How To Find Data Entry Work From Home Jobs Online

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If you’re in a position to work and would like to make money from the time you’re usually wasting online, then applying for data entry jobs you can do from home is the perfect option. The greatest benefit of these jobs that do not require expense is that they can be performed by a person who has a flexible work schedule. For instance, you could be working all week or seeking out weekend-only jobs or a side hustle to make some extra money in your free time.

Today, more and more people are looking to do work that involves data input at home to earn money online. However, the online home data entry jobs stand out because they are simple without requiring any particular degree. Beginning or entry-level positions may require a few essential computer and excel skills or perhaps a high school diploma.

What is a data entry job?

Data entry encompasses many different jobs involving manipulating and editing of data such as inputting data into forms, transcribing documents from either handwritten or audio files, updating records, etc. To be able to work on data entry jobs you will need a computer, internet connection, most likely word processing, and spreadsheet software. Attention to detail and fast typing skills are also a plus.

These kinds of jobs are suitable for stay-at-home moms, students, and everyone with a bit of time left between classes, regular job, or anyone who wants to earn a decent income working full or part-time regardless of location and the time of day. There are platforms for finding the best freelance jobs online including data entry jobs.


It is an employment board that offers various types of flexible work that often include jobs in data entry. Jobs on Flexjobs are carefully selected and studied by real people working to eliminate fraudulent offers. This should put your head at ease in an industry such as data entry, but the service is available at an expense. You’ll have to sign up with Flexjobs and pay for a monthly cost. A $20 or so month subscription might seem expensive for a job as low-paying such as the field of data entry. However, it’s worth considering, particularly if you’re looking to apply for different types of flexible jobs too. Flexjobs is now offering online tests for skills so that you can demonstrate your typing or your software proficiency to potential employers.


On Fiverr, it is possible to create your profile to “sell” your data entry capabilities to buyers who require these skills. The more experiences you’ve had, the more effectively you promote yourself, and you’ll be more successful. The most effective “sellers” have multiple skills; however, you can offer your services as a professional in data entry and check if you get the hits and orders from buyers.

The longer you have experience with data entry and the more happy clients you’ll have on your profile, the greater the success you’ll get in offering your products and services. In most instances, you’ll be competing against service providers across the United States and worldwide. Because of this make sure you deliver good work and get great ratings.


Another freelance jobs platform on which you can market your skills in data entry is UpWork. Sixty thousand new job listings are posted on the site every week, yet only a tiny fraction requires a specialist in data entry. If you sign up for this service and create an appealing profile, you may get contract work. Most remote data entry job ads require you to work based on project-by-project. Finding full-time or even part-time jobs on this platform is possible but you will have competition from all over the world.

Mechanical Turk

Mechanical Turk is owned by Amazon and it is a marketplace for crowdsourcing jobs. The service connects remote workers with those who need small jobs done for them. Mechanical Turk platform offers small jobs called HITs then take very little time to complete and require human input. A lot of microtasks are similar to data entry or contain data entry. Therefore, you’ll probably be able to identify some jobs that fit your capabilities. You will find many jobs that involve filling out forms or extracting data from bills or business cards etc.

MTurk is a rapidly growing platform that works for many users. Be aware that some work-from-home jobs take a significant amount of time, and they do not play very well. A lot of them pay less than the minimum salary. It’s also possible to be in a contract and be penalized if the employer isn’t 100 % satisfied with the job. Some posts pay Amazon gifts cards. In contrast to Flexjobs, MTurk’s job listings aren’t checked for fraud.

Virtual Vocations

It’s similar to Flexjobs, but the free account on Virtual Vocations comes with certain limitations. If you sign up for a free membership, you’ll get a specially-curated database of work-from-home job leads for data entry each day. To access full access, you’ll need an upgrade or upgrade subscription.

If you sign up for a monthly subscription, you will view all job ads, develop an attractive profile to draw those who require data entry done and take online classes to enhance your knowledge.

Axion Data Services

It is a specialist in data entry which, as the name implies. Axion does not accept applications that are new often, but it’s a good idea to be registered with the company’s database when they announce new roles – however, it’s a small amount.

Axion requires between two and three years of experience in data entry and typing speed that are 50 or more words (wpm), So this isn’t a good choice for those just starting. To be able to join you will also have to pass a background check. Axion acts as a data entry agency when you are on board, connecting you to contracts.

Axion provides freelancers on a piece-by-piece basis. You are likely to work 20 to 25 hours per week. It’s a generous wage, too, so securing an employment spot can be challenging.


DeltaPlus+ is a company that hires data entry clerks, M.S. Access database programmers, and administrative personnel.

You’ll need to pass an identity check for criminals; however, the most important requirements for you have an internet-connected computer and broadband internet with high speed. For application, upload relevant documents and then wait to hear from you.

DionData Solutions

It is a management of a data bureau that can handle all kinds of tasks for government agencies and businesses. DionData typically hires typists to perform data entry generally, which involves moving data from one place to another.

You may be processing data like medical claims, surveys, or inventories. You’ll need to write at a rate of 60 words per minute, have basic computer abilities, and be required to have United States citizenship.


It handles voter registrations as well as petition signatures. The task you’ll be completing will require you to determine if signatures come from voters. Because of what is involved in the job, SigTrack that you are a United States citizen, and it is scheduled around the petition period, which means you’ll likely need to search for a new job.

You’ll have to take an exam to show that you have 98% accuracy for your work to be considered. Also, you must have an additional monitor and a Skype call to verify that you are a U.S. identity. The payment is made piece-by-piece; it may appear low at first, but most users can double or even triple their earnings in the initial few days.


TDEC is one of the biggest companies in the world. Outsourcing company providing business processing services for commercial and government customers. They are always in demand of data entry workers. However, they don’t post open positions on their site, and you’ll need to email them with your resume and application and then wait for them to respond to you with vacancies as they open up. Because positions aren’t advertised, you could have a better chance of success.

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