10 Best Ways Stay-At-Home Moms Can Earn Extra Money In Their Free Time

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Many people are unaware of the quantity of work and the responsibility placed upon the shoulders of stay-at-home mothers. Contrary to what many people believe, they don’t have to spend all day watching shows. Some moms who stay at home have to be on call all day long to look after children and their families, run the household, and ensure all food items. They have to do this without receiving a single penny. On top of it all, there are many stay-at-home moms that have a job and make a living for themselves and their families. One of the most important advantages that many stay-at-home mothers are looking for is work-from-home jobs that will allow them to remain at home and not be required to travel away from home. Here is a list of ways stay-at-home moms can earn extra money in their free time.

1. Content Writing

Writing content is crucial in the digital age and is a task that can be completed at home from anywhere. The job of a freelance writer isn’t limited to creating content, however. There are many other duties like proofreading or editing. The only thing you’ll require to be an author is a laptop and an internet connection. You will also need a word processor software, a good and free option is OpenOffice or you can choose a paid software like Microsoft Office Word

Modern businesses but also blogs and websites require content, and so they often outsource these tasks. Also, content required by website and blog owners is to be optimized for search engines. Writers can apply for positions through various freelance marketplaces on the internet. Websites such as Fiverr, PeoplePerHour, iWriter, and Upwork are ideal for those seeking to start a career as a freelance writer.

It may be harder to find work-from-home jobs at reputable companies if you are a beginner with no experience, however, it’s not a bad idea to keep your eyes open. Join as many online freelance platforms and content mills you can and stay on the lookout for jobs opportunities you are interested in taking

2. Customer Service

If you are a natural at giving explanations on the phone or in person, becoming an employee-based customer service representative is feasible. These positions will permit you to provide customers service from the comfort of your home using a telephone. There are more lucrative positions open to those who communicate in multiple languages.

These are challenging jobs, but they will require a substantial amount of your time. But don’t fret that their training is thorough and covers everything you’ll require to be aware of. If you are interested in working as customer service representative check out WeWorkRemotely, Remote.co

3. Data Entry

Another work-from-home opportunity that is popular is as a specialist in data entry. Businesses rely more on information than ever before, and all demands for data entry can be extremely exhausting. To reduce costs, companies are now outsourcing their data entry tasks. The jobs are fairly basic; however, they require you to know data entry software such as Excel or Google Spreadsheets.

A stern warning to distracted individuals, data entry demands a lot of attention, which can become very repetitive. But, it could be an advantage when you are trying to handle your toddler or worry about doing household chores simultaneously.

The main benefit is that a growing number of employers are beginning to recognize that speed of submission is more important than the time an employee is working. One of the main factors determining the amount you earn from data entry is typing with a finger. If you can type quickly without looking at the keyboard, you’ll be able to increase your earnings per hour.

4. Graphic Design

With just a little experience in graphic design, stay-at-home mothers can make use of their talents to earn an income in the comfort of their homes. Freelance graphic designers can earn an impressive amount of money based on what clients they meet.

Based on the client’s needs, there are various ways graphic design jobs can be paid. They could be paid on an hourly basis or a project-by-project basis. To attract more clients, it is necessary to create a portfolio that showcases your work.

One of the best places to search for freelance design jobs is Upwork. If you’re not successful, you can reach your contacts to look into their design needs. Someone you know could have a business idea and requires a logo design.

5. Websites and Programming

In the technical aspect, this is especially for moms who stay at home who have qualifications in programming or web development. When working from home, jobs are available; they’re arguably the most lucrative and are extremely sought-after.

Instead of finding the right people to perform the job, Companies around the globe are now outsourcing their web designing and programming requirements. This is a good thing for stay-at-home mothers seeking jobs.

Utilize freelance jobs platforms like Freelancer, UpWork, or PeoplePerHour to secure the first few projects to build your portfolio. After you’ve got some tasks under your belt, you’ll be capable of charging four to five-figure amounts for the construction of websites quickly. The more complicated the job will be, the more money you’ll make.

6. Start your online store

Due to the many available platforms such as Shopify, it is easy for anyone to start their online store from their own home. You can sell many different products. A very sought-after form of an online store is dropshipping.

If you’re not keen on selling products to others, then you’ll find your niche. Perhaps you’re skilled in sewing or have the ability to make pottery. Whatever you are skilled at, you can manage your store online today. Or you could create your designs and start selling your merchandise on CafePress or Etsy.

If you’re not looking to be a part of any online marketplace, you could create a shop with Facebook and sell on there too. The possibilities are endless. There aren’t any set earnings estimates, either. Everything depends on the kind of product you’ll sell as well as the performance of your store.

7. Virtual Assistant

The internet has made it possible for a variety of traditional jobs to become work-from-home opportunities. If it weren’t for technology, stay-at-home mothers wouldn’t have the opportunity to apply for a virtual assistant job. 

As a virtual assistant, your jobs will be very diverse from handling your clients’ email correspondence to setting up meetings and answering phone calls. Employers can see the benefits of hiring virtual assistants since they can be flexible when selecting the exact services they need.

8. Makeup Artist

If you’re one of the mothers who stay at home and are flawless on every occasion, why not use your expertise to help others. It’s easy to convert your home into the makeup studio of your dreams and apply your expertise to make cash. All you’ll require is a tiny space of your home for making-up, an office chair, and a mirror.

Social media can be used to advertise your expertise and gain clients. People are very concerned about their appearance and are likely to invest significant dollars to get ready for a special occasion. It is possible to focus on a particular type of makeup, such as bridal or party, to limit the kind of clients you’d like to attract.

9. Start your own money-making blog

Blogging is another legitimate method stay-at-home moms can extra money. Although you will not see any earning from your blog from the very beginning, not until your blog has a large number of visitors and you start monetizing it by using affiliate links, placing ads, sponsored posts, etc.

Before starting your money-making blog you should choose your niche. Pick to write something you are passionate about. There are many successful bloggers that are stay-at-home moms writing about their own experiences and giving their solutions to problems they encounter in their daily life. Creating a blog is cheap but there are also websites that allow you to start blogging for free.

10. Paid surveys

Paid surveys are an easy way to get some extra cash in your free time. If you have some free time every day now you can make money just answering questions. No skills are necessary and you only need a computer with an internet connection. There are a large number of online survey panels you can join: Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars, Life Points, Opinion Outpost, and others.


Being a stay-at-home mom is a full-time occupation. The responsibility of taking care of your kids and keeping the home tidy is a feat of superpowers that we adore. As a stay-at-home mother, consider a job from home or side hustle if you cannot devote a lot of time and would like to earn a living. You have the option of choosing from the options above. You can begin earning money.

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