How To Promote Your Blog On Facebook For Beginners

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Facebook is the most popular social media platform. It is a great place to promote your money-making blog and get more visitors. The more effort you invest to promote your blog on Facebook, the more visitors to your blog and the more money from blogging you will make. Although there are many ways to promote blogs on Facebook content, most require a lot of time. Although reaching out to influencers and earning backlinks are great tactics and require a lot of time and work they can be very beneficial to bloggers who want to promote their blogs and get more visitors.

Successful bloggers are well familiar with Facebook, which now reaches over 1 billion people each month, as a way to drive traffic to their blog. Facebook’s extremely targeted audience targeting allows you to reach the right people at just the right time and get them to visit your blog.

Create a page for your blog

Facebook is a great way to promote your blog and get targeted traffic to your blog. If you have not been using Facebook to promote your blog till now you are missing a lot of opportunities. The best way to promote your blog on Facebook is to create a page for your blog on Facebook.

Having a fan page for your blog is important because most of all you are not limited to 5000 friends. A fan page can have way more than that. Much more than 5000 people can like your page and become returning visitors to your blog. It is easy and free to set up a fan page for your blog. You will need to choose a username, upload a profile picture or logo of your blog, and also provide details about your blog.

You can invite your friends and other people to like your fan page and steadily grow your traffic and your blog income this way. Your blog fan page on Facebook is the right place to share links to your new as well older blog posts regularly to get people to return to your blog.

Join relevant groups on Facebook

With so many people from all over the world who use Facebook daily, the question is how to find the right target audience that is genuinely interested in what your blog is about. The perfect places to connect with your target audience are Facebook groups. Facebook groups are made of people of similar interests.

You can find relevant groups by searching for relevant keywords. Some groups may have tens even hundreds of thousands of members all sharing the same interests. After you find groups created around topics you blog about you can apply to join them which is free. After your application is accepted you will become a member.

You can post links to your blog posts in Facebook groups and answer questions from other members. Be useful to others, provide value, and don’t just spam or you risk being banned. Don’t be shy to ask other members to like your fan page or visit your blog as long as you don’t spam and provide useful information to other members of the group.

Share your post on Facebook

Do you want to get more visitors to your blog? There are some ways that you can get more people to view it. One of the most popular methods is by sharing your post on Facebook. It’s free is the best way to promote blogs on Facebook. Post the link to your article on Facebook. It is easy to do this by simply copying the URL of your article to Facebook’s sharing area and writing a short description.

You can share your post with your friends on your profile page as well as on your blog fan page. Organically, the post will reach approximately 2% of people who “like” your page. However, that 2% is not the only reason Facebook sharing posts are worthwhile. Also, a great place to get more visitors to your money-making blog is by posting and promoting your blog posts in Facebook groups.

Boost your Facebook post

Your paid Facebook campaigns’ success depends on their credibility. Do people trust that the content is worth clicking on? A Facebook post that has been shared and liked by others is a great way to prepare it for a promotion-boosted campaign. Your target audience will be more interested in learning about your post if they see others sharing it and “like” it. You will need to boost the post and ask for the help of your team members to get the first “likes” or shares.
Send the link to your team after publishing the post. Ask everyone to “like” and share the post with their friends. Your post will receive the first “likes” necessary to increase its click-through rate on Facebook.

Boosted posts are the best way to get your content noticed on Facebook. Set up a budget. Select the audience. Click “Boost Post.” This will boost your post on Facebook for approximately an hour. Payouts should not exceed 1 day. It is best to keep your budget low. You should evaluate the performance of your campaign before you increase or extend its duration. Facebook Ads Manager allows you to audit your campaign’s performance quickly. You can view three key campaign metrics:

Cost per click: This compares the cost of having someone click on a post promoted. Find out how much interest your post has attracted from your target audience.

Cost per Mile: Find out how much it costs for your boosted posts to be seen 1,000 times.

You may be able to increase the campaign’s budget or reach if you are satisfied with its results. If the campaign goes to your liking you can and you should scale it to bring in even more engagement and more visitors to your blog. You can also look at the post if you are not satisfied with the campaign’s results and test different descriptions, images, and/or headlines.

Use captivating headlines

Copyblogger reports that 80% of readers don’t read past the headline of an article. Facebook is the same, if your headline doesn’t grab people’s attention, they won’t click on your advertisement. You don’t have to use the headline from your article in a Facebook advertisement. Here are some tips on how to create a great Facebook headline:

  • Show the reader the benefits.
  • To increase credibility, include numbers and facts.
  • Keep your headlines brief (40-70 characters).
  • Use action verbs like to get, learn, and do.
  • Use beautiful images. The image is another important aspect that people will consider when viewing your Facebook ads. Stock photos should be avoided, especially the free ones, because people get tired of seeing the same images in ads repeatedly. You can either hire one or buy premium photos and images from Adobe Stock, iStockPhoto, Shutterstock and other websites. Or, you can create your images or buy images from websites like

Create A/B tests to find the best performing posts on Facebook

It’s not easy to find the best headline, image, or post copy. To compare different post variants and make most of your promotion money, you can create a Facebook Ad A/B test. It is a smart idea to test your posts on Facebook. These are the things you will need to test to find the best performing:

  • Multiple headlines for ad campaigns
  • Different ads images
  • Main description text
  • Link descriptions
  • Target audiences
  • Placement

A study of 37,259 Facebook ads found that most businesses have only one ad in their galleries. Although a single ad may not be the best way to personalize your audience or find the best headlines for your ads, it can help you make informed decisions about which images will work well. You will spend less on ads that have little or no potential

Target the right people

To target people most likely interested in the article you are promoting, define your audience. The cost per click can also be affected by the audience selection. A saved audience is a great way to create a long-term campaign or ensure you are targeting the same audience in other campaigns. You can target people based upon:

  • Interests
  • Location
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Relationship status
  • Purchase behaviors
  • Education level

Use the Custom Audience option

Facebook’s custom audience allows you to target people that have visited your site or interacted on your Facebook Page. These are the most valuable individuals you should target. Install Facebook Pixel to build a Facebook audience. You can target people who have :

  • Visited other pages or your site.
  • Everyone who visited your domain
  • People who have visited certain web pages
  • Individuals visit pages that they like and not others
  • Visitors who have not visited your website in a certain time


Many blog owners struggle with blog promotion. They spend hours on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networks to get more visitors to their blog. While it is important to blog promote through social media, many other ways can help you get more traffic. The things discussed above are very important. These will help get more visitors. If you can follow these topics properly, then your blog traffic and your blog earnings will increase.

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