9 Best Ways To Make Money Online For Teachers

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Are you in search of teaching jobs that don’t require stepping into the classroom every day? Although many people obtain an education to teach, there are other options for freelance work working from the comfort of your home. Teaching jobs at home offers you the freedom of setting your schedule. You can apply your teaching knowledge to make your teaching equally rewarding and valuable as teaching in a classroom. Remote education jobs are great as side jobs to supplement your teaching pay. Explore these 9 ways to make money online for teachers to earn money in education from the comfort of own home.

1. Educational material developer

Teachers are often the ones who create their curriculum games, worksheets, materials, and other educational materials. If you’ve created original materials, think about selling the materials to other educators. Teachers Pay Teachers has become a favored marketplace for selling all kinds of educational materials.

This is an excellent option when you’re still teaching. You can offer the resources that you’ve already developed for income. Because you only need to design each resource once it earns a passive income every time you sell it to a teacher. Expanding your Teachers Pay Teachers company could provide you with the funds to go freelance full-time. You can showcase your imagination and take full control over the work you produce.

2. You can start your own money making blog

Another method to show off your talents your skills as a teacher is developing an educational blog. You can later start making money with your blog. Your blog’s hosting allows you to make any content you’d like. Utilizing a variety of methods to monetize your blog, you can generate many streams of revenue.

Affiliate marketing is the process of integrating links to other products in your blog. When a person who reads your blog purchases the product, you receive a percentage of the cost. You can promote products from the best online retailers like eBay, Amazon, and many others. Placing ads in your blogs is a different method to earn money. You can create your own digital products to sell like ebooks, video tutorials, courses, etc. If you sell your products online, you may advertise your products through your blog.

3. Freelance writer

Blogs can take time to see any money coming in and increase your earnings. Another teacher-related job possibility is freelance writing. Magazines, blogs, journals, educational institutions, and many other businesses require printed and digital content that is fresh and is ready to be published. They get content from many sources like content mills. Many of them hire freelance writers to write content. As an educator, you’ve got the expertise and experience required to write the content but also the necessary skills to work on proofreading and editing jobs.

The freelance writers are usually paid per volume of work they complete. The cost is usually determined on a per-word basis. The same is true for the editing freelance of educational materials.

4. Online tutor

These online platforms allow teachers to connect and students. Students have an option to tutor them in various ways, and teachers have the option of a variety of side jobs to earn a living. One of the most popular options is to teach English online to native speakers of different languages. Most platforms pay per hour and offer bonuses. Being able to use the course makes work much easier.

Other tutoring platforms allow you to decide on your rates and instruct the subjects you wish to teach. If you’re not looking to teach online, you could opt to do private tutoring at your house or a local library. This is also a way to determine the cost and decide the subjects you will be teaching.

5. Online teacher

If you’re still interested in teaching but still want more flexibility, you should consider online teaching. A lot of online schools employ teachers who work at their homes. Certain of these positions are part-time and allow you to work from home with greater flexibility. You’ll be able to perform the same duties as you do in the traditional classroom. It’s possible to teach from your home. Most online teaching positions require a teaching permit and the ability to teach. Some of them are Chegg Tutors, Tutor Me, My Private Tutor, Buddy School and others.

Another option for online teaching is becoming an educator professor for online education programs. Professors typically have greater control over the course materials than middle school, elementary, and high school teachers.

6. Test scorer

How long did you spend working on grading tests and other assignments with your students? It’s part of online jobs for teachers; however, you don’t have any extra money for late-night grade sessions. You can, however, be compensated to grade standardized tests for testing businesses. These jobs are usually remote and freelance, which means you can work at your home and work according to your schedule.

Testing companies choose teachers to take tests due to their expertise working in the field. Depending on the time of year, the standard tests are often conducted for a seasonal job.

7. Curriculum or test item developer

Education publishing, as well as testing companies, typically employ freelancers to create material. You may create material for textbooks, create worksheets, or design questions for tests that are standardized.

Businesses typically employ freelancers in particular subjects. Science, math, reading, and social studies are among the most frequently used subjects suitable for these positions.

8. Educational consultant

Make use of your teaching experience to assist others by becoming an educational consultant on a contract basis. Universities and schools employ educational consultants to aid solve specific issues. Consultants offer solutions to the issue. Certain schools employ consultants to revamp their existing programs or offerings.

Educational institutions and businesses that offer or sell educational materials may employ educational consultants to develop the material. Consultants offer insight into the requirements of teachers or provide subject-specific knowledge for the materials. Some consultants in education work with families. They can provide advice on the most appropriate educational setting and help improve college applications or offer other education advice.

9. Online course creator

Teachers are experts in designing curricula; online course development is a natural match. Online course platforms allow you to create courses on whatever you’d like to teach quickly. You can mix text, video, and even printable to create an engaging course that has become very popular. Using your academic experiences to design educational courses for teachers like the classroom management course is possible.

When you’ve created your course, you can sell it to many people without having to do anything else. Course platforms like Udemy or SkillShare can help you make that entire process much simple and more straightforward. Additionally, you have total control over the price you’ll charge. You can sell


Do you work as a teacher and are considering changing careers? If you’re waking up around 5 a.m. after spending all night working on the classroom prep, a pivot may sound quite appealing.

But what happens if you enjoy teaching but you don’t like the low salary and late commute? It’s not possible to teach from your home. You may be shocked. Telecommuting opportunities are appealing for workers of all professions and teachers; however, opportunities to make a career in digital teaching are increasing and more diverse every year. You can begin your career by applying for one of the top online jobs. These are perfect online jobs for teachers.

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