Can You Really Make Money Online Listening To Music?

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Today there are many ways you can make money online, including doing simple and easy things like downloading apps on your smartphone, playing games, or taking part in surveys. Everybody likes listening to music. Young and old people of all races like listening to music and have their own favorite genre of music. So if you hear that it is possible to make money listening to music first thing you might think is too good to be true. It may sound too good to be true but it is 100% possible today.

You can start making money listening to music in your free time and having fun all the while. Regardless of the taste for music you have you can listen during the whole day and get paid for it. This is even better if you are a true fan of many different kinds of music since you can now listen to music all day long and get rewarded for that.

There are other simple ways to make extra money in your free time having fun like playing games, watching movies, or doing something else you love doing and listening to music is just one of them.

10 Websites where you can make money online listening to music

There are a number of options online where you can monetize your time by simply listening to music.

1. Earnably

At Earnably there are many ways to make money in your extra time doing simple tasks. Among many different types of tasks, you can earn money by watching music videos. There are also other simple ways to earn money or gift cards like paid surveys and short tasks you can do to increase your earnings. The minimum payment threshold on Earnably is $1

2. RadioEarn

Another way you can make money listening to music is by downloading the RadioEarn app and listening to music or inserting RadioEarn API to your blog or website and earning when someone else is listening to the radio through your website. This is simple fun and free way to make money online just listen to the radio or enable others to listen to the radio on your website to listen to the radio. You earn points for your time and later redeem your points for USD or gift cards. It is also 100% free to join.

3. SliceThePie

SliceThePie is another option you have to make money online by listening to music. To get paid you will need to listen to music and write a review about songs you are listening to. That is what you need to do to earn extra cash in your free time listening to music.

Various artists and publishers ahead of publishing their music want an honest review of them. Because of this, they are ready to pay you for your honest opinion. If you have free time and like to listen to music and write reviews. How much you will earn per review depends on the quality and the details of your reviews. You can have your earnings paid to Paypal if you have a minimum of $10 balance.

4. PlaylistPush

PlaylistPush is a website that connects TikTok influencers with young artists just starting their musical careers to help them get their future successful careers to a good start. As said you will need a TikTok account to start making money with PlaylistPush. Also, your TikTok account must be well established and have 30000 followers.

If you meet this requirement you will really love PlaylistPush. Many songs become popular and go viral on TikTok and that is why you can get paid if you can curate popular lists on Apple Music, YouTube, or Spotify.

5. MusicXray

MusicXray is another way to make money online by listening and rating to music and you can cash out once your balance reaches $20. To open an account is free and when you register you will need to take part in a survey. The survey will be used to determine your musical taste and will be helpful to match you with music according to your personal preferences.

Soon after you open your account you will have access to the music you can start listening to and rating. The pay per song you rate is usually $0.1 which is not very bad and is good money for the time and effort you invest in listening and rating music.

6. CurrentRewards

This is another way to make money online by listening to music. You don’t pay any fee to join and anyone can do as long as you have free time on your hands and you want to use that time productively. You can now have a good time listening to music and getting paid for that. Needless to say, the more you listen to music the more you will earn.
When you join CurrentRewards all you have to do is start listening to one of many radio stations available. As you listen you earn points and you can later spend those points on gift cards or donate them to charities.

7. HitPredictor

Hit Predictor rewards you with gift cards and prizes for listening to music and rating it, but also for referring your friends. To join HitPredictor is easy and free, all you have to do is sign up and select the kind of music that you prefer the most.

As a member of HitPredictor, you will have the privilege to listen to music and songs before the general public. You will listen to songs and rate them even before they appear on live radio or tv. You will also need to rate them which is of great helps to composers, producers, artists, and companies who can really appreciate your honesty

8. is a company that will pay you to take part in surveys concerning music. Just like other websites on this list they need your honest opinion and feedback because they in return give recommendations to different radio stations on what music they should play.

The process is simple, first, you need to sign up and fill out a form. Your job from that moment on is whenever you get invited to a survey you are qualified for, you will need to listen to music and give your honest opinion. You can later redeem your earnings for Amazon gift cards.

9. Cash4Minutes

Cash4Minutes is a way to earn extra money using your mobile phone. To start earning you will need to sign up, which you can do for free, a mobile phone, and unused minutes. You can now monetize your unused minutes by listening to internet radio stations on your phone.

You will be provided with numbers to dial and start listening to radio stations. You can get paid by Paypal, Bitcoin, Bank Transfer, or you can choose an Amazon gift card or donate to charity.


This is a website that will pay you to listen to songs and give your feedback. is different from other websites on this list because it does require having experience as a musician. Your job will be to give your opinion about how to improve songs created by other musicians.


If you enjoy listening to music and I can hardly think that there is someone who doesn’t. Then you can also make some extra cash this way. It should be mentioned that you will not get rich by joining the websites from the above list but you will earn extra cash pocket in your free time. If you are looking to make serious money online there are other ways to do that.

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