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Working for Lionbridge as a legitimate way to make money online. It is among the most renowned micro-jobs and online freelance jobs platforms known for its highest pay rates in the field. It offers a broad range of opportunities to individuals from all over the world regardless of their background. It allows you to work from home based on your schedule and in your free time as you wish. You will also be compensated for your efforts and hard work.

What is Lionbridge, and what do they do?

20plus-year-old Lionbridge is among the most popular crowdsourcing platforms that aid brands in building stronger relationships with their clients with the assistance of more than 1 million volunteers.

They offer services in language, AI, and Data Quality to their customers and assist in developing and improving their AI products’ quality. Below are a few instances of the services they offer-

  • Content creation services: technical, scientific writing, financial reports, etc.
  • Translation and transcription services: include website/software/app translation, interpretation multilingual SEO, localization, video Transcription, etc.
  • Testing services: user tests for interfaces and performance accessibility, including interoperability and compatibility and compatibility testing.
  • AI services: Image annotation, Text annotation, data annotation services, content moderation, etc.

Is Lionbridge a legitimate microjobs and online freelance jobs website?

It’s a completely authentic website that has paid lots of money to remote workers worldwide and was named the top large-scale employers by Forbes in the year 2019. The company has operations in 26 countries and is a partner for some high-profile companies, including Microsoft, Apple, Dell, Facebook, BMW, Ford, Lenovo, Audi, Porsche, Credit Suisse, GM, BlackRock, J&J, GSK, JP Morgan, Philips, Expedia, CVS, Tripadvisor, Singapore Airlines, 3M, Colgate, Nike, CocaCola, Sony, Rolls-Royce, Siemens, and more. Flexjobs named Lionbridge as the No. 1 company in 2021 when it comes to remote-based jobs. There are countless positive reviews of Lionbridge online.

How to Make Money on Lionbridge?

It could take a few weeks before you can get your first task with Lionbridge. However, they are flexible with their hourly rates. If you are prepared to work hard and invest the necessary effort you can be earning a decent amount of money working from home. Further on in this post, we will find out what you’ll need to do to earn profits with Lionbridge.

Application and Registration Process

Go to their website. Find a job you can complete successfully. You can filter jobs by country, cities, job titles, various departments, etc. When you’ve found an appropriate job that is compatible with your qualifications, click it. You will be taken to a page where you will view all the relevant details about the job, such as specifications, expectations, work hours, salary, and more. You’ll find a button that reads “Apply now” Click on it. Now you are on the Lionbridge application form. Create a user account.

Be sure to provide the information accurately. Provide details about your employment and experience. Include a professional resume if it is one you have. Upload the required documents and then apply. Sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. You should wait for an email from them about the acceptance. It could take a few days before you receive an acceptance email in response to your application to the position.

Complete the required assessments/tests

You’ll receive instructions on how to join Work Market (Lionbridge portal, where you can submit your work, read more about WorkMarket here) as well as links to tests you have to be able to pass, including short English or another test. Tests will be based on the job you applied for. Search Engine Evaluator Exam can be extremely challenging, lengthy, and split into multiple parts, which means you’ll need to go through the information provided in-depth. Certain projects can be initiated straight away without taking any test.

Complete the job you signed up for

Lionbridge currently has an evaluation score and informs you of any work to be done, as well as the materials you require. Follow the instructions carefully. Send tasks. Check for jobs in your region each day. Apply when you discover something that you like. People with iPhones are more efficient in completing video and image collection projects. If you are chosen for an assignment and selected, you will be informed on how to get started and for instructions and the amount of pay.

Additionally, there is a restriction of the maximum and a minimum number of hours you can work per week (typically 20 hours) dependent on the availability of tasks. Certain projects pay per hour, while others are paid per job. Data collection jobs typically pay per task or submission. Make certain to concentrate on quality, not quantity. This will lead you to more projects. Every micro-jobs website has a method to assess the quality of applications submitted by employees.

Get paid for your hard work

After you successfully complete the jobs you will get paid pay for each task you accomplish using whatever payment method you choose following the location of your residence. PayPal or Direct Transfer is their default payment option.

What is the maximum amount you can earn through Lionbridge?

It is contingent upon various variables like your location, abilities, the complexity of your job, and the available projects. The location of your work plays a significant factor, and I’ve witnessed projects that pay up to more than double to USA workers as compared to Indians with the same work. Complex jobs are more rewarding than simple ones. The on average, Lionbridge offers a pay rate of $10-$15 an hour, which is higher than many similar crowdsourcing sites.

How and when does Lionbridge pay for completed jobs?

They pay you through PayPal and Direct Bank Transfer, depending upon the projects you have worked on. The minimum payout is 20 dollars. The amounts paid out that are not in the minimum threshold are carried over to the following month. The cycle of payment is NET-45. This means that the January earnings are paid into your account by the 15th of March. It takes about 15 days to prepare invoices and 30 days to complete payments.


If you are looking for legitimate companies that offer jobs you can do working from home then Lionbridge is surely an option you can take into consideration. They have many obs available to people from all over the world and for any skillset. Lionbridge is a good alternative and an addition to other freelance jobs websites like UpWork, PeoplePerHour, or Fiverr.

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