Can You Make Money Online Working At Content Mills?

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Making money online working from home has never been easier before than now. Anyone can start making money online as long as has a will free time available. There are not one and two but many different ways how to earn extra cash working at home in front of your computer. A legitimate way to earn money online is through freelance jobs. People from all over the world can make part-time or full-time time job or a simple side hustle working on online freelance jobs. If you have skills, experience, and talent you can choose the type of freelance jobs that suit you and sta earning online. There are many different types of freelance jobs like programming, designing, web development, but one of the most in-demand jobs is creating content for websites and blogs. Content mills are websites that exist for this purpose.

What are content mills?

Content mills are websites or marketplaces where content buyers and content creators like freelance writers can connect. They are similar to Fiverr, UpWork, and other freelance jobs websites but in general, they are only focused on jobs concerning written content.

To join content mills is free and many bloggers, marketers, and website owners use content mills to outsource the work of writing blog posts and articles so they focus on other things like promotion, link building, social media marketing, etc. Bloggers use content mills to have posts and articles written on any topic or niche, like marketing, shopping, travel, health, technology, etc.

Working at content mills can also be a great side hustle for you an opportunity to earn extra cash working from home if you have good writing skills, experience, and knowledge in certain topics, good grammar and punctuation, and some extra tie you want to spend productively.

The way the whole process work is first you join for free, usually after providing a sample of your work or passing certain test necessary to assess your writing and grammar skills. Next, after you become a member you can get to browse the jobs available to you and choose the one you want to work on.

The jobs are posted by customers. They describe what is expected from you. They will give you the topic, the title, and a list of keywords you will need to use to write your article. Part of your job is to deliver work that will be SEO optimized because your article will be posted online and is expected to get visitors who are searching for those keywords.

After you complete the work you deliver it to the client for review. If your client is satisfied he will accept the work and payment will be issued and if his not then he will be given chance to improve it and deliver it again. Also, it can happen that the client rejects the work.

Why working at content mills are good way to earn extra money online?

There are many reasons why working at content mills is a good opportunity to earn extra money working at home. The jobs at content mills require creating written content according to the guidelines and requirements of your clients. If you are a good writer, you love to write, have good grammar skills but also know how to write the text that is optimized for the search engines then you should give it a try and join one or more content mills

One reason why you should join content mills is that they are free to join. To become a member and have the opportunity to work on jobs you will need an email address and to fill out a form. Many websites when you join will demand that you take a test or submit a sample of your previous work.

Another good reason why you should become a content writer and work at content mills is that anyone can join. You don’t need a bachelor’s degree or any kind of certification to start working and write online content. If you can write quality content that will keep the buyers happy you will be welcomed.

Creating fresh content was websites and blogs is an in-demand skill. There are billions of websites in existence today and they all are in constant need of fresh, informational, and up-to-date content. There are blogs from any niche imaginable so if you can write and you have knowledge on certain topics you can turn this into your full-time or part-time job.

Why you should avoid content mills if you look for way to earn money online?

There are certain advantages of working at content mills but also there are some drawbacks that you will also need to be aware of before you decide on joining them.

The first and most important disadvantage of working at content mills is the pay rate. Many content mills are easy to get into and start working but the pay is rather small. When you are new you could be earning about $0.01 per written word and even less than that. However keep in mind that if you deliver quality work consistently you can progress to upper levels or tiers and earn significantly more, in many cases this will be several times more per written word than you did when you were starting out.

Many freelancers also complain about the clients, that they are very demanding and reject the work for no reason sometimes. This is a legitimate concern and many more experienced freelance writers recommend only accepting work from clients that have a low rejection rate and high acceptance rate

Tips how to make more money working at content mills

Content mills are a way to earn money online and they do have their advantages and disadvantages. You much you gonna make a freelance writer depends on the quality and the volume of work you can complete in the time you have available to dedicate to writing articles and blog posts for clients.

When you are a beginner it is best to focus on one or two niches and master them. There are many niches you can choose to focus on line, marketing, technology, health, fitness, lifestyle, etc. If you keep your focus on a few niches in time you will increase your knowledge and be able to deliver work that will not get rejected and get high ratings from clients. This way you will establish your reputation and gain access to high-paying jobs.

Freelance writers are usually paid per every word they write. Because the amount of money you will make depends on how much text you can write you should invest time in practicing to type faster. There are a number of websites where you can practice fast typing like Keybr, Ratatype, Typing Academy. You should use tools that will help you in your work such as Grammarly that is an excellent tool for all writers.

You should join more than one content mill. By becoming a member of many platforms you will make sure to keep a constant supply of work. By checking regularly you can find jobs that suit you and be able to take them before other freelance writers do. Some of the best are: Writer Access, iWriter, Contently, Crowd Content, Scripted, Asavana, and others


Content mills are a way to earn extra money online for people who love to write and can deliver quality content. Although the pay rate for beginners on some of them like iWriter is not great for beginners it may be a good way to get into online freelance writing. In a time when you are more experienced and have more knowledge, there is nothing stopping to look for other legitimate ways to make money using your skills and talent.

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