How To Get Online Freelance Transcription And Captioning Jobs At SpeechPad

speechpad freelance transcription and captioning jobs for beginners

Are you interested in working from home online on audio transcription jobs? If you wish to work from home and make money online on audio transcription jobs there are many options available to you. Many companies accept beginners and one of them is Speechpad. You will not need any experience to become a transcriber at Speechpad and find out if the audio transcription is for you.

There are many different transcription jobs available on the Spechpad platform. Some of them are legal transcription, video transcription but also general transcription, verbatim or clean transcription. In addition to transcription, there is also video captioning freelance jobs. For beginners with no prior experience as a transcriber, this is one of the best companies to work for

How does it look like to work for SpeechPad?

As an audio transcriptionist working at Speechpad your work duty will be to transcribe or turn the audio recording into text. You will have to listen carefully to what is being said in the recording and type it into a text document. The recording could also be videos.

You will have to have good attention to detail to do this job and also you will need to follow certain style guidelines specific to each task. Generally, some jobs are clear copy while others are verbatim transcription. In verbatim transcription, you will have to type every stutter, false start, and filler words that you hear while with clear copy jobs you’ll have to leave out those words and deliver a transcript that is a bit edited to make it more clear.

To join SpeecPad as a transcriber you will need to pass a certain exam which you can retake if you did not pass the first time. Also, they hire transcribers from English-speaking countries that are a fast typist and can type 40 words per minute. Also good command of the English language and familiarity with different accents and computer literacy to able to search online to find relevant information about the proper spelling of terms that are technical. They will also require that you sign a confidentiality agreement.

What do you need to start working at SpechPad?

To get started you don’t need any special equipment so you will not need to invest your money to buy anything more than what you already have. You will need at a minimum a computer and an internet connection. It is beneficial but not required to have headphones and a foot pedal because those things can help a lot a make your work as a transcriptionist easier. You can also use specialized software for transcription work such as ExpressScribe or you can use their in-house platform which is also very good and helps make your work easier.

How much do freelance transcribers earn?

How much you will be able to earn depends on how much you work, how fast, and the type of obs you work on. If you are a beginner you will have access to easier jobs that pay the least. For this type of job, you can expect to earn $0.25 for every audio minute you complete transcribing. The average time necessary to complete an audio hour of recording is four hours so as a beginner you can expect to earn $15 for every audio hour you can transcribe.

As you gain more experience and if you deliver high-quality work you will be able to take on transcription jobs that are harder and require more experienced transcribers. These types of jobs will pay as much as $1.00 for every minute of recording you transcribe. If you deliver quality workers you can also be able to access rush jobs that also pay more and you will be able to earn more. If you have a good quality score and you are able to type fast then you can expect to earn a decent amount of money.

In addition to transcribing ad video captioning jobs you can also get promoted to a position of reviewer at SpeechPad, It is not easy to become a reviewer, and only the best freelance transcriptionists that complete 1000 minutes of recording and have a score of 98 and more can be promoted to this position. Reviewers can earn anywhere from $0.20 to $1.00 fr every minute of audio they review and generally a reviewer is able to complete around 40 minutes of reviewed minutes in an hour.

If you are dedicated and serious about making a full-time or even a side hustle to earn some part-time income working on SpeechPad jobs the good news is that you will always find available jobs and also chances to get promoted and gain access to higher earning gigs. If you focus on delivering high-quality work, in the beginning, you might not see large earning but once you can get access to rush jobs or if you become a reviewer then your earning will become much higher.

The most important thing is to deliver work with no mistakes and according to the guidelines and requirements of the task and not deliver the work until you have checked it.

Why should you join and start working at SpeechPad?

With many websites and freelance jobs platforms online offering transcription and captioning gigs, the question is why you should pick SpeechPad to work for. Although there are many other good freelancing websites for transcribers SpeechPad has some advantages. For one the pay here is better compared to other sites. Although you begin with low-paying tasks you can progress and be allowed access to other higher-paying jobs and even become reviewers and earn many times more than beginners do.

There are many jobs available at all times and you can gain access to higher-paying ones if you deliver quality work. To be able to deliver high-rated work make sure to follow the style guide and instructions carefully. They are provided for each job and are clear and easy enough for anyone to follow. Always make sure to check out the instructions when taking on a job. When your work is reviewed you will be able to see your mistakes and learn so that you will not repeat them in the future. The gigs are various and they have different lengths starting from 8 minutes and more.

An important advantage when working for SpeechPad is that you can preview the work before accepting it. Every transcription job on SpeechPad has a time limit that you must respect and complete the task within this time limit. If you don’t you are risking being locked out. So when choosing gigs to work on, preview it d set aside enough time to finish them. You can work as much as you want and when you want but you must follow the style guide and instructions and complete the work within the time limits.

To start working at SpeechPad you can apply at their website or as an alternative you can find SpeechPad jobs on the Amazon Mechanical Turk platform. Which one you choose depends on your preferences.


SpeechPad is a good place beginners with no experience can get started with working on online freelance transcription jobs. The pay may not be very good when you are a beginner but with time and if you deliver work that gets good reviews you can access better paying and rush jobs as well as become a reviewer and earn much more. You can always have the option to look into other working at other freelancing platforms like GMR Transcription, Rev, CrowdSurf, and others and find better-paying jobs.

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