13 Best Sites To Make Money Online Writing Reviews

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Do you enjoy leaving online reviews to help fellow customers make an informed purchase? Feedback from customers plays a crucial part in the buying process, and it assists manufacturers to improve their product lines. Today, you can be making extra money for writing reviews by posting your thoughts online on the Internet. You, me, and anyone else use different products and services in our private life and in our business. We buy food, clothes and fashion items, gadgets, we have different subscriptions. If you run an online business you use web hosting and domain registrar services. For your online store, you probably use Shopify, Wix, or some other platform. We watch movies, read books, listen to music, play computer games. We buy and sell online on an almost daily basis. Now you can make some extra cash writing about your experience with various products and services. There are a number of websites that will pay you and here is a list of the 13 best websites to make money online writing reviews.

1. Survey Junkie

It will pay you to give your opinions on different brand names and items. When you Survey Junkie join you will have an opportunity to earn extra money with participation in surveys. After you have completed your profile, you can select surveys that are pertinent to your lifestyle and preferences.

There are 3,000,000 members and numerous positive user reviews. When your rewards balance is $10, you may ask for payment via PayPal or gift cards to your favorite shop or restaurant.

2. InboxDollars

One of the most popular options that let you earn money by writing reviews. It is also possible to earn money by answering surveys and signing up for easy cash offers that enable you to receive free samples.

In addition to these pay opportunities, you can earn money by watching videos, online shopping, playing games, and making friends.

Watching videos is an exciting way to earn money through InboxDollars since you get the chance to give feedback on commercials shown on television. Certain commercials aren’t yet aired, and you’ll be among those who are the very first to watch.

Alongside earning money through sharing your opinions, In addition, you’ll also get automatically entered into each week’s InboxDollars sweepstakes.

If you’re ready to receive a payment, InboxDollars will pay you with a cheque. Gold members can also be paid using a Visa prepaid card or electronic card.

3. Slicethepie

They claim to have the biggest online review website. It allows you to earn money to evaluate new music and fashion accessories commercials and other items before release.

Once you have earned 10 dollars in rewards you can get paid through PayPal. You can also earn an incentive when you refer someone else.

4. Moms Meet

Finally, a space for moms to share their thoughts and interact with other mothers who are health conscious! Moms Meet allows you to sample healthy organic, eco-friendly, and organic products with your loved ones and family.

Earn points by giving honest feedback. They can be used to purchase gift cards or printables, surprises, fun packs, as well as gifts. You’ll need to apply to the mom ambassador or blog ambassador levels before you begin reviewing products.

In addition, reviewing writing makes it possible to earn points for watching educational webinars and videos, participating in community discussions, and completing challenges.

5. Get Reviewed

It pays you cash for blog posts that are sponsored or blog posts. You must have a blog with an authority of at least 20 and a self-hosted site to begin. The payment period is 14 days once you publish the written review.

There is no cost to sign up for Get Reviewed, and it can be an excellent opportunity to earn a little extra money by writing articles.

6. CrowdTap

It’s fun to write reviews of products as you can do daily tasks. By selecting a task on your phone will offer you the chance to earn rewards for leaving reviews and your honest opinion for the product featured.

When you have completed a review, you may be awarded gifts, product samples, and other rewards for your purchase. Alongside writing reviews on products, you may also earn points by taking daily polls and responding to surveys. You can earn points by sharing reviews from your CrowdTap review on your blog or other social networks.

7. ListVerse

You will be rewarded $100 for the “Top 10” list you write. The format for writing could be an exciting alternative to the typical product reviews. It is a great option to provide several recommendations in one article by creating a paragraph or two for each recommendation. You will be paid through PayPal.

8. Start Your Own Blog

Beginning your website or blog is among the most effective ways to earn money to write reviews, as you can earn passive earnings through ads and affiliate programs all the while you write and publish more of your reviews. You could earn a small percentage every time someone purchases the item on your site.

Writing about the products you use is a fantastic way to share your impressions through images and words, unlike other review websites that could restrict your review to only a few paragraphs. If you’re new to blogging or would like to start your blog, here are two websites you need to take a look at. First, you will need a domain name and web hosting.

9. UserTesting

Do you want to earn money through reviewing websites and apps? UserTesting pays you $10 for each review after making a video of 20 minutes. This could be a wonderful opportunity if you prefer to make a video rather than write your opinions.

You can begin recording reviews from any device as long as it can download the recording software required and record you trying apps and websites.

Businesses are prepared to pay a lot of money to see how users interact with their products. UserTesting is among the top lucrative methods to earn money through reviews.

10. Harris Poll Online

It is among the oldest and most trusted research companies. The majority of surveys are focused on the review of the brands you are considering and their advertising campaigns.

For example, you might be asked to view some videos and give your feedback as a business finishes the final touches to an upcoming campaign for marketing.

In other cases, you may be asked to rate the design of labels because companies are constantly rethinking the packaging of their products to keep “market appeal.”

Every time you take a survey, receive HI points exchanged for gift cards. You are also eligible for monthly and quarterly cash prize drawing for every survey you take.

11. PINCHme

It allows you to review free samples. Every Tuesday, you can select a different box of samples to review, and then they’ll be delivered to you at no cost. After using the software, write a review on PINCHme to go back and try it again at your next sample Tuesday.

Registration is free is available to all residents living in the continental U.S. One disadvantage of PINCHme is that users won’t get a reward or payment for your reviews; however, the samples you receive are beneficial if you are interested in exploring new products and sharing with the company how it is working and what could be enhanced.

12. ReviewStream

It permits you to be compensated for writing reviews about virtually any item. Apart from being compensated for your review, you also receive a cash reward whenever a person votes on your review.

User votes show that your review was useful and relevant to buyers looking for products to buy. Although you can write a review for almost every product, be aware that ReviewStream will offer higher prices for more thorough reviews and conform to their guidelines for publishing. The potential for earning also be increased through writing reviews of high-demand items. ReviewStream will make payment through PayPal once you are ready to make a payment.

13. Software Judge

Software Judge can pay up to $50 in exchange for honest critiques of the software you regularly use. The minimum amount will be $1/review, and you can submit as many as three reviews per day. You write your review, and Software Judge encourages you to “tell it like it is.” Apart from cash payments, A more lucrative payment method could be digital goods like software or games and e-books.


Paid review opportunities are numerous online and you can earn extra money reviewing things you have used yourself. Apart from the money you be paid there is also a sense of satisfaction that your review might help someone make a decision to buy a product or service that meets their needs without lots of searching around.

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