Beginners Guide How To Find Freelance Jobs On WorkMarket

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WorkMarket is an online marketplace for freelance jobs similar to Flexjobs, Indeed, Upwork but with a number of differences. They advertise themselves as a platform for employers to help them manage, organize and pay their workforce. Many companies use WorkMarket to find freelancers with the necessary skills for their projects and therefore there are many opportunities for you to find freelance jobs to work online or offline depending on your location and your preferences.

Who can join and Start working at WorkMarket?

Anyone with skills that are in demand can use WorkMarket to connect with clients that have need of talented freelancers. Writers, translators, graphic designers, transcriptionists, programmers, app developers, and anyone with experience and skills like fast typing and data entry or any other skills can join and find earning opportunities on WorkMarket.

How To Join WorkMarket As a Worker?

If you want to join WorkMarket you can do it free and the process is simple and straightforward. You will need an email account to start the process and it is recommended that the email you use is the email you used to open an account on PayPal.

The first step you must take is to go to the WorkMarket homepage and click Get Started, then select For Workers. Input your details such as your name, your email, your country, your address and your phone number. The next step is to provide details about your expertise and add the skills you have. This will make it easier for potential clients to find you among a large number of other freelancers on the platform. You can list any skills you have like writing, translation, computer software, app development, programming, design, photography and video editing etc.

The final step is providing your tax information and payment information. At the moment there are two payment methods available Bank Account and PayPal. PayPal is probably to more preferable to you because it has lower fees. The process goes first with employers hiring you. Then after the job is complete you will be paid and the balance deposited in your WorkMarket account which you can later withdraw to your PayPal account.

How To Find Jobs And Start Working At WorkMarket?

There are many jobs and projects available at WorkMarket at all times. It is a great place to find not only online jobs but also offline jobs depending on your location where you live and if you have the necessary qualifications. You will be able to find many online freelance jobs starting from data entry, social media, image annotation, transcription, translation, AI training, and others. Offline jobs are also numerous and depending on your skills and certifications you could find gigs such as installing computers or printers or fixing equipment on site etc.

Once you have an account with WorkMarket you can start becoming a member of as many labour clouds as you can. You are not required to join any labour cloud on WorkMarket but the more labour clouds you join the higher will be your chances to get hired.

The process of becoming a member of a labour cloud is different and unique for every labour cloud. They all have different requirements that you must meet to become a member of the labour cloud. Mostly to meet these requirements you will need to pass a certain test, have a certain certification or live in a certain area if the labour cloud looks for freelancers for offline jobs.

How To Find Best Labour Clouds On WorkMarket You Can Join?

To become a member of the labour cloud, first, go to labour clouds in the main menu and you will be able to access a large number of labour clouds that are on WorkMarket. Feel free to browse and find labour clouds that require workers that fit your profile and interests. After you find a labour cloud that suits you click on it and you will be taken to a page where you can apply to be a member. On this page, you will find all the necessary information you need concerning the requirements you must meet and the apply button for becoming a member. Also, you may get an invitation to join labour clouds from the employers themselves via message on WorkMarket and email notification.

Requirements are most of the time some type of test to pass to prove that you have the necessary knowledge required to become a member of the labour cloud. For example, if labour clouds require that you are proficients in a certain foreign language then you will have to pass a test demonstrating your knowledge of the language by finding grammatical or spelling errors in sentences, finishing sentences with appropriate words, or choosing correctly written sentences among several and similar tests.

What Companies Hire Freelancers Through WorkMarket?

One of the employers on WorkMarket is the online transcription company CrowdSurf. CrowdSurf hires freelance audion transcriptionists to transcribe audio and video files online working from home. To join their labour cloud you will have to pass a test involving transcribing an actual recording of about 20 sec long. If you do this correctly you will be able to work on transcription jobs on their online platform and you will be paid through WorkMarket.

There are many other online companies that hire freelancers to work from home and do business through WorkMarket. Some of them are Lionbridge (read more about Lionbridge here), Transperfect and others.

Once you become a member of the labour cloud you will be able to receive work invitations in your email which you can choose to accept or not. As mentioned previously it is good to join as many labour clouds as possible if you can meet the necessary requirements.


WorkMarket is a good website to find freelance jobs in your area or online freelance jobs. It is a good addition to other freelance jobs websites like UpWork,, PeoplePerHour and it will increase your reach and your ability to connect with potential clients even more. You can find longer short term gigs as well as longer time side hustles here but if you focus on shorter gigs then maybe you should better focus on Fiverr. Many freelancers say they earn most from WorkMarket so if you are looking for ways to make money online working from you should give it a try by joining and becoming a member of as many labour clouds as possible.

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