8 Best Freelance Jobs For Graphic Designers

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Graphic design jobs could lead you to various areas like manufacturing media, production video gaming, publishing filmmaking, and others. Nearly every industry employs the use of some design. With the increase in competition and the necessity to stand out, companies always seek graphic designers. These experts could be UX/UI designers, products designers, video game designers, and many more. Based on the industry that brands operate in, they employ designers to create unique and high-end designs that outdo the competition while showing their services and products precisely how they envision. If you have the necessary skills here are some online freelance jobs for graphic designers you can consider working on:

1. User Experience (UX) Designer

One of the most lucrative graphics design positions is in UX designing. This is a great opportunity If you’re interested in graphic design and possess technical expertise in mobile and web development. As a UX designer, you’ll be working on a project to create a website application, service, or website and ensure that users can navigate and work with the digital products.

A UX designer is expected to deliver the best User Experience (UX) every time a person is browsing a website, app, or web service. They should be able to navigate and use the website, application, or service. Furthermore, you must maintain its appearance to make it visually appealing. Your job will be to use your experience and knowledge for projects aimed at improving users’ experience. Furthermore, UX designers ensure the design’s logic flow is sound and test the product under various conditions to verify its performance and make changes.

2. User Interface (UI) Designer

The User Interface (UI) Designers are experts who develop user interfaces for apps and websites. They often work in conjunction with user experience (UX) design and, consequently, UX experience is a major advantage. Therefore, if you’ve some programming knowledge and design abilities, consider UI design.

A user interface designer makes sure that websites are user-friendly, both in appearance and function. UI Designers are in charge of the design of ads, web pages, and other web-based services that make it easy to communicate with the end-users. While they aren’t directly programming, they design user interface designs by cooperating with programmers in software.

3. Logo designer

Logo design is an excellent career choice for you. Since logos are an essential aspect of a brand’s image, distinctive designs can help differentiate businesses, brands, and even blogs. Logo designers also serve as brand identity designers. They create logos and experiment with colors, forms, fonts, and other elements, to make stunning designs. In addition to logos, they also design advertising, business cards, and more. Logo designers design and create icons or images that represent the brand, service, or product. They also play using shapes and colors to enhance the branding. To do this, they study the product or brand and their audience, the location they are serving, and any other important details that aid in creating visual appeal.

Additionally, they must keep themselves informed about the latest trends in design and the latest designs popular in the market. But, they also have to develop original and distinctive designs that are not duplicated from any other source. The average wage for logo designers is $50,430 annually.

4. Fashion design

If you’re passionate about art and fashion, you might want to try Fashion designing. Fashion designers help design and create clothes, accessories, and footwear. They have a sense of color and detail and have a greater perception of proportion, balance, and aesthetics. You can choose to specialize in a particular area, like shoes and women’s wear. You can also you can work as a generalist.

The job of a Fashion designer is to create designs based on the preferences of the customers. They generally use a Computer-Aided Design (CAD) program to create designs and scale them up to be suitable for clothing size.

To do this, they know the customer base of a brand and the demands of their customers to design designs that will appeal to customers. Additionally, they create and design products, collaborate with team members, share narratives with clients and evaluate products. They also keep track of the latest trends in fashion to keep up with changing fashion trends. The salaries of fashion designers can vary from $48,998 up to $73,643 per year.

5. Photo editing jobs

Editing photos is a coveted ability in the present. It is required by companies offering a wide range of products such as social media, e-commerce clothing companies, among others. Photo editors must have skills in using colors and effects as we as have a good sense of aesthetics. If you’re passionate about photography, then you should consider this profession.

If you’d like to be an editor of photos, you must have Photoshop abilities or understand other tools to edit photos. You can study it in an instructional course in graphic design. Certain brands require completing a bachelor’s degree in either graphic design, product design, or photography. Manufacturers of products may employ photo editors to edit pictures if they do not reflect the actual product. They also make images appear more appealing to customers so that they can better comprehend the product. The median salary for photo editors across the US is $39,029 a year.

6. Art director

Art directors are top-level professionals leading a team of designers working on unique design and visual projects in web design, film, television marketing, television, publishing, and other areas. They manage the design and are knowledgeable about various styles of art, film making, fashion, and other similar related industries to art.

Art directors are accountable for understanding the goals of brands and goals and then managing their teams to produce stunning designs specifically designed for specific projects. Designers are trained, recruit brand new designers, as well as work with other members of the department to develop visual elements. They are also responsible for budgets and timelines for projects, monitoring the progress of projects, and keeping an eye on consumer demands and the newest trends. The average salary for an art director would be $72,297 in a typical year.

7. Multimedia designer jobs

Multimedia designers are animators or artists who use various technologies to create 3D animations, animations, special effects, and other visuals. They may work for various kinds of media, including television, video games, films, etc.

Multimedia designers use 3D and 2D models. They create complex animations and graphics using computers and illustration programs, such as CAD software, AutoCAD. They can play with colors and lights and motion, texture shadow, and various other features of objects to make characters appear vibrant. They collaborate with art departments to ensure that they are aligned with the narrative, develop stories, and study the current trends in design and new projects. They collaborate with actors, writers, directors, and customers to create effective designs while adhering to deadlines. Multimedia designers earn an average of $56,351 per year.

8. Advertising designer

If you’re interested in marketing and enjoy designing advertising and marketing, they could be an ideal career choice. You can mix your expertise in marketing and methods along with your design skills to create impressive visuals that promote a brand’s product or services uniquely and distinguish it from its competitors. Advertising designers are accountable to sketch and designing visually appealing marketing materials for brands, including menus, banners, leaflets, ebooks, brochures, online ads, and web banners, etc. They can also use photographs to give additional beauty-enhancing elements and to the designs. They also make billboards, web advertisements, magazine ads, and other items that are targeted to advertise.

Advertising designers use various software tools for design, like Adobe, PhotoShop, as well as others to help them deliver quality work expected by their clients. Utilizing tools, they can modify the designs to fit a particular size or make quick changes after receiving feedback from others in the team or higher management to create the upgraded version. The average pay for advertising designers is $62,930 per year.

Where can you find freelance jobs for designers online?

If you have skills and knowledge in the field of graphic design you can find many online freelance job opportunities. The easiest way to start making money online as a graphic designer working from home is to join freelance jobs platforms. There are many online and they are free to join and build your portfolio, and offer your services to potential clients. They are an easy way to connect with clients from all over the world and you can find freelance work whether you looking to make a full-time income or just an occasional side hustle to help you earn some extra money online.

The best online freelance jobs platforms you should join are Fiverr, UpWork, Freelancer, PeoplePerHour, and others. To get started just go to their respective and complete a signup process. After you register you can showcase your work, list the services you offer, bid on projects posted by clients and collect your payment once you deliver the work and the client accepts it.

In addition to the above-mentioned websites, you can also check 99Designs, DesignCrowd, or DesignContest. On these websites, you can find freelance jobs that are geared towards graphic designers.


Graphic design today is much in demand skill and there are many jobs available at all times for graphic designers. Graphic designers can find projects in many industries because of the ability to create visual content that is beautiful to watch and helps differentiate brands and products and help them stand out from the competition is highly sought after.

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