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The concept of flipping has ancient origins. Flipping is a process starting with buying a product, repairing or refurbishing it, and selling later at a higher price. You can find business doing this will all sorts of products like cars, electronics, real estate, etc. If you own a blog it can be a real money-making machine if you monetize it by placing ads, promoting affiliate links, or some other way. One of the ways you can make money with a blog or a website is if you sell them. Websites flipping is the process of creating and building a website or blog, increasing its value, and selling it later on.

Today, we’ll discuss the step-by-step procedure to purchase a website, boost its value, and then sell it at a specific time to the highest bidder. We will also check out various strategies experts employ to ensure that a maximum potential profit can be gained during this operation.

What is website flipping?

Buying an existing website that is dormant for various reasons, improving its overall aspects, optimizing the website to various search engines, and then improving and increasing the traffic to the blog or the website. After a considerable increase in the number of visitors coming to the blog or website begins, we sell the website at a much higher price than we bought it and earn more money than our total investment. This is how website flipping works.

How to achieve this?

You need not be a hardcore techie or need coding knowledge to achieve this task. Anyone with basic skills to write and optimize can easily do this. And if you don’t have the necessary skills or time you can also hire freelancers and outsource some or all tasks associated with running and growing the website. Let’s go over the steps to promote your website. A few dos and don’ts, in the end, will also be provided for your benefit.

Steps to make money with website flipping

1. Create content that is interesting and informational

Look for websites you are familiar with. You should be passionate about it and willing to write an excellent content for the Website. Creating content is the most important step to add value to your blog or website. This will help bring out the most interesting and entertaining content.

If you’ve got a niche site that matches your needs, then you can purchase a dormant website or build one (whichever you believe is needed and profitable).

2. Domain name

The domain name should be catchy, and if it contains highly searched keywords, all much better. You can buy the domain name on the internet using the services of any provider. Once you have the domain name, you are almost done with the basic step. Be sure to select the domain that is containing highly searched keywords. This is certain to be a massive aid in your search engine optimization efforts and an added benefit in the future.

3. Web hosting

Now that you have done the basics of buying a domain name, you need a platform to host your website or blog. Choose a suitable web hosting service among the many options offered online. They are quite reasonable, cheap and you could find hundreds of them. Once you’ve selected the right platform for hosting your Website, connect the domain name to the hosting web service. You can usually buy both a domain name and web hosting from same provider.

4. Select the best template or WordPress plugins

WordPress is a very popular and powerful blogging platform, and there are many templates that are the most trendy web design styles you can use for your website. They will make creating your blog or website very easy. All the plug-ins are inbuilt and layouts you need to build your website. You then need to publish your website’s content, and you are done. With this, you are now ready to launch your website, get traffic, start monetizing it and start earning money.

5. Start monetizing your website

The easiest way to monetize a website is by advertising. You need to join and a network like Google Adsense, insert code in your website and ads will start to appear whenever someone visits your website. It’s a free service at first and can help you earn. You can also place ads for affiliate programs and get a percentage of the profit when visitors you send buy something. You can join the eBay partner network but it is also possible to look into Amazon Affiliates, Click Bank, Aliexpress, and Commission Junction, which helps increase traffic to your website as well as helping you earn.

6. Rich content

People are drawn to the quality and authentic content on every website. So, it is equally important to concentrate on posting unique quality content regularly on your websites to keep it well optimized, updated, and attract traffic. All the better if your content is rich with many images, infographics, and even videos included. You can use online tools like Picmonkey, Canva, or Inkscape to create great-looking visual content.

7. Search Engine Optimization

One of the best sources for targeted traffic to your website or blog is search engines. Optimize your website following the specifications of the search engines and your intended audience’s keywords. You can also drive more traffic by using social media websites as well.

8. More traffic means more selling potential

The more visitors you bring in, the greater the chance to locate real buyers. This will increase the visibility of your website within the digital realm.

9. Auctions or finding buyers

It is possible to auction the site through different auction platforms or search for potential buyers on the internet. It is important to be wary of anonymous buyers because most transactions conducted by anonymous buyers are reported as fraudulent. The best platforms where you can sell your website or domain are:



Empire Flippers

Buy Sell Empire and others.

10. Transfer the website to the new owner

After you’ve agreed to the terms and cost, you must transfer the domain name to the purchaser, and they will then take control of your website from now on.

Follow these steps 1-10 for a different website, and then flip it once it’s prepared to be delivered. This step-by-step process has allowed many novices to make money by selling websites. Then, why not try it?

Tips and strategies for successful website flipping

Flipping websites is lucrative but there are some risks involved with it. Here are some tips and strategies that will help you to make the most of your investment. There are many reasons why you should pay attention to the following tips. But, there’s nothing wrong with having the information and using it or doing your own research and discovering new tips and ideas.

  • Buy a functioning website to sell a specific product that you already sell. This is good strategy for those who are selling their own products online. You could direct this traffic to your website via advertisements, email listings, or others. This is an easy method to build a customer base and dramatically increase your website’s traffic within a relatively short period.
  • Purchase a site that will only generate advertising revenue. You’ll still earn profits regardless of the sale by focusing on websites solely to promote advertising since you are advertising different brands and E-commerce giants. You could later add other monetization methods and even create your own product.
  • Purchase a site to make being able to flip it quickly. This frequently happens because the primary goal is to improve the website’s overall quality and then sell it to the idder that isready to pay highest price. Making it quick and easy money-making.
  • Buy community websites that are targeted at a specialized audience and have large audience. These sites could generate advertising revenue and redirect users to other websites that sell your products or promote affiliate programs.
  • Be on the lookout for sites that have potential for growth in the future. This helps you to see the long-term picture. Rich content with the proper SEO can make for an efficient selling tool and money making machine.
  • Some experts advise purchasing the website primarily because of the domain. Aged domain with high authority regardless of the topic or the products it offers has potential for growth. This is due to its significant value domain, which will move with the current trend to come soon.


Website flipping is a legitimate way to earn money online. There are many that use this method are making serious money. However, this is not an easy job. To be successful in flipping websites you must be knowledgeable in the market, monetization of websites, and how to find good bargains. Also, you must know all about creating content, SEO, getting traffic, increasing value and selling the website fr a profit

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