How To Make Money Online As Paid Website Tester

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You might want to consider website testing gigs if you’re looking for an alternative to make a little extra money every month. Website testing is a legitimate way to make money online. To determine if this feasible gig opportunity is right for you, you need to know the specifics regarding what it’s about and the amount you could earn, and what companies are there that have and offer website testing jobs. Website testing is an easy online job and almost anyone can do it in their free time. You don’t need any special skills or experience and this type of job can be done by people of all age groups like teenagers, stay-at-home moms, students, retired people and anyone else with free time on their hands.

What Is Website Testing?

Testing websites is a process whereby individuals with no connection or prior experience with the brand can spend time on the internet, logging on, using the site, and studying its site to provide feedback on the usability and the appeal of the site. Website testing for usability is crucial in the present day and important for doing business online. It plays an essential role in the ability of both large and small companies to reach potential customers, connect, and convert online customers.

It’s not enough to just have an online presence. The website must be designed to create positive brand perceptions, be user friendy and intuitive to navigate, and ultimately to be able to deliver profitable conversions.

If you look at how much time and money companies spend on website design and development, it is obvious why they are taking testing very seriously. Custom-built websites loaded with features could be as high as $30k or more. On the other hand, additional expenses like domain name web hosting, website hosting, content management system, regular marketing, design, and optimization can push the total cost to the six-figure mark.

What Do You Need To Start Making Money As Paid Website Tester?

To get started you don’t need any special equipment or skills. You must have a computer and mobile device connected to internet as well as basic computer literacy and knowledge how to use web browser software. Some tasks will require that you will also need a microphone so you can record yourself and your comments as you are using the website. Also, you will need to join websites that provide website testing jobs.

How Much Money Can You Make As A Website Tester?

Most people find that website testing isn’t meant to be a full-time job and will not replace your full income. However, it could add to your income and is a nice side hustle to earn extra money working from home you can then spend during weekends, your next trip, or that large purchase without draining your savings.

There are many websites that provide website testing jobs and the pay is generally around $10 per gig. The time necessary to successfully complete a website testing job is generally between 10 and 20 minutes

How to Find Website Testing Jobs?

There are many websites where you can make money as paid website tester. To open an account is free and whenever there is work available you will be notified. When you’ve signed up to be a paid tester with a company, the testing company will announce opportunities through email or its website, and you’ll need to “claim” the test to be granted access. Based on the number of people competing for the opportunities and the availability of testing facilities, it may be more difficult to take tests with certain firms than others, so you’ll need to take keep watch action quickly when jobs are posted.

Top Website Testing Jobs Platforms

After you better understand the importance of testing websites and have realistic expectations of what it’s like to be testing and everything involved in it, let’s explore some companies that will offer you a fee to test their websites. There are numerous freelance jobs sites on the web that provide this service; however, here are a few of the most popular choices:


The company is well known as a brand in the field of testing websites. Companies like Walmart, Capital One, Facebook, Domino’s, and Grammarly use the platform. You will receive $10 via PayPal for each test of 20 minutes you take and more interviews with the testing side of users.

The transparency and honesty of UserTesting are what make it an appealing company. As with all other websites on this list, you won’t get rich but you will earn money for your effort.


It doesn’t require auditions to be eligible for testing. As a tester, working for Userlytics you’ll be given a set of tasks and guidelines to follow when you go through the website or application and make a voice recording of your comments aloud.

The payment is sent through PayPal but first, your work must be reviewed and accepted. Your reward will be in the range of $5 – $20 per job depending on the job itself But, the amount for certain projects could be much higher even as high as $90.


The majority of “studies”, as IntelliZoomPanel calls them, which are surveys, last between 10 – 20 mins. Research that involves talking on recording audio or video and reviewing usually costs $10. Once your study’s results have been approved, your payment will be made within 21 business days using PayPal.

The number of opportunities you’ll have as a tester is dependent on many things like demographics and your overall quality score.


It gives you $10 per 20-minute test and asks you to record your experience using audio and video and write responses to a brief review survey. At TryMyUI there are opportunities available every week so you make to check in regularly.

Payments are issued each Friday through PayPal after the tests have been examined and approved.

Enroll App

It’s a bit different from the other companies that offer website testing gigs mentioned above, as the website testing jobs on Enroll are only one or two minutes long, instead of usual 15 to 20 minutes

Because tests are shorter and take less time, the amount of money you get paid for completing a job is also less than with other websites on this list. The payments are processed monthly through PayPal. If your balance in your PayPal account is lower than $1, it will be transferred to the following month.

How To Make Most Of Your Website Testing Gigs

Below are some suggestions and ideas to get the most of your experience

  • Take the audition seriously: It is common for companies to need you to pass the “audition” or “practice test” before you can be paid to try their clients’ websites. You may be tempted to hurry through it; however, be sure to take the audition seriously, and you’ll stand a higher chance of getting the job.
  • Join more than one platform for website testing gigs: While you’ll always find the company you like best, signing up to multiple testing sites gives you more chances to be paid during the week and constant supply of test opportunities.
  • Make sure you act quickly. Many companies offer opportunities for testers on a first-come-first-served basis. If you spot an opportunity you’re interested in, you should accept it.
  • Do not overestimate expectations: in the beginning, your expectations should be as low as the equivalent of $20 to $30 per week, unless you have a substantial amount of time to devote to this side hustle.


Website testing jobs could be an excellent option if you’re seeking a flexible, relatively simple way to make money online. You can easily earn an extra few dollars every now and then. However, you’ll have to be sure to keep your financial goals sensible. To boost your chances of success, you’ll need to sign up on various platforms, respond swiftly when an opportunity is open, and then do high-quality work that will not get rejected.

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