How To Make Money Watching Movies And Videos Online

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You are probably wondering, can I really make money by watching movies? It might seem impossible but yes it is possible. There are many apps and sites online that pay you to watch movies and videos and there are also other alternative ways you can monetize your love for movies and the time you invested in watching movies.

Making money online by watching movies and videos is a fun way to earn extra cash in your free time and there are other ways to make money doing something you love like playing games, listening to music, or reading books.

This is a way to make money online that anyone can do it. Regardless if you are a stay-at-home mom, teenager, student, retired or simply you have free time and you spend it watching movies and videos now you can even earn extra cash at the same time.

You can spend your time after work watching movies and you can do it also during the weekends, any time you have free time and on top of getting paid, you can also just as always have fun doing it.

Why would someone pay you to watch movies?

You are probably how come someone is willing to pay me for something I do for fun. The answer is because companies are interested in your opinion for marketing research purposes. They pay for watching movies just as they pay for other things we normally consider fun, like listening to music or reading books.

To get started making money you can by using a number of apps and websites where you can find tasks that pay you to watch movies and other video content. To join and start making money online is free so why not take advantage of this and start making extra money in your free time with no extra effort.

Best apps and websites to get paid watching movies and videos

Here is a list of apps and websites where you can get paid for watching movies and videos: is a website that is focused on providing ways to the members to earn money watching movies. On this website you can earn points for every minute you watch moves. is using a point system to reward the members. The more time they spend watching movies the more points they will earn. You can later redeem your points for gift cards from Amazon, Walmart, and other companies or request to be paid in your Paypal account or Bitcoin.

You can be paid once your account balance reaches $5 and you can even install app on different devices and make money watching movies. uses data collected this way for market research purposes and for that it pays the members for using their app.


InboxDollars is a great option to make money online in your free time. It has an established reputation and tracks record that goes back many years. There are many ways to earn extra money on this site and one of them is watching movie trailers.

Once you create your account you will be rewarded $5 dollars bonus and you will get access to movie previews you can watch and get paid for it. In addition to watching movies, InboxDollars has other ways to make money like paid surveys, web research, and others. Once your account balance reaches $10 you can get paid through Paypal, or you can redeem for gift cards.


You can also make money by watching movies on Swagbucks which is a website similar to InboxDollars. You can join for free and even get a bonus of $5 when you sign up. From that moment on you can start making money by watching short movies usually a few minutes long. There are movie trailers, videos, and other video content you can watch and get paid for in your free time.

Nielsen Panel

Nielsen Panel is a company that will pay you to install their app that monitors your watching habits and uses the data they collect for marketing research purposes. You can install the app on your phone or your PC. You will be rewarded with points you can later redeem when your balance reaches $5 for a gift card.


Viggle is an app where you can earn money watching video ads, music videos, movies, and tv shows in your free time. You can install the app on your phone and if you love music videos and tv shows you can be making extra money in your free time without much effort. The pay is not very high and you will not get rich this way but you will earn money depending on how much time you invest in watching movies.


AppTrailers is an app for Android devices that rewards you for watching as the name itself implies trailers. You can install the app and earn money by watching movie trailers and video ads and later redeeming for Paypal cash or gift cards.


KeepingItReel is a website where you can get paid to write movie reviews and discuss movies. It is not simply paying for your time to watch movies but if you love watching movies why not spend extra time to write reviews, share your honest opinion, and get paid for it. For your reviews, you will be rewarded with gift cards.


MyPoints will reward you with $10 when you sign up and you can start earning points by watching videos. There are other types of tasks you can complete to make money in addition to watching movies.


iRazoo is a website that pays the members for completing many tasks like taking surveys, playing games, searching the internet, and also watching movies and ads.

When you join iRazoo you will have the option to start earning money watching video ads, movies, and other types of video content. This is a great option for anyone with a free tie to earn extra cash. The minimum payout requirement is $20 which you can reach faster if you take on other jobs aside from watching movies and videos.

Become Netflix tagger

This is a perfect job that pays fairly well for those that love to watch movies and Netflix in particular. This job is pretty simple and perfect for movie lovers. If this describes you and you get hired as a Netflix tagger your job will be to watch movies and choose proper tags for them. Your job will help Netflix users to find and choose movies that they will be interested in.

This is a well-paid job but it is pretty hard to get hired. The jobs opening are few here and there so if you are interested make sure to be on the lookout and visit the Netflix jobs page frequently.


It is possible to make money by watching movies and there are many people already doing it. This is a type of job that can be done by anyone without any experience and in their free time. It doesn’t require any effort and you can get paid by doing something you are already doing. So if you enjoy watching movies why don’t you even get some extra reward for it.

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