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Recent years have seen freelance work is much more sought-after than it has ever been before, with more and more people as time goes on taking up the profession. In addition, it’s not as if people are doing it simply out of need. A majority of them choose to go online and take on freelance work. This shouldn’t come as a surprise considering the advantages and flexibility of being your own boss. If you’re thinking of entering the freelance world for an additional source of income or a part-time gig, or even a full-time position to start an online business as a freelancer, then the UpWork freelance jobs platform is the right spot. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of becoming an independent contractor today and working at UpWork.

A lot of people who are considering pursuing freelance work wonder if it’s a good idea. Maybe you’re only thinking about freelancing to earn a side income, or perhaps you’re thinking about whether you can earn enough money that you can quit your work and say ye to your boss and your coworkers to pursue self-employment. If the answer is affirmative then you are a part of an ever-increasing number of people who have chosen freelancing as a way to earn a living.

Although it can require a lot of time and energy to start, becoming a successful freelancer is possible. Many benefits keep attracting more and more individuals to this way of life and to the UpWork platform. Here are some of the advantages:

find freelance jobs online for students, teenagers, retired people

It is free to join and start selling your services

To open an account on Upwork is free if you are a freelancer. With a free account, you will get a limited number of “connects” or the ability to apply for projects, and also you will have to pay a certain fee based on the earnings you make. After you sign up you can list the skills and services you have for sale, your portfolio, and even create a video presentation of yourself. Invest an effort to build a profile of yourself that will be better than others and will convince potential clients to hire you over other talented freelancers on the platform.

UpWork is a platform where freelancers with any type of skills can find jobs that suit them. You can offer writing, transcription, photography, proofreading, book reviews, photo editing, virtual assistant, programming, graphic design, video editing, translation, social media marketing, data entry, or other services that are demanded by clients.

Being your own boss and no one looking over your shoulder

The greatest advantage of being an independent contractor is that you’re the head of your own business. It is an independent company.

You are free to pick the type of people and clients you wish to collaborate with. You can select whether or not you want to deal with challenging clients or stick to less demanding tasks.

Break the monotony

Have you felt that you’re doing the same thing every day, at every hour? It’s like you’re stuck in a cycle of monotonous work, and there is no way out? After you’ve embraced the lifestyle of a freelancer, the ball is now in your hands. Because you are free to select your client and project, you’re allowed to mix and match. If you get disappointed in one client or a certain job gets boring you can switch to other.

You can decide what type of work you’ll be doing and also control your office hours. The creativity is sometimes at low levels so feel free and break off whenever you feel you need a rest. There is no boss constantly watching over your shoulder. You will get to make your routine.

Broaden your skill set by learning new things

The greatest benefit of working on a variety of projects is that you have the chance to gain knowledge each time you work on a different project. Freelancing lets you get out of your comfort zone and focus on something you’ve always wanted to do but were unsure about.

Many young professionals own an entrepreneurial side project they are passionate about but do not have the time to work on. Freelancing gives you the flexibility to pick the work you want to do. You can also take on projects that don’t require a lot of energy and give you ample resources and time necessary to concentrate to build your side business.

Multiple sources of income

One of the benefits when being a freelancer is that you can work as much as you want and also earn more than the fixed salary of a 9 to 5 job. No law restricts the number of projects you can take on at the same time. If you’re a master of many but not all trades, you could tackle multiple projects that require various skills and work on them in tandem. This way, you are more efficient while earning more money.

Some freelancers have refined their skills over time and have lots of money each month, working only two days per week, juggling various tasks at once.

Financial cushioning

One of the things that give “the “gig economy” or freelance work the bad name is that it’s a risky enterprise. A 9-to-5 job is viewed as more stable and secure. This was certainly the case.

The epidemic has proven that 9-5 jobs are just as risky as other jobs. Freelancing means you’re not completely under control by your employers. There is another source to count on when you’re working on many jobs, even if one falls through. In addition, unlike a 9 to 5 job, you don’t have to worry that your job is in danger every time you get your salary. Or you can work on freelance jobs at UpWork in your free time and make extra money.

Ability to make a living working from home

If you are one of the many people who dream about working from home and making a living without having to wake up early and travel to work every day this website is for you. People from over the globe are opting to adopt an easier working style, and some are even changing companies to those that provide more flexible work schedules and freedom to choose their jobs.

If you are a freelancer, it is possible to continue working at your location no matter when offices are reopened. Work-from-home is a way of life regardless of lockdowns.

Global exposure

For freelancers, the work may come from any location. The geographical boundaries do not constrain you. You can connect with clients from all over the world. If you work with clients from various nations, you are exposed to different work styles and cultures of communication.

You can establish meaningful relationships with colleagues that will help you network more effectively and broaden your network. You will be able to establish relations with other professionals from all over the world and build your network which will help you grow your earning potential in the future. This also adds that added zing on your CV.

People from all over the world are making a full-time or part-time income on the UpWork platform. There are many professionals but also students, stay-at-home moms, or retired people looking to make extra cash online in their free time.

Deliver work that is high quality and keep clients happy

Because you are your boss and manager, you’re allowed to play around and pick projects that are according to your desires. It’s a widely accepted fact that you can produce higher quality work when you’re enthusiastic. As a freelancer, it is possible to choose the work you are interested in and you find it challenging and more fulfilling to complete. Your passion will produce more quality work which you can later display on your resume.

More opportunities for earning and growth

The great thing about being self-employed is that you’re not dependent on others for promotions and raises as well as you don’t need to be a member of the office to be in the line for promotions and pay increases.

While freelance, the only one who decides is yourself. Your salary or how much money you will earn a day,a week or in a month is not tied to your position. You can improve your skills and ask for more money in line with your skills in your spare time. You are in complete control of your career’s direction. If you focus on one type of freelance job and have the necessary skills to do other types of jobs then why not do both in your free time. That is more income and more opportunities for growth.

Build a better lifestyle

Do you ever have days when you’re tired from your daily routine and wish to make a complete change; however, work obligations hinder it?

When you freelance, you are in total control over your schedule. If you’re an evening person, you can work at night during the time that the moon rises or if you’re an early riser and want to start your day with the sun. Your only worry is to keep an eye on the deadlines and deadlines for delivery.


UpWork is a good place to start your online freelancing business because it is simple to use and open an account and there are many jobs available at all times you can bid on. It should be on your list of platforms you should join just like Fiverr, Freelancer, or PeoplePerHour and the more platforms you join the higher are the chances you will find the freelance jobs that suit you. It does have its drawbacks but still, it is one of the best options for finding online freelance jobs.

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