Beginners Guide How To Make Money On YouTube

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YouTube stars are the self-made stars of today. These people have built an audience by making video content that is educational, entertaining, informative, or reviews. These small-screen stars do what they love to do, to satisfy their creative urges and be in front of an audience. While money may not be why you started a YouTube channel to make money, it is a pleasant surprise to see how many opportunities there are. If this sounds interesting to you in this post you will find out ways how to make money on Youtube.

YouTube’s most popular way to make a living is through ad revenue. However, it is not the only way. It may be the best. YouTube is half the internet. That’s 1.9 million users who log in every month. YouTube also uploads 500 hours’ worth of video to it every minute. This is one of the best ways to make money.

Can you really make money with YouTube?

The short answer to this question is yes. It is a popular activity that thousands of people do. Not all of them have millions. YouTube is not just about numbers. Your earning potential depends on your niche, how many engagements you get, and what revenue streams you tap into. However, views and subscribers are important. Check out these easy tips to increase your YouTube views.

YouTube money making process

YouTube is a great place to start making money if you are looking for new ways of earning income. YouTube offers many different ways to make money, with most of these based on creating video content. Here’s a list of steps you need to take to be able to start making money on YouTube:

1. Join the YouTube Partner Program

The YouTube Partner Program is the means by which standard YouTubers can start monetizing their videos. It is available to all creators and publishers of content on YouTube once they reach a certain milestone. At the moment when this post is published the requirement was having at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 valid public watch hours in the previous 12 months. Becoming a member of the YouTube partner program is optional and if you decide to become a member you will get many benefits like the ability to monetize their videos, more exposure of their videos, and more.

2. Start creating and publishing videos

Once you have your own channel you can start making videos and uploading them to your channel. You should create videos that are interesting, fun to watch or contain valuable information, like tutorials, educational videos and lessons, tips, and tricks, reviews, gameplay videos, etc. People love videos that are interesting or information and if you deliver what they want they will become your subscribers and regular viewers. Having a large audience is proportional to how much you can earn from your content.

3. Monetize your videos

When you have videos on your channel that get a large number of views you can start monetizing them. There are YouTubers that make millions of dollars from their videos and you too can be making a good amount of money if your videos are popular.

Best ways to make money on YouTube

1. Use your YouTube channel to promote your own product

Maybe you identify first as a content creator and second as an entrepreneur. Alternately: You’re an entrepreneur first, and a video creator second. This means you likely have a product, and your original intention was to create a YouTube channel and post videos promoting your product to your target audience. YouTube has millions of viewers at all times and is the perfect place to promote your merchandise or store on CafePress or Etsy. Now you’re creating your YouTube marketing strategy to market it. In either case, YouTube merchandise can be a very lucrative way to make some extra money.

2. Promote sponsored content

To be an influence, you don’t necessarily have to be on Instagram. You don’t need to pay YouTube a cut from your earnings. This is the advantage of a sponsor. You can negotiate directly with the brand, and they will pay you directly. It’s easy to see why it’s so popular with YouTubers. If you have a way to offer brands a large and engaged audience, and your content is relevant to their target market, they may be interested in hearing from you.

3. Become an affiliate partner

Look for affiliate marketing companies if your YouTube audience is engaged and loyal but not yet large enough to support you. You can make money in YouTube by promoting affiliate products YouTubers who are associated with businesses encourage viewers to visit their online store or product pages. The affiliates then receive a share of any sales that are made through the links. Affiliate partnerships are similar in terms of logistics and setup to sponsored content deals.

4. Use crowdfunding

Nowadays, it is quite common to solicit donations online. Crowdfunding can be used to generate ongoing revenue or to fund personal projects, depending on your goals.

5. License your content to the media

Every news outlet will want a copy of a viral video to show its viewers. Established media companies know that they must pay for the content they use. You’ve now got another way to make money with YouTube. Licensing your best content to media can be as easy as making yourself easily found.

6. Monetize YouTube videos with ads

If you have been wondering how to Monetize YT videos with ads, then this blog post is for you! Monetization is the process of earning money from your content. Monetizing YouTube videos means that there are ads on the video, and a percentage of the revenue generated by those ads will go back to you as earnings. To monetize YouTube videos with ads, they must have a high watch time, so people keep watching them and generating more ad revenue for you. YouTube is an amazing resource for video creators. It has allowed many people to share their creativity with the world and make a living by doing what they love. However, there are no ads on YouTube videos. Monetizing your YouTube videos means that you can start earning money on them through advertisements. Monetization is not as complicated as it seems.

7. Monetize YouTube videos with affiliate links

YouTube is a great place to make money. Monetize your YouTube videos by adding affiliate links. When you monetize your YouTube videos with an affiliate link, you are making money on the products linked in the description of the video. Monetizing YouTube videos with affiliate links can be very lucrative, but it takes some work to get started. If you want to make money with YouTube, there are a few different ways that you can do it. Monetizing your videos is the most common way, and we’ll be focusing on that today.

Monetizing YouTube videos means getting paid when your viewers click on an affiliate link within your video content and buy something from the website you’re linking to. Many affiliate marketers use YouTube very successfully to make money by promoting products from affiliate networks like Amazon Associates, eBay partner program, Clickbank, AliExpress affiliate program, and many others. Alternatively, you can direct your viewers to your blog where you promote affiliate links

9. Offer your freelance services as a YouTube video editor

You can make money even without uploading videos to YouTube. If you have skills and experience in video editing you can offer your services to YouTubers to edit their videos for a certain amount of money. If you are interested to earn money this way you can go to freelance jobs websites like Fiverr and list services you want to offer so that potential clients can find you. There are thousands of videos uploaded daily on YouTube and not all of the members are savvy with video editing which means there is a huge market for video editing services both now and in the future.

Advantages of using YouTube for making money online

YouTube we have many advantages. Below are some of the benefits:

  • YouTube is free to use
  • Allows you to make money with your videos
  • It is simple to use and doen’t require any special skills
  • An easy way to share information
  • You can create backlinks and get more viitors to your blog
  • Your content never dies
  • You can reach your target audience worldwide
  • YouTube traffic is a treasure trove for YouTube users
  • YouTube marketing will help you be found on Google
  • Youtube allows you to build an email list
  • Your audience will spread the word about you and purchase from you


In the internet world, YouTube is a big deal. It’s one of the largest social media platforms in existence, and it has been around for over a decade now. In that time, people have grown to make money from this platform in all sorts of ways. You can make money by uploading your videos and monetizing them with ads, or you can make money by watching other people’s videos and earning ad revenue from those views. The sky is truly the limit to making money on YouTube so take our word for it – get started today.

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