How To Make Money On Etsy?

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Making an Etsy shop is a superb way of bringing in cash from your merchandise such as gifts, regardless of whether it’s selling sewed child booties or hand-painted Christmas decorations. To get started on Etsy is simple and is available to anyone. In any case, opening your store on Etsy is easy but increasing your sales and growing your business and profits are different things.

Presently, we’ll need to be very clear here — Etsy isn’t a pyramid scheme. Indeed, around 65% of store owners on Etsy are earning under $100 each year. And keeping in mind that that is fine for the individuals who consider it to be a leisure activity, assuming you need to make a part-time or full-time income with your Etsy store, you really want to work hard and smart and also be a very creative person.

Not certain where to begin? We have 7 tips to change your Etsy side hustle or hobby into a genuine online business. Procuring respectable pay from your Etsy shop is conceivable, insofar as you have the devotion, diligence, and an extraordinary item.

1. Understand your stats

In case you’ve been making irregular sales or your business is not growing as expected, it’s an ideal opportunity to dive in and check out your Etsy statistics. At last, understanding who your present clients are will assist with making more powerful promotion efforts later on.

Here are the means by which to get to your details:

  • Sign in to
  • Click on Shop Manager
  • Click Stats

Under your store stats, you’ll see explicit numbers with respect to by and large page visits, item views, orders, and also your income. You can likewise compare your stats month-with month or year-to-year to see how your business growth was as well as other useful data.

We recommend beginning with how shoppers tracked down your page. For instance, 25% may have come from Etsy’s search bar, 40% from other websites, and 35% from paid promotions. Taking all these in consideration is important for devising your future strategy and for driving your business’ prosperity.

Make a point to ask yourself the accompanying inquiries:

  • What am I progressing nicely?
  • What regions need improvement?
  • Which items are the best?
  • Are there occasional patterns?

Once more, the more information you accumulate, the more ready you’ll be to push your promoting endeavors to a higher level.

2. Gather Reviews

A multitude of positive reviews from your customers will go far in supporting your Etsy income. All things considered, who isn’t enticed by a very much liked item that has so many positive reviews. Many buyers base their purchasing decisions on reviews from previous buyers who bought the item.

Here’s the way to get to the reviews of your store on Etsy:

  • Click on Shop Manager
  • Observe your shop’s name recorded under Sales Channel
  • Look down to the Reviews segment

If you want to gather even more reviews and get a better picture of how your customers feel about your merchandise you can do the following three different ways to generate more:

Affirmation email: Send an individual thank you email after each new buy, alongside a link to the review page of your store.

Addition cards: Include a little card with each bundle clarifying how their positive review will help establish a good reputation and help your business grow. Individuals love to help private companies, so go ahead and tell an anecdote about your business experience and invite them to leave a review.

Follow-up messages: Send an email a couple of days after they make a purchase, reminding the client to leave an audit. Make certain to also provide your contact information, asking purchasers to feel free to reach in case there’s an issue. The last thing you need is for a displeased client to take their objections public.

Ultimately, there’s nothing bad about requesting that loved ones and your friends purchase your items to help your reputation grow. Once more, individuals love supporting independent ventures — your friends and family included. Ensure they incorporate remarks about fast delivery, a sturdy item, and magnificent client support.

3. Improve your photos

At the point when individuals are seeking after a particular thing or item, the primary thing that catches their consideration is the photographs. Good photography is what can make the most important contribution to convincing buyers to buy your stuff. Therefore you will need to pay more attention to the photographs you use to promote your items on Etsy.

Here are 6 Tips for improving your item photographs:

  • Lifestyle vs. clean background: Choose which foundation best sells your item. For instance, in case you’re selling child booties, we propose taking pictures of grinning children wearing the item. This passes on the accompanying message: These booties will satisfy my child! Interestingly, a nearby vivid neckband hung across a white foundation will assist with showing the many-sided detail of your work. Go ahead and post both, as well add some other pictures.
  • Different angles: People need to imagine the item completely, so it’s ideal to make different efforts from each point of view. Your potential buyers cab have a better view of the item by providing a basic limited-time video from your smart phone.
  • Accurate sizing: It’s regularly difficult to check the precise size of an item when seen on the web. Position a typical object, like a quarter, pen, or a couple of glasses close to the item on a same image to show its full aspects relative to the common object.
  • Legitimate lighting: Sunlight is your dearest companion here. Spot the thing almost a window and snap away. In case daylight isn’t accessible, find ways to create good lighting artificially by using more than one light source..
  • Photo editing: Crop and trim those pictures so they truly pop. GIMP, Canva, and PicMonkey are free software tools you can use to make excellent images of your items.
  • Theme: Implement a general theme for your Etsy shop. If you utilize a purple foundation on one photograph, adhere to a comparable shading plan for your other photographs.

4. Improve your descriptions

Each word in your depiction matters. Keep in mind, you have a single opportunity to truly sell your item!

Focus on these tips:

  • Develop your own voice: You need to make progress toward being relaxed and individual. Add jokes or offer how you came to create this item. Individuals need to associate with you, the craftsman.
  • List the benefits: Why is your item predominant? What will your clients gain from getting it? What makes it stand apart from the opposition? For what reason do they require it?
  • Use lists: Not every person has the necessary focus and patience to read through lenghty depiction. Zero in on keeping sentences short and smart. List items function admirably for the people who will more often than not skim.
  • Ask for input: Run each item description you write by your companions, family, or partners. See how they feel about your descriptions and use their input to improve. You also have the option of employing freelance writer to write well crafted product descriptions for you. Additionally, consider employing a freelance editor — it’s frequently difficult to get your own slip-ups.
  • Link to other products: Use this chance to connect to different items inside your shop. For instance, on the off chance that you make fleece socks for grown-ups and furthermore offer kids’ sizes include a link to those. Who doesn’t love buying similar items for their entire family?

5. Apply SEO to get reach even more potential buyers

Search Engine Optimization — SEO — is the currency of online marketing and of the internet. It’s the way certain pages show up close to the top during a Google search, like how to make money on Etsy (which ideally drove you here). Etsy really has its own calculation, one you ought to comprehend to get the best outcomes. At the point when somebody types in Etsy’s search bar, results come from titles, labels, classes, and qualities. Then, at that point, Etsy positions them dependent on importance, quality, recency, shop area, transporting value, language, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Here’s what to focus on first:

  • Shop title: This title will help attract clients so make it carefully. On the off chance that you’re selling a high-quality socks using real cotton make sure to include words in the title that will describe that to the customers.
  • Specific keywords: A precise expression or phrase is consistently much better for SEO than independent, nonexclusive terms. For instance, “unicorn dress” will appear before matches for “unicorn” and “dress.”
  • Vary keywords: Make sure to keep each posting’s title original and unique. For instance, utilizing “vintage dress” for quite some time makes it hard for Etsy’s calculation to pick which one to show at the top. All things considered, have a go at utilizing shifted titles, for example, “Vintage 1950’s Classic Dress” and “Vintage Floral Dress.” Devote more opportunities to the things you need to sell quickly.

6. Put effort into promoting your Etsy store

Your goal is by all means to get more visitors into your store and more eyes looking at your merchandise. The more people see the items you sell the higher the number of them will become buyers. Because of these, you need to focus not only on creating items but also on promoting your store. There are many methods you can utilize to promote your store online. One of the best and highly recommended ones is through social media. You can use social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and others with great success. The great thing about social media is that you can combine images, descriptions, and even videos in your posts and they can reach thousands of potential buyers in no time. Also, take time to analyze the results of each advertising campaign to make adjustments to the next one.

7. Build customer loyalty

There is a saying that the best customers are returning customers. When you have clients coming into your store, you want to figure out how to keep them returning.

Here are a few tips:

Coupon code: Include a coupon offer with the principal buy, ideally something clients can share via online media.

Email newsletter: Encourage new clients to pursue your email bulletin.

Social media: Invite new clients to like or follow you via web-based media. Even better, make a local area page on Facebook to energize crowd collaboration. Don’t simply heartlessly advance your business, yet rather urge your supporters to pose inquiries, share their considerations, and sparkle new discussions.

Follow-ups: Nothing’s the issue with sending a subsequent email asking how they like the item and including connections to comparable items (this is an extraordinary chance to demand that survey, as well!).

Events: Try facilitating ordinary web-based occasions with fun giveaways to produce more interest in your store’s image.


How to make money on Etsy is the same as some other private venture. Etsy is a good opportunity to make money online for creative people that like to design similar to CafePress but success does not come easy. It requires perseverance, difficult work, and an appropriate strategy. At the point when you put in the energy, you’ll get results. Clearly, each shop is exceptional so certainly change these tips to accommodate your particular necessities. Continuously be considering new things to sell, which will extend and develop your store.

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