8 Tips How To Get More Visitors To Your Blog From Twitter

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You can’t make money with your blog if your blog is not getting any traffic. Twitter has become a great place for blog promotion. There are many ways to increase blog traffic and get more visitors to your blog by using Twitter, such as promoting blog posts and interacting with other bloggers in your niche. Many blog owners want to increase the number of visitors they get by optimizing their blogs for search engines, using social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and also Twitter. As stated previously one way you can do this is by promoting your blog on Twitter. Twitter has over 500 million active users, so it’s a great place to promote your blog.

1. Multi-tweets with the link to your post

Sharing the link is the best way to promote your blog post on Twitter. Most people make the mistake of only sharing the link once, thinking they are done. This strategy is not going to work because tweets are short-lived. Share the link multiple times during the post goes live. You can also schedule tweets for the future.

It’s not necessary to be overly promotional. Your content serves a purpose and is there to assist your audience. It can’t help them if they do not discover it.

Share multiple tweets with your link to the blog post next time it is published. It would be great if you could get at least three to four tweets. Spreading them throughout the day is key to reaching multiple time zones. Your audience is global, so you need to reach them when and where they are most active on Twitter. You can also schedule future tweets while you’re at this. You can do this using tools like Twittimer, Hootsuite, ViralContentBee or Loomly.

2. Add Hashtags for Optimal Reach

Don’t forget to include a hashtag when you are tweeting. You can increase your reach by using hashtags. Your post will be found when people search for it. Spend some time researching to find the best hashtags in your industry. These hashtags can be saved in a document that you can refer to later when scheduling posts. Be careful not to use too many hashtags! Twitter’s sweet spot is one or two hashtags. You can use the following tools to find the best hashtag for your tweets: Hashtagify, Best-hashtags, Tagsfinder.

3. Include eye-catching images in your tweets

You want your tweets to stand out when you promote blog posts via Twitter. Make sure you include a catchy image. It’s possible to create multiple images for one blog post. You can change the image as often as you like, and you can track your analytics to find out which type of graphic is most popular. You can either create a simple image with the post’s title, or you can get creative and add quotes or statistics to the post. You can use the following tools to create eye-catching images for your posts: Canva, PicMonkey, Stencil, and others.

4. Tease your new post in a video

Video content is the future, so don’t be afraid to get in front of the camera. A quick video can be made to tease your blog post. Tell your followers what your new blog post is about. Share some juicy information and leave them wanting more. They’ll be compelled to visit your blog to read the entire post. You can upload your video to YouTube and gain even more exposure.

5. Pin Your New Post

Are you taking full advantage of the Pinned Tweet function on your profile? You’re missing out if you don’t! This valuable space at the top of your Twitter account is where you should promote your blog on Twitter. This tweet will be pinned to your profile every time someone visits it. It’s a great way to drive traffic to your blog.

Pin a piece that demonstrates your brand’s values. You can also change the tweet to highlight your latest piece of content. It’s a powerful traffic driver that you should use to your advantage.

6. Share your blog with friends

It is important to share your content. But, it’s also great if other people share it. It would be best if you made it easy for readers to share your blog posts. If it is difficult or takes too long, they won’t bother. You want it to be as easy as possible.

If you use Social Warfare, ensure you have social sharing buttons on all your blog posts. It would be best to place them in a prominent spot so that they are not easily forgotten. Readers will share those buttons and be more likely to spread the word. ClickToTweet buttons are another great way to promote your blog posts on Twitter. The tweet can be customized in any way you like, and readers can share it with just a few clicks. You can also use WordPress plugins like Shareaholic or AddToAny.

7. Retweet when people share your posts

Let people know that you appreciate them sharing your blog post via Twitter. You can also retweet their posts, which will increase traffic to your website. You can also thank them for the retweet by commenting. Although it may seem small, it can make people feel heard. This is a great way to build your community by using the trust, like, and know factors.

8. Regularly participate in Twitter Chats

It is best not to ask for a link. This can make it seem too self-promotional. Twitter chats can be a great way of driving traffic back to your site. You can increase the likelihood of your Twitter profile being seen in popular industry chats by becoming a regular participant. People are drawn to you because you show up regularly and share great tweets during the chat. The first thing people will see is your “pinned tweet”. This is a great way to establish contact with other people from your niche and establish your reputation as an expert.


Hope you enjoyed reading my blog post about blog promotion. It has put a lot of time and effort. There are many ways to get more visitors to your blog, such as to promote the blog on Twitter. If you would like help with increasing traffic to your blog, then follow on these topics. Blogging can be an effective way to promote your website and get more visitors. However, blogging takes time and dedication. This blog post has explained how to increase traffic to your blog by using social media platforms like Twitter. You have gone over 8 steps to help with blog promotion on Twitter and increase the number of visitors coming your way.

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