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make money seling digital products with lo clickbank cbenfine

There are thousands of people from all over the world making money online with ClickBank. ClickBank is an affiliate network that has many programs from many niches. It is possible to make decent money with ClickBank with proper knowledge and if you are a skilled and experienced affiliate marketer. Promoting ClickBank programs can be very lucrative but it is not easy. If you are a serious affiliate marketer ready to invest the hard work necessary and learn all the ropes of promoting and selling then ClickBank might be the best option for you

ClickBank is one of the world’s largest affiliate networks. ClickBank is a network that has thousands of digital products available to choose from. Digital products are products that can be shipped and delivered online, things like ebooks, video courses and tutorials, software, and other kinds of products that do not have a physical copy but can be delivered via the internet and downloaded on a computer or laptop. ClickBank marketplace has affiliate programs from many niches, from business, finance, fashion, health fitness, blogging, etc.

Why you should join Clickbank?

There are many reasons and benefits of being a member and promoting Clickbank programs. These are just some of the things that separate ClickBank from other affiliate networks.

It cost nothing to join

Becoming a member is completely free. All that is necessary is to navigate to the homepage and click on the Sign-Up button. You will need to provide basic detail like country of residence, name, and email address to get the process started.

Large number of products from many niches

Clickbank is an affiliate network for digital products. Once you become a member you can start making money by promoting affiliate programs. You can find the available programs on the marketplace groped into various niches and sub-niches. Whatever is your niche you are focusing on you will probably find products your target audience will be interested in. You can find products from niches like arts and entertainment, finance, trading, home and garden, parenting, languages, travel, education, employment, betting systems, and more.

Very generous commission compared to other networks

Large commissions are one of the greatest advantages of Clickbank over other networks. Most networks like eBay Partner Program, Amazon Associates or AliExpress affiliate program pay a commission of only a single-digit percentage. If you are promoting digital products from Clickbank you can get a commission as high as 75%. In other words for every $100 sale, you will generate your cut will be $75. That is in some cases dozens of times more than compared to other programs. On Clickbank, there are also affiliate programs with recurrent earnings. They are various memberships or subscriptions etc. And they pay as long as the customer you referred pays for the membership or subscription.

You can sell your own digital product

What if you have your own product such as an ebook and you are using your blog to promote and sell? Now as a member of Clickbank you can be a vendor and find interesting affiliates that are ready to promote your product and generate leads and sales.

You can make money with a blog promoting ClickBank products

If you are a blogger you can turn your blog into a money-making machine if you join ClickBank and start promoting and selling digital products listed in the marketplace. If you don’t have a blog then you can create one for cheap using WordPress or you can even start a blog for free on Blogspot. Blogs are great for promoting digital products and many bloggers are earning decent income promoting digital products. A good method to promote this kind of product is writing a review and inserting the affiliate link in the post.

Step by step guide how to start making money with Clickbank promoting affiliate programs

Step 1: Open an account. Opening an account and becoming a member of Clickbank costs nothing. To open an account on Clickbank you will need an email account. To begin the sign-up process can be done on the homepage by clicking the Sign-Up button. You will need to type in your details such as your name and also include a valid email. The final thing to do is to verify your email.

Step 2: Choose products you will promote. After your account is all set up you can go on to choose which products out of many you will promote. This is not easy because out of many thousands of products available you will need to choose those that will bring in the most sales and the most money to you. Your search for profitable products on Clickbank stats will go to the marketplace. This is where available affiliate programs are listed grouped into appropriate niches and sub-niches.

Step 3: Start promoting affiliate programs and collect your share of profit. Once you select a product or a number of products your target audience might be interested in you can generate your personal affiliate link using hoplink and begin promotion and driving traffic to affiliate links. Some of the programs offer various promotional tools to make it easier for you, like banners you can place on your blog or email swipes you can send to your subscribers.

How to make money on Clickbank with your own product

Clickbank is a great place for affiliates to find high-paying affiliate programs and this is the reason why many join every day. But this is not the whole story. If you have created your own digital product such as an ebook or instructional video series or something other than Clickbank can help you find affiliates who will promote your product and get many more sales and customers. This is a simple guide on how to do it:

Step 1: Create a product that will be in demand. If you have experience and knowledge on certain subjects then you can create a product such as an ebook or video tutorials and sell it to people who might find it useful. If you can’t do it yourself then you can hire freelancers to do it for you.

Step 2: Create your vendor account on Clickbank and list your product. Once you have a downloadable product you can go on and connect with thousands of interested affiliates who can help you get more sales. It will cost you a $49.95 one-time fee for product approval and then 7,5% plus $1 per sale. These are expenses associated, there are no monthly fees and other expenses to list your product on Clickbank. You set the price for the product and the commission for affiliates.

How to find profitable products on Clickbank you can promote

The success and profitability of affiliate marketers depend on finding the right product that their target audience would be interested in buying. Clickbank has thousands of products to choose from which makes it really hard to pick the right one. Here are some guidelines to help you choose products from the Clickbank marketplace:

Consider the niche your target audience is interested in

This is the first thing to keep in mind think about what your target audience is interested in. Do they look for information about making money online, weight loss, learning how to program, or other things? This will help you select the proper niche to concentrate your search on. The good thing about the Clickbank marketplace is that products are already grouped according to niche so your job on selecting will be easier.

Earning per sale

The money you can earn from a sale is also very important when choosing the products to promote. It goes without saying that the higher-paying product is better for the simple reason that you will earn more if you promote those products than if you promote other products.

Look at the gravity of the product

This is another indicator to include in your decision. The gravity shows how many affiliates have earned from selling the product in the last 12 weeks. If the gravity number is high it means many affiliates are making sales promoting that product and that the product is in demand. Go for the products with high gravity.

Check out what the competition is promoting

Many bloggers and affiliate marketers use Clickbank products to monetize their blogs. Visit their blogs and social media accounts and see what are they promoting. You can safely assume that they have already done the necessary research for you and found products that people are likely to buy.

Use CBEngine to search for profitable Clickbank products

CBEngine is a website that has the necessary tools to help Clickbank affiliates find products to promote. They can find valuable information like top gravity products, new products, best gains, etc. It is free and pro edition which will cost you $27

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