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Pinterest is one of the greatest social media platforms in existence today. On Pinterest, users share images and discover things that interest them. Many people use Pinterest to find useful and helpful information, recipes, decorations ideas, fashion items, and other useful information. Searching for ways to start making money online with Pinterest? Rather than viewing Pinterest as a basic image-sharing social media network, think of it as your global advertising board capable of reaching millions of potential customers.

Pinterest is a network that has over 450 million users. Because of this, it is an excellent place to find clients for any product or service you might be selling online and many use Pinterest exclusively for business purposes.

There are numerous ways of bringing in money with Pinterest, and as the number of users keeps on growing day by day, your chances to grow your business and make money will grow as well.

We should take a quick look at a few legitimate ways by which you can make money with Pinterest. You can make it your side hustle and extra cash in your free time or you can do it full time and make a living. It depends on you and your preferences, objectives, interests, and how much time you got available.

What do you need to start making money on Pinterest

First of all, think about yourself. What are your interests and passion? What are your knowledge, experience, and expertise? If you have knowledge and information that will be of value to many other members and ideas they might be interested in you can share then you are on a good path to one day monetize your Pinterest account.

Suppose you’re a wellness addict. You love being fit and remaining fit. You pick the main interest group: ladies in their twenties who need to be fit and appealing. Make a Pinterest account and boards that will draw the attention of this audience. Or if you love cooking and have experience in making delicious and healthy meals. You can create a board and publish images of your favorite dishes and have people of similar interest flock to your board.

To have the potential to make money on Pinterest you will need to get followers to your boards, and even more, it is recommended to make a mailing list. How much you will be able to earn on Pinterest depends most on the number of followers you have. The more the better. Don’t bother about thinking about how to make money and what to sell to your audience. In the beginning focus on growing the number of followers and monetization, part comes later after you have at least a few thousand followers.

7 Ways to start making money on Pinterest

1. Pick a company to promote and request sponsorship

Focus on building your boards and increasing the number of your Pinterest followers as we talked about above. Then, at that point, select businesses and brands that sell products and/or services that may be of interest to your audience. For example, if your audience is interested in wellness then you can connect with companies that sell skincare, healthy foods, supplements, online wellness courses, etc.

Share your Pinterest account’s insights with the organizations you approach, and request sponsorship. You can offer a business arrangement to promote their products and brand for a year for certain compensation.

2. Promote affiliate products

Affiliate marketing is another legitimate way to make money on Pinterest. Many organizations need affiliates who will promote their items for a little commission on the sale they will make. You can join many affiliate marketing networks where you can find many programs you can promote. Some of the best affiliate networks you can join are Amazon Associates, Aliexpress Affiliate program, or for digital products, you can join Clickbank.

To join affiliate marketing networks is free and anyone can join but when you apply will require that you explain how you plan to promote the programs. When choosing the programs pay attention if promotion on Pinterest is allowed because there are some programs that prohibit traffic from social media websites.

3. Create your own product you can sell on Pinterest

You can even sell your own products on Pinterest if you have. Or if you have an account with a large following you can create your own product and start selling it on Pinterest. You can create a digital product like an ebook or a video course by recycling your old content from your Pinterest account. For instance, if your board is about food and recipes you can create an ebook with your favorite recipes.

As an alternative to selling your products, you can use a method called product locking. Thanks to product locking you can still get paid for your product without your followers having to pay anything. To be able to use product locking you should join networks that offer this method of monetization like Adworkmedia( read more about Adworkmedia here).

4. Get more visitors to your eStore from Pinterest

Pinterest as we already explained is a great place to sell your products and promote affiliate programs. Because of the very large number of users, Pinterest can be a great way to get potential buyers to your online store. If you own and run an online store on Etsy, Cafepress or Shopify you realize the importance of getting as many visitors as possible. As a saying goes an image is worth a thousand words and you can publish images of your merchandise on Pinterest to reach the interested audience and direct them to your store.

5. Drive traffic to your money-making blog

If you own a blog and have a monetization method to make money then Pinterest is a great source of traffic you can utilize to increase the number of visitors and make more money blogging. Your first step is to open a Pinterest business account and claim your website. This way you will have access to analytics and a better understanding of what works best.

What you should do next is to create good-looking and attention-grabbing pins and link to individual posts in your blog. Pinterest users will find your pins and when they click on them they will be directed to your blog posts. The more visitors you get to your blog the more money you will make from affiliate links and advertisements.

6. Start working as a Pinterest virtual assistant

If you have been using Pinterest for a while and know your way around creating and running campaigns on Pinterest you can start working as a Pinterest virtual assistant. You can offer your experience to your clients who have no knowledge about how to use Pinterest to promote their blogs and online business on Pinterest.

If you decide to start working as Pinterest virtual assistant your job will include things like creating good looking pins using tools like Canva or PicMonkey, for your clients, creating a pining schedule for the pins, providing advice, and suggesting improvements to plans about how to promote on Pinterest, teach clients how to use Pinterest scheduling tools like Tailwind, etc. You can start slow by taking on one or two clients or if you have more free time you can work for more clients and maybe even turn this into a full-time income.

7. Make money teaching others how to make money on Pinterest

As Pinterest keeps on growing, a little industry has been created around it, with individuals creating devices to help Pinterest clients. After you’ve been utilizing Pinterest effectively for some time, think about bringing in money by showing your methodologies to other people. Make digital books and courses showing what you’ve realized and the ways you used to get there. Bloggers, online business owners, and digital marketers will be interested in this kind of information.

Tips on how to make the most from your Pinterest account

Use search engine optimization to get easily found on Pinterest

To make money on Pinterest, individuals must have the option to track down the performance of their individual pins and boards. To be found on Pinterest easily by other users learn what you can about SEO or search engine optimization. Pinterest is a social media platform and if you optimize your pins you will get more exposure. Not exclusively will you be found on Pinterest, however, you’ll likewise be found through other search engines similar to Google.

Make use of the “About” profile. You have 200 characters (around 50 words.) Be clear and enlightening, utilizing the catchphrases you anticipate that searchers should use in the search bar. Additionally, use SEO procedures on your pins. Each pin permits you 500 characters (around 100 expressions) to write a proper description so use it to include search phrases and keywords. Use proper keywords and don’t spam. Write meaningful descriptions.

Re-pin others’ pins to grow your following and make money

Pinterest is an informal community, so the simplest method for getting individuals to re-pin their pins is to be dynamic. Pin others’ pins, especially those individuals in your ideal interest group and that belong to your target audience. They are your potential clients. They will see you, and may even start following your boards. You can further down the road turn them into regular customers.


Pinterest is a social media platform with hundreds of millions of members. This makes it an ideal place to promote products and services and reach many potential clients. However, there are certain things you must know and there are necessary skills and experience you must have to make the most out of Pinterest.

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