GMR Transcription Online Jobs For Beginners Without Experience

gm transcription translation typing online freelance jobs for newbies with no experience

Online transcription jobs are a very popular side hustle for many people to earn extra cash. If you are looking for transcription jobs and you want to work from home you can find many opportunities available for a part-time online job.

Many companies hire freelance transcriptionists to work online. Some of them even hire freelance with little or no experience. If this describes you and you want to turn your gig into a full-time income then one of the best companies you can work for is GMR transcription. GMR Transcription offers online jobs for beginners without experience and you should consider applying if you consider making a full-time or part-time income working online.

GMR Transcription is in existence since 200 and they provide transcription services to their clients at affordable prices. They have offices in New York, Georgia, and Florida, and other places but are based in California.

If you have the necessary skills you can find jobs in general or medical transcription as well as translation jobs. The company is always in search of freelancers with the necessary skills to work on translation jobs. They also hire translators and freelancers that have the necessary skills for French and Spanish transcription jobs.

How many hours you are required to work

GMR Transcriptions allows their freelance workers to set their own hours. You can take as much work as you can complete and make your own flexible work schedule. But if you are able to transcribe a minimum of 4 audio hours a week is a plus.

If you have plenty of free time on your hands and you are willing to work you can because they have many tasks available at all times so you will always have the opportunity to make money online working on freelance jobs.

When you work for GMR you will get feedback on your work so you can learn more and develop your transcription skills and experience you can get better at doing your job.

Before starting to work on available tasks you will need to make time on your schedule for work. There will be many transcription jobs available to you at all times and it is expected that you focus on the job at hand and deliver high-quality work. You will be given all the information beforehand such as the pay rate when the work needs to be completed, and other requirements that you need to meet.

Who can work for GMR Transcription?

Anyone who wishes to make money working from home can apply to GMR Transcription. Even if you have not any experience as a freelance transcriber and are a beginner in this field you too can apply. You should keep in mind though that they have a grading policy that is very rigorous and they want to keep their clients happy by guaranteeing 99% accuracy on the work that is completed and delivered

Although they accept newbies with little or no experience the acceptance is not guaranteed. If you apply to work on freelance transcription jobs you will have to pass a test so they can be sure you have the necessary skills that a freelance transcription job requires.

Another positive side is you do not need to pay anything to join or pay for the application process. Because of the test, you must pass before you apply you should practice developing the skills that are necessary for transcription jobs. As a transcriber, you need good listening skills, attention to detail, good knowledge of grammar and punctuation, accents as well as medical and legal terminology depending on the tasks you will work on. You also need to be a fast typist.

To apply to GMR Transcription you will need to complete a form and submit your resume after which they will contact you and send instructions and requirements about how to complete their test. When you complete the test you will need to upload the transcribed file and wait for them to get back to you.

There are many online courses where you can find transcription training. You can find transcription courses available on Udemy or Skillshare. You can take exercises and improve your typing speed on places like Keybr, TypingTest, Typing Academy, and others.

How much can you earn working as freelancer at GMR Transcript

There are many types of works available at GMR Transcription. Some types of work are harder to complete than others and they are usually completed by more skilled and more experienced transcriptionists. Because of this the earnings of the freelance transcriptionist also vary and on their website they reveal that their freelancers earn in the range of $1000 to $3000 per month depending on the work they complete and their skill level and experience

It is very reasonable and logical that those transcriptionists that complete jobs that are expedited and harder will earn more than those who work on easier jobs. If you want to be one of the higher earners you will have to develop your skills enough to be able to complete the harder jobs. Take your time, practice, start with easier jobs, and in time go for higher-paying jobs and increase your earnings.

Why you should work for GMR Transcription?

There are many reasons why people looking for freelance transcriptions online jobs should work at GMR Transcription. If you wish to make extra money working from home you should consider applying to GMR Transcription.

As a freelancer transcriptionist, you will get to choose the work hours. You can work whenever you like and make your own work schedule without a boss looking over your shoulder.

You will get to work from home. You don’t need to travel every day to work from home so no expenses and no time lost to commuting to and from work every day. If you are serious about going freelance and working on online freelance jobs to make extra money online, whether it is a full-time or part-time gig or a side hustle then this company might be the best place that has everything you want.

You will have a steady supply of work whether you are a beginner or an advanced transcriptionist. When you will be just starting out you should probably take od jobs that are easier and later when you are more skilled and more experienced you can take on harder jobs and make more money transcribing audio files.


Many people today are looking for a part-time job or side hustles to earn extra money. There are many part-time freelance jobs and side hustles available online. One of the types of freelance online jobs available are transcription jobs or turning audion files in text. This type of online job requires certain skills and those who go time have a good number of places to find freelance transcription jobs. One of the best places for transcription online jobs for beginners is GMR Transcription. If you are on the lookout for freelance transcription jobs online you should consider applying. Or you can look into other options like SpeechPad, Rev, CrowdSurf, GMR Transcription, and others

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