5 Tips How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog From Pinterest

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Even with Twitter and Facebook becoming among the most well-known social media platforms on the market, Pinterest is still an effective way to bring visitors to your website. Think about it this way: Pinterest recently revealed that they receive 250 million unique users per month. You can draw certain of them to your site if you use some clever social marketing strategies. If you know how to drive traffic to your blog from Pinterest you can make this platform one of your most important traffic sources.

We’ll look at five ways you can begin increasing traffic to your blog through Pinterest.

1. Create images your visitors would love to pin

Images are everywhere. One image speaks a thousand words, as the old saying goes. Therefore, it’s no surprise that designing pinnable images is a first step in bringing traffic to your site via the social media giant. When people visit your pictures, they’ll be looking for something that they’ve never encountered before, something distinctive, informative, fun, or interesting.

The tools available can assist you in creating custom images that are guaranteed to catch the attention of regular Pinterest customers.

  • If your primary goal is an image of your product or another relevant image instead of text, PicMonkey can be a great tool for you to start. PicMonkey has a free version and a paid version that is accompanied by a trial. You can use PicMonkey to take boring photos and enhance them to make them more attractive. There are many templates available that can be used as backgrounds, options for adding backgrounds, etc.
  • A good alternative you can use to make interesting images for pins is another online tool called Canva.
  • If you prefer to use software instead of online design tools for your pins then a good free solution for you to try is Inkscape.
  • But, on the other side, if your image has text, quotes Cover is an excellent alternative for creating images.

2. Schedule and publish on Pinterest pins from your blog posts to get more visitors

Once you have your business accounts set up and running after setting your account up, click upon your username or company’s name in the upper right-hand part on the Pinterest homepage. The button displays the plus symbol, which says “Create Board” Click this link to make a brand new board with your most popular blog images.

When you create content, make sure that you publish all images used in your content to the Pinterest board. It is recommended to use the Buffer App is a great tool for social media, which allows you to schedule your content for all social networks you use, which includes Pinterest. You can create a schedule with Buffer and post your images on Pinterest each day and every month or week. The best way to get people to your website is to link your site on every picture you upload on Pinterest.

Tailwind is another great tool you can use for designing, scheduling, and publishing your pins. You can get started with a free version and upgrade later.

3. Let your visitors pin from your blog

Everyone enjoys engagement. If they see something that they like, they’ll like to share it with all of their acquaintances. It is possible to use this enthusiasm to share your content and increase visitors to your website.

When building your blog, ensure that you incorporate a social media share plugin that permits you to place the Pinterest button on each of your photos. People need to view your pictures, be intrigued, and share the content you’ve shared with their acquaintances.

You can also include the Pinterest follow button on your blog and attract additional followers to your boards. All you need is a person with tens of thousands of fans to post a photo and link and trigger an unintended chain reaction that attracts thousands of visitors to your site.

Some of the best social media share plugins for WordPress are Shareaholic, AddToAny, GrowSocial, SassySocialShare, and others.

4. Make use of Pinterest Analytics

Bloggers and online business owners with Pinterest business accounts can make use of Pinterest Analytics. The system lets users examine their posts in real-time. Users, who utilize Pinterest Analytics, particularly during the holidays, can gain insight into the behavior of their followers. You can track the performance of every pin. When you look deeper into the data, you’ll find out what your customers prefer learn more about demographics and find out how many people visit your site through the boards and pins you have created on your Pinterest account.

You can shift from this information and find the things that work, and apply the information for your benefit. Once you know what your audience is looking to see, you can publish similar content so that they come to your site to see more. The more people who are interested in your content will receive to your website.

5. Utilize Pinterest Ads

Like Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest has a paid social advertising system that users can profit from having more people visit their pictures, bringing traffic to their blogs. There is only one condition for you to join: an account owner for a Pinterest Business account.

There are a variety of advantages to using this technique for those who want to increase the number of visitors to your website but it will cost you money. Also, Pinterest is a great way to make money if you use it to promote your business.

The first reason is it is that 29% of adults throughout the United States use Pinterest regularly. If you think about the number of people who use Pinterest, it is 325 million; that’s too bad at all. In addition, the increase in global users has made it possible for millions of people to visit your site.

Think about the fact the majority of users of Pinterest make use of it for purchasing. If you’ve included information about the product you’re selling, it’s a good idea to post it on your site; there’s the chance that, when someone visits your website, they need something or seeking to buy something. Make use of this information when writing the content you publish!

The most important number to consider is that half those who saw a Pinterest advertisement bought some item. That’s a huge deal and proves that a campaign to advertise for companies on Pinterest is a possibility to be effective.

There are plenty of options for making your advertising. It’s possible to create several campaigns using specific pins. While the campaign continues, you can review the data and make changes and optimize as you go through your campaign. When you know what your clients are on Pinterest, it is possible to gain plenty of traffic through this platform.


It’s not a secret that Pinterest is among the most effective ways to market your blog or your online business, CafePress or Etsy store. Like other social media sites, it’s unlikely that you’ll receive a significant boost overnight. It’ll require time and effort to establish an audience.

If you adhere to these easy steps, you’ll notice an increase in traffic to your site over time. You can combine Pinterest marketing with Pinterest advertising with Facebook, Twitter, and the Google Ads campaign if you are looking for the most effective outcomes. In no time, you’ll have more Pinterest followers than you’ve thought possible.

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