10 Ways Students Can Make Extra Money Online

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College is a difficult task that is all it is own. Not only do you have to work hard to maintain your high marks, but you have come up with ways to cover your expenses as well. Many students opt for part-time jobs at minimum wage to earn a few dollars. However, it’s becoming harder to find employment at a grocery store in a crisis such as the pandemic. There are a lot of ways to earn cash online. They can be done part-time while you study, without messing with the schedule of your college. They also pay more than other demeaning part-time jobs. Here is a list of 10 ways students can make extra money online.

1. Become an essay writer

When you’re a college student, you’ll typically need to write essays to complete your assignments or projects. Did you know you could also earn money by writing essays? There are numerous online platforms and websites that you can join to search for jobs in essay writing. They are simple jobs in which you compose essays for people.

Edubirdie is among the most well-known and reliable platforms that let anyone employ essayists. It is also possible to sign up as a writer and earn income by working as a freelancer. Edubirdie has a rigorous process for accepting writers, but it shouldn’t be difficult to get on the platform if you’re proficient in writing. Other options you can check out are Essay Shark, UK Essays and others.

2. Write for blogs and publications

If you can create essays, you may create articles for blogs, magazines, news websites, news websites, and other publications on the internet. You can start searching for projects on content mills like iWriter.

Some websites pay very well for the writing of great blog articles. Some sites will pay more than $100 for each article. If you’re skilled in writing about marketing, lifestyle, and digital media, or something in between, there are plenty of websites you could write for. If you are interested in making money this way you can check out Listverse, Longreads, Copyhackers, etc.

3. Join a freelance jobs platform

This is a common suggestion, but let’s remove it from the way. Freelancing jobs platforms like UpWork, PeoplePerHour, and others are an additional method of finding jobs online. If you can locate and join the best platform with no competition, you can easily get jobs and earn cash right at home or in your dorm room.

For jobs that are available via freelance sites, you must be able to sell your skills for services that are demanded by clients. If, for instance, you’re a good writer, you could offer a service as a copywriter. If you’re skilled in graphic design, then you can look for jobs in design work.

4. Do translation work

Learning a language is a popular method students employ to earn additional college credits. You can put your experience to use, too. If you have foreign language skills you can monetize them working as a translator. There are many platforms that you can utilize to become a translator. It is possible to translate documents into various languages and pay good rates. There are a number of sites where you can start making money online as a translator. Some of them are: Translators Cafe, Proz, Translators Base, and more.

5. Work on audio transcription freelance jobs

If you have good typing skills and you are familiar with different accents then working on online audio transcription jobs is a nice option to earn extra cash in your free time you could explore. You will need to listen to an audio recording of focus groups, classes, meetings and type what is being spoken into a text document. You can find freelance audio transcription jobs on Rev, Speechpad, GMR Transcription, CrowdSurf, and many more websites.

6. Create and start selling an online course

If you have experience and knowledge in certain fields that others can find useful then you could create an online course. He can create courses about anything like programming, marketing, finance, photography, etc. This is a fantastic opportunity to make money. One of the advantages of this kind of job is that it doesn’t need to work all day and every day. You need to create the class and it will bring in money in the future whenever someone buys it.

Websites such as Udemy and Skillshare let you create online classes and post them onto the platform. The platform will then do the marketing and locate a market for your class. It’s a great method to create an income stream that is passive so you can focus on other ventures.

7. Start working as a social media manager

If you’re proficient in creating content for social media that attracts many followers and likes, this job will be ideal for you. As an administrator of social media, you’ll be able to develop content and manage social channels for various businesses and brands. This may sound simple, but it’s a process of creating strategies and designing content for social networks. You can find jobs for social media management via any freelancing platform.

8. Sell your art online

Technically speaking, this isn’t an actual job. If you’re creative, you could also offer your artwork on the internet. For instance, you could sell your digital artwork through platforms such as Envato Elements. You can also design T-shirts, mugs, and other merchandise to sell on a website such as CafePress. Although these strategies don’t always work, they are ideal for making extra money with minimal effort.

9. Get a job as virtual assistant

Virtual assistants provide assistance with administrative tasks for businesses. They typically work in an office. However, businesses are now opting for remote assistants. Virtual assistants are executive secretaries in this gig economy. Their responsibilities include managing email as well as bookkeeping, scheduling as well as data entry. Job descriptions are very broad, and you must prepare a resume that highlights what you can accomplish. The range of prices is between $25-$100 per hour. The more knowledge you have, the more you can price your services.

10. Proofreader

This is among the most sought-after work opportunities available online for university students. If you are constantly catching mistakes in your reading, this job is ideal for you.

The demand for proofreaders is high as many companies search for proofreaders on the internet. You could earn up to an hourly rate of $10. Earnings will vary based on the client’s requirements and the negotiations you make with them.


There is a myriad of ways and jobs you can make money while you are an undergraduate. You’re only a single click or tap away. All you need to do is find it. The sites and platforms I’ve listed within this post are only suggestions. Explore on your own and discover websites that meet your requirements.

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