How To Promote Your Blog And Get More Visitors For Free Using ViralContentBee

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For the success of a blog is most important to have a large number of visitors. If you have a blog that gets lots of traffic it can be turned into a money-making machine. The more traffic the more money you can earn whether through ads or affiliate marketing. In order to drive lots of traffic, you will need to promote your blog. One of the methods bloggers use to promote the blog and get traffic is social media websites.

To this end, many bloggers actively use social media to promote their blogs and increase the number of their followers. They create accounts and Facebook pages dedicated to promoting their blogs. Social media platforms are great promotion tools and you can potentially drive massive amounts of traffic to your blog but the downside is that it takes a very long time to build your following and make the most of your promotional campaigns. On top of all this, it may even cost money to advertise your blog on social media.

However, there is a way you can promote your blog on social media for free. You can promote your blog posts in front of an audience that is interested in the same topics that you blog about. You can have your blog posts shared by other bloggers that blog on the same niche such as you. This way you can have your blog posts become viral and boost your traffic.

If the things mentioned above sound interesting to you then you have a great tool you can use. The solution for your promotion on social media is called ViralContentBee. ViralContent Bee helps both new and established blogs to drive traffic from social media and get more followers and subscribers.

How to use ViralContentBee to get more visitors to your blog

1.Open an account for free

To join Viralcontentbee is free and you will need to go to the homepage and click on Register. You will need to fill out a form and create your password. You will need an email account to register.

2. Connect your social media accounts

After you become a member you will need to connect your social media accounts. You can connect up to five Twitter accounts, a Pinterest account, Tumblr, Linkedin, Mix, Flipboard, Telegram account. Your account need to be legitimate and to have a number of followers if you want to earn credits. If you don’t have followers then you will not earn points for sharing posts. For example, if your Twitter account has 100 to 999 followers you will earn 1 credit for a share, 1000 and up to 4999 you will earn 2 points per share, and if the number of your followers is higher than 50000 you will earn 5 points.

3. Earn points by sharing others content

The next step is to earn credits by sharing other members’ content. You can choose which blog posts to share. You can find many blog posts to share at all times grouped into categories. Once you share content you will earn points depending on the platform you shared and the number of followers that your account has. There are certain limitations like you can only share to Pinterest 8 times in 24 hours period.

4. Redeem points to promote your blog posts

You can redeem the points you earn for promoting your blog posts. To start you need to submit your blog posts by Writing a title, and description, providing a link to the post and optionally you can also attach an image. If you want your post to be promoted on Pinterest you will need to also provide an image URL. Keep in mind that there is a limit of two hashtags in the description or your post will be rejected. You can submit your posts to a maximum of three relevant categories

The last thing you need to do is assign credits to every listing. It is recommended to assign no less than 30 points so that your post will be placed first on the dashboard and be easier for other members to find and share. Then it is all rinsed and repeated. Share posts earn points and redeem to promote your blog posts.

Why you should join ViralContentBee?

Viralcontentbee is a good way to promote your blog on social media and get more visitors. There are a number of advantages that it offers to its members. Some of them are:

1. It is free to join.

To register on ViralContentBee is free and to be able to make most of it is to have social media accounts that are in good standing. There is also a way to buy points you can use for promotion.

2. The platform is based on points.

Using this platform is easy and simple, you earn points by sharing others’ content and you spend your points to have your content shared. Also how much you earn and how much you pay for a share depends on the number of followers an account has. So if your account has many followers you can earn more points for every share and eventually get more shares that you make. This is of great advantage compared to other websites where you can make ten shares and not get an equal number of shares on your posts.

3. You can reach your target audience and grow your following

Your blog posts may be shared by other established bloggers that focus on your same niche. That way your blog will be able to reach more readers that might be interested in what you are blogging out and eventually turn them into returning visitors and subscribers. This way you will also grow your social media following.

4. Find interesting content to read and share

On ViralContentBee you can find thousands of posts grouped into many separate categories. You will certainly find posts that you might be interested in reading and also your social media followers might find interesting. If you have been using social media platforms you probably know that your followers are always looking for new and interesting things to read so Viralcontentbee is a great place to find fresh and interesting content

5. You can schedule your posts

Another great advantage of using ViralContentBee is that you can schedule your posts for later times. You can select the post you want to share, choose the account to use for sharing, and add the post to the buffer. After you have added to the buffer they will be shared in the order they were buffered and after a period that can be preset starting from 1 hour and more.

6. The submitted content is reviewed

All content that is submitted for sharing by users on ViralContentBee is first reviewed by the staff. All posts must meet certain quality guidelines before they go live on the platform. Thanks to this you can expect that there is only high-quality content you can share with your followers and not just spam that has no value for you or your followers.

Some tips on how to make most of ViralContentBee

Viralcontentbee can a great tool you can use to promote your blog on social media and get more visitors. It is free to join and easy to use but here are a few tips on how to make most of it.

1. Test and see what works best

You can earn points and use them to promote your posts on several platforms. It is best to start promoting on all of them and after a while see which social media website brings the most traffic and in the future spend your points for sharing on that platform.

You will also notice that some of your posts are being shared much more than others. This is to show you which topics are more in-demand by the audience and where you should focus your content-creating efforts.

2. If some content gets very few shares you should choose other categories

When you submit your content you can choose up to three categories. If however, your content is not performing well and not getting enough shares you can try and change that by listing it into different categories. However, keep in mind that the categories you choose must be relevant to the content.

3. Add 30 points to keep your content on the first page.

When adding points to a blog post it is good to add upwards of 30 because this helps to get on the first page of the dashboard. The higher in the dashboard will result in more eyeballs and more shares. Every time the points are spent add at least 30 and your posts will get a better chance to be shared.


ViralcContentBee is free and is a great and simple tool to get more exposure and more visitors to your blog from social media platforms. If you spend a couple of hours a week sharing and scheduling on Viralcontentbee you can earn good amount o points you can use to have your blog posts shared by other bloggers.

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