Beginners Guide How To Start Working on Transcription Jobs At CrowdSurf

freelance transcription at crowdsurf alternative to speechpad gmr upwork through workmarket

Freelance transcription jobs are one way to make money online that pays relatively good money. There are a number of online websites that offer audio transcription jobs and are constantly hiring new freelance transcriptionists. One of these is CrowdSurf. Crowdsurf offers freelance transcription jobs and welcomes even newbie transcribers without any prior experience in transcribing audio files. This is a good option for teenagers, students, and stay-at-home moms who can earn money online. If you decide to join CrowdSurf your job will be to listen to audio or video tracks and write what is being spoken. It is a job that requires fast typing, attention to detail, and knowledge of grammar and spelling.

Open Your Account On Crowdsurf

As mentioned previously it is free to become a transcriptionist on Crowdsurf. To be able to join Crowdsurf is a bit unusual compared to other freelance jobs websites. First of all, you will need to open an account with another website called WorkMarket (more information about WorkMarket here). WorkMarket is a way through which you will receive payment and withdraw to your PayPal account.
Signing up is easy and free and you will need to use your PayPal email on WorkMarket as well.

Also, you will need to complete your profile, provide details including tax information. After this step comes the entrance test that you must pass to be able to join Crowdsurf and start making money online working on transcription freelance jobs.

Before taking the test you should study the guideline that is required carefully. Crowdsurf has its style guide about how the work on transcription jobs should be done. Study them carefully and pay attention to various rules such as how to label speakers, how to mark speaker change which words to exclude from transcribing and other rules you must follow if you want to pass and start working for Crowdsurf.

Be main part of the test is to transcribe an actual file. Don’t rush, check the guidelines and recheck your work before submitting it. Your test job will be reviewed and if you pass you can join Crowdsurf as a transcriptionist.

Start Working on Transcription Jobs At Crowdsurf

When you are a member of Crowdsurf you can start working on transcription jobs and get paid. For this, you will first have to log in to their online platform. Once you sign up you can start taking on jobs and submit them once you complete them. The tasks on Crowdsurf are short in length usually 10 to 20 sec, and for completing them successfully you will get paid an amount of 5 to 15 cents depending on the length and the difficulty of the job. Before you start you can preview the jobs and choose if you should accept them or not.

The tasks are video or audio recordings and if you think the job is not for you you can skip it. Or you can also turn on auto-accept what after you submit the completed job the next one will be automatically accepted. If it happens you accept a job and you can’t or don’t want to complete you can return it.

Crowdsurf online work platform is the place where you complete the jobs. In the upper part is the area where you can preview and view the audio or video file you are working on and in the lower part is the space where you transcribe according to Crowdsurf requirements. The platform is easy to use and has features that can make your freelance transcription work easier.

With a click of a button you can increase or decrease the playback speed of the audio/video file you are working on so can better make up what is being said. There is a very helpful feature because in some files the speaker is speaking too fast and is hard to hear what they are saying. Also with a click of a button, you can rewind the file a few seconds back if you don’t hear what is being said the first time. All these functions on the platform can also be performed using hotkeys on the keyboard which is also a very helpful feature that makes your work easier and faster.

Crowdsurf’s online work platform also has a spellchecker. After you complete typing you will have misspelled words underlined and also a list of suggestions you can use. However, you should not rely 100% of the time on this tool and you should use your internet research skills to find the correct spelling of words and names. For every job, you complete it will get reviewed and you will get a grade which you must keep high at all times. The highest is 4.0 and every time you deliver work that has many errors you will be degraded.

Is Crowdsurf A Scam Or A Legitimate Way To Make Money Online?

Crowdesurf is not a scam and you can definitely make money online if work on their platform. It is a legitimate way to make money online if you have the necessary skills. It is also a good side hustle idea because they hire beginners and have a very flexible schedule. You can work from home anytime you want and have free time you want to use productively.

Their platform is easy to use and you can work online without the need to download files on your computer or use transcription software like ExpressScribe. The length of the files is also a plus because of their length. Unlike other transcription companies or transcription jobs posted on freelancing websites where you need to take on transcribing a lengthy file of hours or more you here you can complete one job or dozens of jobs a day depending on your schedule.

However, there are certain cons of working for Crowdsurf. The most important is the Crowdsurf pay rate which for an hour is less than $20 which is rather low. How much you will earn in an hour depends on your skills and how fast you can work. If you are a fast typist you will be able to complete more work and as a result, earn more. Generally to transcribe an hour of recording usually takes 3 to 4 hours so your hourly wage can be about $6 or more which is low. Another important downside is that there is no work available at all times.

If Crowdsurf is not your fit for some reason you can check other freelance jobs websites for transcription jobs like GMR Transcription, Speechpad,, and others


Crowdsurf work is a legitimate way to make money online working from home in your free time. It is a good option if you look for a side hustle and have the necessary skills and attention to detail. It has everything for beginners to get into making money online with freelance transcription jobs: short and easy tasks, an online work platform, and openness to newbies without experience from all over the world.

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