10 Advantages Of Using Shopify For Your Dropshipping Business

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The rise of online shopping has transformed the way businesses operate, and sellers are now displaying the products and items online rather than in brick-and-mortar shops. If you want to start a dropshipping business you will need a reliable and robust platform for your online store. This means it is essential to design e-commerce sites that are a perfect mix of aesthetics and functionality. Magento, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, OpenCart, and BigCommerce are a few of the most popular E-commerce platforms. Apart from these, the Shopify web store is a preferred option for sellers and dropshippers looking for the best quality, efficiency, speed, and various features. The advantages of using Shopify are discussed below:

1. Easy to set up and utilize

Shopify store builder is an easy method to start an online business without worrying about servers or development costs associated with using self-hosted platforms, such as Magento. The admin interface is tidy and user-friendly. It’s also easy to use because the features are organized logically. Additionally, you can find detailed documentation and videos on the Shopify website. All you require is a product that you can sell.

2. No worries about technology

It’s a good thing! You don’t require any technical knowledge to start the basic Shopify web store. Shopify includes all the hosting and software. This makes it simpler to get your store up and running, but also, Shopify’s hosting will likely be quicker and safer than what you could do on your own. Additionally, it can easily handle any traffic spikes you could experience. Shopify will also take care of any software updates. This means you can concentrate all your energy on selling your products and not fret about technical issues.

3. Trustworthy and secure

If you want to sell products online and enjoy all the benefits of running a dropshipping eCommerce store, you’ll have to deal with sensitive customer data such as credit card numbers as well as impatient customers. That means that your website has to be quick, secure, and always up and running. One of the major benefits of a hosted solution is the stability it provides. Shopify will handle the maintenance and updates to your server to ensure that your shopping cart and store are accessible at all times. They also make sure that your pages load quickly and your customers never have to see an error page when visiting your online store.

SSL certificates enable your store to protect the data that it transmits through a secure network, and Shopify handles PCI conformance for your store (required when working with card transactions).

4. 24/7 customer support

Shopify web store is very focused on support for customers. They are accessible 24/7 and 7 days a week, and the time to respond is almost instant, which means your business will never be by itself. Contact them by email, phone, or via webchat. There are also several community forums, ample documentation on Shopify’s Help Centre. Shopify Help Centre, plus an array of more sophisticated Shopify University guides.

5. Your Shopify store is mobile friendly

With mobile-friendly visits to websites rising faster than desktops, making sure your site is mobile-friendly is crucial and not optional. Luckily, Shopify is aware of this. Shopify’s themes are mobile-responsive, and the platform has integrated mobile commerce shopping carts which means your store will look fantastic on any device, and your customers can shop from anywhere.

Additionally, there are no-cost iPhone and Android applications that allow you to manage your store while on the move which you can also use to make running your online business easier.

6. Customizable

The themes are very numerous and available to select among (free and paid) from Shopify Theme Store. Shopify Theme Store, all responsive to mobile, and hundreds of themes available on websites like ThemeForest. The themes are also completely customizable by changing the code. Therefore, designing a beautiful and distinctive online store in line with the brand’s image is easy. You create virtually anything you desire.

7. There’s an app that can help

The Shopify app store is a rich source of features that you can incorporate into your store. You can include reviews and loyalty programs, create wishlists for customers, gain detailed analysis, print labels, or packing slips. You can also and integrate with accounting software, shipping software, and social media websites in addition to the many available marketing tools. With more than 1,500 options to pick from, whatever you’d like to do, there’s an app for it. While many apps are free, more than half are charged.

8. Tools for SEO and marketing

It’s great having a stunning online store; however, if nobody comes to your site, you’ll have to pull down your virtual shutters within minutes. One of Shopify’s major selling points is the powerful SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) tools which will allow your site to get higher rankings in the search results so that your targeted visitors can locate your site. Also, you have access to advanced analytics that will determine where your clients come from so that you can adjust your marketing to suit. You might want to seek the assistance of an SEO firm to assist you.

The app store provides you with access to various marketing tools, such as the integration of social media, reviews on products, and email marketing. As a standard feature, Shopify allows you to create discount coupons. Gift vouchers are offered at the next level up. Facebook and Twitter icons are available in every theme. If you’re overwhelmed by the world of digital marketing and the amount of time it can require, Shopify Kit has been developed to aid. It functions as an employee in a virtual environment, suggesting and carrying out marketing tasks according to your product and your audience and store’s performance.

9. Remind customers they have items in their shopping cart

What happens if a potential customer at your store puts the item they wish to buy in their shopping cart but doesn’t buy it or forgets about it? According to research, almost two-thirds of customers who are interested leave without purchasing the product. Shopify offers an abandonment recovery program that monitors potential customers and sends email reminders to complete their purchases. This is a fantastic way to make more cash.

10. Own payment gateway

Shopify is integrated with a range of payment processing services but provides its payment gateway, which Stripe is the powerhouse behind. If you decide to utilize this option, you won’t be charged any transaction charges and enjoy lower costs for credit cards. Also, it doesn’t necessitate a bank account in order to use it.


Shopify will help you decide to build a Shopify online store more effectively with the least effort and highest efficiency. Do not get bogged down on topics you don’t have a lot of knowledge about. Most dropshipping business owners are not very technical and are interested in running their businesses without worrying too much about technical issues. Your business’s performance will be affected by your choices when it comes time to design your online store. Make the right choices and partner with Shopify and developers who know how to help your Shopify online store stand out. Everyone has qualities that make us distinguish ourselves from others. Understanding one’s strengths are crucial, but seeking help in areas that aren’t as well-known is crucial for the overall success of your company.

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