Is iWriter A Good Choice To Make Money Online Through Freelance Writing?

make money online become freelance writer at iwriter standard premium or elite writer

Freelance writing is one way to make money online that is high in demand. People who are able to write well-researched and high-quality content have many options available to them where they can find writing gigs. Freelance jobs platforms and content mills are great places to start for every beginner writer with little or no previous experience. iWriter is a content mill and one good option for all freelance writers including beginners looking to get started with a freelance writing side hustle.

When you join iWriter you can get to work right away and start writing articles according to the demands of the clients and on the topic they choose. This is a reason why iWriter freelance writing is good for beginners although your pay rate is not great until you reach higher and better-paid levels. You don’t need much experience or formal education in writing. The requirements to join are minimal and many interested freelancers can meet them.

Iwriter has been in existence for some years and has thousands of writers from all over the world working for them. The writer’s work consists mostly of creating content for blogs and articles on any niche ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand words depending on the requirement of the clients.

How to start working at iWriter?

To be able to open an account and start taking freelance writing jobs on iWriter you will need a PayPal account. It is available to interested freelancers from all over the world and the only condition is to be older than 18 years. You can start the signup process by filling a form with basic information like name password and email address and completing a sample writing job that is short and are 200 and 300 words. After you submit your sample work they will review it and contact you

Although they don’t require any writing experience to get hired if you have any you should mention it because is a plus. When creating your profile it is advisable that you list the niches or topics that you focus on and that you can deliver the best quality work. You can choose any niche technology, sports, arts, music, etc.

After you complete the signup process you can start making money by completing writing jobs posted by clients. Projects need to be completed according to the guidelines and requirements of the clients or they will get rejected and you won’t get paid.

There are new jobs all the time on iWriter. Once you have your account you can browse them and pick the ones you like. To do this log in to your account and go to the dashboard. There you need to click on “Write Content”. After clicking you will be able to see a list of available projects you can choose from.

If you are a new writer you will not have access to all the jobs listed. Some of the jobs will be available to those writers that have Premium or Elite ratings. It takes a while and you need to deliver quality work consistently to be upgraded to Elite or Premium status and get access to those higher-paying jobs.

The pay for a work completed on iWriter depends on the number of words and your level. In the beginning for you as a standard writer, your pay rate is nothing to be proud of. You will get less than a 0.01$ per word. Or$1.62 per 300-word article, $2.43 for 500 words, $4.05 for 700 words article.

When you are promoted to Premium writer you will be making $4.05 per 500-word article or blog post, and when you are Elite you can get double than that or $8.10 for a 500-word article. Premium writers are writers with ratings of 4 stars and Elite writers are writers that have their previous work rated 4,6 stars.

Once you have chosen which article you want to write always check on the instructions given by the client which on the iWriter freelance writing platform is called requester. Study the requirements carefully and see what exactly your requester wants, what keywords to use and other conditions the article must meet. If you deliver work constantly according to the requirements you will get a high rating and eventually be promoted to premium and elite writer.

Once you take on the writing project you will get a certain time in which you deliver the work. The time allotted depends on the volume of work for a 1000 word article you will get five hours and for short articles of 300 words or less you will have two hours to finish. After you finish and deliver the work the requester has 72 hours to review your work and decide to reject it or accept it.

When you are just starting and have no ratings you are a Standard level writer and have access to only standard jobs which have the lowest pay rate. You need to prove yourself by delivering high-quality work and if you get good ratings from your clients you too could become Elite and Premium writers.

For your successfully completed work, you will get paid through PayPal and the minimum threshold for payment is $20.

How much can you make working at iWriter?

How much you can make depends on how much time you work, how fast you can write, and your writer rating on the platform. For example, if you can write two articles and an hour of 500 words each if you are a standard writer you can earn $4.86, but if you are an Elite writer then your hourly earning will be $16.20. If you want to be a successful freelance writer on the iWriter freelance writing platform here are some tips to help you:

Focus on a small number of niches in the beginning

If you want to be successful in making most of your work time and get good ratings then in the beginning you should focus on a few niches and master them. By focusing on a few niches over time you will master them and you will lose less time in researching when taking in new jobs. When you master them you can consider diving into other niches.

Start small and work your way up

On the platform, you will have many jobs available at all times. Some of them will be higher paying but they will be more difficult to write and longer maybe even requiring thousands of words. In the beginning, choose smaller jobs like 300 words and complete more of them. Also, choose jobs from niches you are more familiar with.

Take on jobs fom requsters with high acceptance rate

On the platform, you will get information about the acceptance rate of every requester. You will notice that some requesters have a high rejection rate while others have a low one. When choosing jobs pick from requesters with an acceptance rate that is high, preferably the higher the better. Also, leave positive feedback for requesters that you like working for.


Iwriter has many advantages for freelance writers that are looking into getting started in online freelance writing gigs. It is relatively easy to get into and find jobs. The major negative side is the very small pay rate but that is only until you become an Elite writer. If you are trying to land your first online writing gig then iWriter along with other similar websites including Fiverr, UpWork, PeoplePerHour, and others might be a good place to start.

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