Why You Should Create Fan Page For Your Blog On Facebook?

get visitors to blog from facebook fan page

Although Facebook Fan Pages are for businesses and brands, celebrities and other public figures as well as bloggers can also benefit. It may seem tempting to create a network around your profile. However, you would be missing out on many of the benefits mentioned above. Facebook Fan Pages can also have unlimited fans. However, profiles are limited to a maximum number of 5,000 friends and an unlimited number of followers. Profiles can be a limitation if you are trying to build a large network. Facebook is a great source of targeted traffic to your blog. You can get many visitors to your blog if you promote your blog through a Facebook fan page.

Facebook fan pages are just one of the features that this platform offers that you can use to your advantage. Just as with other social media platforms like Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and others with proper strategy and hard work you will be able to connect with your target audience, establish your reputation in the community and drive an avalanche of traffic to your blog that you can monetize by displaying advertisements, promoting affiliate programs, etc.

What is a Facebook fan page?

A Facebook Fan Page can be used to represent a company or organization or in this case a blog. It is similar to a Facebook Profile. However, it provides unique tools for monitoring and managing engagement. While only one Facebook Profile can be associated with your name, you may have as many pages as you like. And unlike Profiles only, multiple people can manage and make contributions to a Page by using their own Facebook login information. Pages are great tools for building a network online and getting more visitors to your blog. Instead, users only need to click “Like” to receive your updates like new posts being published, in their News Feeds.

Step by step process how to create a blog fan page

Select the option to create a page

After logging into Facebook, you will see a tab called “Create” in the top panel. Click on this tab to select “Page.”

Establish your business or brand

Click the “Get Started” tab below the brand or business option. This option is perfect since most bloggers use their blog as a business website or brand. The next step is to enter your page name as well as the category it falls within. Enter your name. You can choose between “Blogger” and “Personal blog,” depending on the category that your blog falls under. Once you have selected the category, you will click the “Continue” button at the bottom.

Add a blog fan page picture

Now you can upload a profile photo for your blog fan page. Personal bloggers usually upload a photo of themselves, while others upload their logo. Upload any picture that you like to your blog. If you don’t have any logo but blog about food, you could upload pictures of food items. Make sure that the image you upload is professional and shows your fans you care about your blog. This will be the first thing that fans will see on your blog fan page.

Upload a cover picture

Your blog fan page has a cover image similar to your profile. Upload a photo that is relevant to your blog. It should be professional. You can skip this step if you don’t have a picture to upload at the moment. You can create a cover image for your Facebook fan page using tools like Canva, PicMonkey, or Inkscape. You can alternatively hire a freelance designer on freelance jobs websites like Fiverr to make a professional cover image and logo.

Modify your Facebook page URL

After you have uploaded your photos or skipped uploading them, your blog fan page will be created. Changing the URL of your page is one of the first things that you should do.

You can make it easier for users and visitors to remember the URL by changing it. Click on the “See More” tab in the left panel and click on “About.” Click on “Create Page @username,” and a new box will open in which you can enter the username. If the username is not available, you can create it. Your page’s URL will change in accordance with the username.

Add a description for your blog

Once you have your URL set up, add a brief description of your blog. This section gives you a quick overview of your blog, your niche, and what it is all about. It will be the first thing viewers see, so make sure it is appealing. Keep it brief and keep it under 255 characters, as that is the limit. You can enter the description by going back to your blog’s homepage and clicking on “Add a brief description.” Once you have finished your description, click the “Save” button.

Complete the information below the “About” tab

Once you have completed the description, you will want to return to the “About” tab to complete all information. To ensure that visitors can find all the information they require, it is essential to complete as much information as possible. You may not wish to give out your number or other information. You can fill in as much information as you like, but make sure you have the basic information about the company, founder date, company overview, and email.

Invite people to like your blog page

Once you have set up your blog fan page and have filled out most of your information, you can now invite people to follow and like your page.

Begin with your friends and family. Facebook makes it simple to invite others from your social network through the “Know Friends That Might like Your Pages” tab. Here you can search for your network friends and select the people you want to invite.

Promote your blog fan page

You have created a fan page for your blog to reach a wider audience. Facebook makes it easy to do that by allowing you to promote your page. This can be done by clicking on the “Promote” button in the sidebar. It is important to have all of your information available and post blog posts to your fan page. This will allow Facebook to promote your page so that your visitors can interact with it.

At first, your goal is to promote your blog page and get more likes. Select the one you like and start promoting it. As your page becomes more popular, you can promote your blog with the “Get more website visitors” option. Promoting your site is similar to promoting your blog. Your pages will be shared, and your fans will click through your blogs to visit your website.

Benefits of having a blog fan page

If you blog, then it’s time to get on Facebook! There are many benefits of having a blog fan page. It will allow you to get more visitors to your money-making blog and increase the number of people that like your blog. The more visitors your blog has the more money you can make. Below are some of the benefits:

– Unlimited friends and followers. There are fan pages that have hundreds of thousands even millions of followers.

– You can keep your personal life separate. Your blog fan page is where you post everything related to your blog and of interest to your target audience. Your personal things posted for your friends and family are posted on your profile page and they are separate from your blog.

– Improved SEO. The Facebook fan page will help you create backlinks to your blog and improve your rankings in the search engines.

– Helps in building your brand. By sharing our blog posts you will be able to increase the online presence of your blog and connect with a target audience that will love and share your blog post.

– Get more targeted traffic to your blog. Millions of people are on Facebook at all times. If you create content that is informational and useful people will click the links and visit your blog and maybe even become your regular readers.

– Promoting your posts. Every time you publish a new blog post you should share it on your fan page. Followers can then visit your blog and read the new post. You can even share your old blog posts from time to time and get even more traffic. You can even automate this process if you use WordPress plugin like Revive Old Posts.


Once you have done this, your Facebook fan page for your blog is created. You will soon see a constant increase in the number of visitors to your blog. While the page setup is simple, it can be challenging to promote the page. It will not be easy and fast, it will take time and hard work but if you dedicate your elf you will see results in the form of shares, likes, and followers. These will all help you get more readers and fans for your blog.

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