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CPA Marketing is a method to make money with your blog and a legitimate way to make money online promoting CPA offers. CPA is a cost per action and CPA offers are payable once the visitor performs certain actions which might be something very simple like taking part in a survey, signing up for a trial, downloading and installing apps, etc. Many bloggers and webmasters choose CPA offers because they convert at a higher rate than affiliate programs because they require no payment to be made, although they pay less per conversion. There are many networks that offer CPA offers. One of the best is Adworkmedia.

What is AdWorkMedia?

Adworkmedia is one of the best CPA affiliate marketing networks bloggers and webmasters can join today. Adworkmmedia is an affiliate network that has a track record going back for years. They have established their reputation as a reliable partner to bloggers and marketers to monetize their traffic and grow their business. They have been so today and will remain in the future because of a huge selection of offers and many tools they have available to make monetization efforts as easy as possible.

Adworkmedia has been constantly ranked among the best CPA networks by mThink and AffiliatePaying and has built its success on the many advantages and features they provide for their advertisers and publishers. Many other affiliate networks offer nothing significantly more than the traditional banners and links as a way to monetize the traffic, but AdWorkMedia offers much more methods to start making money with your traffic.

Thanks to the tools that are available you as a publisher can expect to have much higher conversion rates than compared with regular banner and text ads.

At any moment there are hundreds of campaigns from many niches you can choose from. You can find many offers from email zip submits, biz ops, trials, downloads, app installs, mobile offers, and many more.

You can find offers for any source of traffic but the highest paying is US traffic where a single conversion can be worth many times more than offers for Tier 3 countries. The highest paying is Tier 1 traffic originating from the US, UK, Canada, Australia. Tier 2 traffic is mostly from EU countries and Tier 3 traffic originating from other countries pays the least but there are offers for as well

CPA offers are types of affiliate marketing campaigns that pay when an action is performed such as signing up, submitting an email, downloading an app, answering surveys, trials, etc. Unlike ordinary affiliate marketing programs, visitors do not need to buy something with their money just spend a few minutes to perform an action. That is the main reason why CPA offers have higher conversions than affiliate programs.

You can find offers that are both incentivized and non incentivized on Adworkmedia depending on how do you plan to promote them. No matter which offers you choose to promote, you can pick freely offers based on your niche, geolocation, and methods of promotion you still have to deliver quality traffic otherwise you will not get paid and even risk your account being banned.

You can choose one of the hundreds of offers to promote individually or you can use many tools available to make your effort on making money online promoting CPA offers much easier and more profitable. With the help of the tools, you can use you can make much more money than using solely links and banners.

Monetization tools for publishers offered by Adworkmedia

Content lockers

Content lockers are one of the tools available on the Adworkmedia network. By using this tool bloggers and other content creators can lock their content so that visitors need to perform an action, complete a CPA offer to gain access to the content. This way you can monetize content that is in demand and considered premium. If your content is sought after then visitors will be interested enough to spend a few minutes to unlock the content and the conversion rates can be extremely high.

Link shortener and link locker

Link shorteners are nothing new and there are many websites online where users can short links to different websites and they are used for various reasons. Link lockers tool on Adworkmedia helps you make money by locking links and posting them on your blog or website. This tool makes it easy to create links and post them inside your blog posts, comments, descriptions, etc. When someone clicks the link he will be asked to complete an offer before being allowed to visit the linked website. If your target page contains content that has value and brings benefit to the visitors then your conversion rates and earnings will be high.

Product locker

Product locker is another tool available on the Adworkmedia network that has very high conversion rates. Publishers and content creators can use this tool to lock their products and monetize them without their visitors or customers having to pay money. If you have a product that can be a digital product like a report, ebook, video course or tutorial, or anything else that might be of interest to your target audience and in demand, you can use this tool to make money from your hard work.

The process is pretty simple, you will use this tool to lock your product. The visitors that are interested will have to complete a CPA offer to unlock the product and download it to their computer. The offers can be different like surveys, email submits, sign-ups, etc. and usually visitors have a choice of more than one offer to choose from and you get paid regardless of the choice they make.

With this method, a successful conversion can be low usually a few dollars, and maybe less than what you think your product might be worth. But on the other hand, because the interested audience is not required to pay anything only to spend a few minutes to complete an offer will result in a very high conversion rate and many conversions which eventually may bring in more profit than outright selling the product.


Offerwall is a list of offers from which visitors can choose offers they are interested in and complete any and even all the offers that are available. Offerwall offers are offers that accept so called incentivized traffic meaning that publishers are allowed to offer their visitors some kind of reward for completing the offers. Offerwalls are utilized mostly on GPT websites and money-making apps.

Global traffic monetizer

This tool enables publishers to make money from all traffic on their websites like pop-under and pop up, redirect, their parked domains, etc. This way using the global traffic monetizer you can start making money even as your visitors as leaving your blog or website

WordPress plugin

This is good news for all bloggers that use WordPress to build their blogs. If you are using WordPress then you are familiar with plugins and how to install them. Once you install this plugin you will make your monetization effort much easier using many options and settings that the is pluin brings to the table.

All these tools are great for publishers because they help publishers to start making money online without having to handpick offers for each individual visitor. When using the tools the visitor will be automatically given a choice of offers that are available to him based on his geolocation and according to his interests. This not only automates the selection of offers but also increases the conversion rates and earnings.

Step by step guide to start making money as an Adworkmedia publisher?

1. Apply for an account

To join Adworkmedia is free but not everyone can join. First, you must submit your application and if accepted you can become a publisher and start making money online with CPA offers from Adworkmedia. With your application, you will need to provide more details in order to be accepted starting with your details and email address.

2. Provide details how you will be promoting CPA offers from Adworkmedia

If you want to become a publisher and promote CPA offers from Adworkmedia you will need to provide certain details about how you plan to promote CPA offers and how you intend to drive traffic. If you own a website or blog provide details. Also, explain if your traffic is incentivized on non incentivized. This information is very important if you wish to get accepted

3. Start promoting offers and get paid

After your application is accepted you can get to work. Now you can select offers and methods how you gonna monetize and start promoting. If you have premium content then you can use content lockers, or you can use product lockers to monetize your products. If you plan to promote CPA offers on your blog you can select which offers you want to promote based on your niche.

Once your balance reaches $35 you can request payment using a number of methods including Paypal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer, ACH Deposit, Western Union, Payza or Check

Why should you join Adworkmedia?

Adworkmedia is another option you can use to monetize your money-making blog you can try. Although the process to be accepted as publisher is not easy there are a number of advantages to being an Adworkmedia publisher. There are hundreds of offers available at all times from many niches and also many tools that can make your monetization efforts much easier and more profitable. Also, there are ways you can promote CPA offers without owning a blog or website.

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