the best ad management plugins are AdInserter, AdRotate, Advanced Ads, and others.

Sell your products and services to make money

What happens when you sell advertising space on your blog? The 30% that goes to the advertising company is yours, and you only get a small percentage of the revenue. You can minimize your loss by creating and selling products and services. This isn’t as simple as it sounds. Although it takes a lot of work and effort to create products that people are willing to pay for, it is the best way to build an online business. Your products will increase your profits. You also know that more traffic means more sales. Ebooks and online courses are the easiest products to sell online via your blog.

Affiliate marketing can help you make money

Tracked affiliate links can be added to your blog text to promote affiliate marketing programs. A small commission can be earned each time a reader clicks through to the site you recommend and purchases. These links will take readers to the website of a brand, and you’ll be able to thank your readers for sending them money. Affiliate Window is a large affiliate network that allows you to promote thousands of brands and services around the globe. Many bloggers find affiliate marketing a natural fit. Affiliate marketing is all about authenticity and authenticity. Review and write articles that reflect your true opinions. Only encourage people to purchase products or services if they are a good fit for them.


Blogging to make money isn’t a theoretical concept. Bloggers make thousands of dollars through their blogs, whether they sell ad space or their own products/services, or via affiliate marketing. Everybody can learn how to make a living blogging. The amount of money you can make depends on how hard you work to make it happen. This is not an easy job. And it won’t produce results in a few weeks or even years. It will take time and patience. However, once it’s done, it’s one of the best jobs in all of existence!


  1. Hi George, I’ve used some of those ad networks on my blog and they did not bring any money but affiliate marketing has. Of course, having your own products works best too. One has to build traffic first before putting ads on their website and must be careful not to have too many to send readers away.

  2. Hi George,

    Nice breakdown here. I have driven a wee bit of ad revenue here and there over the years. Driving a huge amount of targeted traffic is the way to go. We see this with the biggest, industry-leading blogs.


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