Step By Step Guide How To Make Money With AliExpress Affiliate Program

earn online with aliexpress affiliat program join select products and start making money

Affiliate marketing is a legitimate way to make money online by promoting the product or service of a particular brand by using the affiliate hyperlink (an affiliate link that links to a specific website that has a unique identification number for the user). One of the best options available for your affiliate marketing online business is the AliExpress affiliate program.

Affiliate marketing is growing rapidly. There are many making a good amount of money online promoting affiliate programs. If you have an interest in starting your own affiliate marketing business there are a number of decisions you make do first. One of the most important is choosing an affiliate network. AlliExpress is one ofth best options.

AliExpress affiliate program is a good choice because there are many physical products you can promote. There are products from virtually any category imaginable: women’s and men’s fashion, beauty, computers, consumer electronics, tools, etc. Another reason why it is a good option is that to get started with it is very easy: you locate something that you believe has a unique perspective and then sell it to customers, and receive your payment (commission and a share of the earnings from every sale you’ve managed to earn).

Selling online goods or other kinds of services using the aid of affiliate programs offers an opportunity to not only increase profits in the context of a bonus to a new customer, but also for ongoing payments. So, the affiliate commission can be a source of income for bloggers and website owners. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get started with the AliExpress affiliate program.

Step 1: Sign-up on AliExpress

To be a part of their affiliate program the first thing to do is register as a normal user. You can sign up using any email account or using your Google account, Facebook account, Twitter, or VKontakte. This is the first thing to do, yet it’s also mandatory. We suggest that you sign up with your Google Account, so you have everything connected and don’t have to worry about creating new passwords for AliExpress.

When you sign up for your account can then access the store’s website. You might be a bit confused, However, the reality is in the webpage that explains clearly what the affiliate zone is and where you need to sign up to access an affiliate program.

Step 2: Sign-up to the AliExpress affiliate system

To join you must apply as an individual or company. In your application, you must provide necessary information about yourself such as your email address country of residence, and information about your website where you plan to promote AliExpress. The information includes URL, category, traffic, and other data.

Try to create the information as realistic as is possible. There aren’t many questions. Once you’ve completed the form, and you have accepted the conditions of use, you will be able to send your application. After you have sent your application and verified your email you will be instructed to wait until your application is being processed and you become a member of the AliExpres affiliate program.

The waiting period for your application to be processed and you being accepted as an affiliate should be a few days so be patient and wait for a message from them.

Step 3: Learn how to take advantage of all tools and features

If we’ve received the great news that we’ve been accepted into the affiliate program, we go to the AliExpress affiliate homepage and enter the login information, and then the control panel will be displayed. You must understand how to get the most benefit from its capabilities. It is not complicated to learn but you will need to set a few hours to learn it. In just a few hours, you will be able how to use it and the various options it offers.

Here you will see the information of that first site you signed up for, however when you scroll to the lower part of the page, you can choose to create new sites, but currently, you can be limited up to 10 web pages you can add, which isn’t the case in other affiliate programs.

If we’ve exceeded the number of pages, you’ll have to create a new user using an email address in order to add another ten pages. Click the second menu option that’s where you’ll find Tracking ID. This is where we can utilize up to 50 IDs to build our affiliate links, and then receive statistics that are segmented for each one of them.

There are also many other features to help you be successful but for starters, you have all the information you need. In time you will learn new features and discover how to use them to increase your conversions, sales, and earnings.

Payments are issued on a bank account. It’s easy to enter bank details that are on your bank account. If you’re not able to enter your banking details or you do not have an existing account at present since there are no other options, which means you’ll need to open an account in the bank that is most suitable for your needs.

Step 4: Place affiliate links on your blog

Now that you are a member of the AliExpress affiliate program and you know how to use the features and tools that are available you should start promoting affiliate links. You can create affiliate links and link to products, place them on your blog or website. Whenever a visitor clicks on a link he is taken to the AliExpress site and if the purchase is being made you will earn a commission.

You can easily place affiliate links to products on your WordPress blog and you should tag them as nofollow and set them so they open in a new window when clicked. The commission you will earn on every sale is in the range of a few percent which is not that bad considering you will be promoting physical products.

The most important thing for making the most of your marketing campaign is to choose the right products to promote. If you promote the products that your visitors will be interested in you can expect to make many sales and huge amounts of money from your blog traffic. Ob the other hand if the products you are promoting do not appeal to your visitors they will simply be ignored and you won’t make any sales and any commissions.

One good and the very successful method you can use to promote affiliate products is to write review articles. You can write product reviews and link to the product or you can make a list of the best products in a certain category and link to them. Just think about what your visitors look for or what problems they might have and how to solve them and then write an informative article on which products are best for their needs and place links to them inside your text.


AliExpress affiliate program is an excellent way to start making money promoting affiliate products. There are many products from any category you can choose from to promote to your visitors and make money. To join is free and you should definitely give it a try along with alternatives such as the Amazon affiliate program, eBay partner program, Clickbank, and others.

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