How To Start Making Money On Twitch?

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Twitch has turned into an inconceivably famous platform for streaming, and many Twitch clients have effectively been utilizing it to bring in cash. Twitch is also a great way to start making money online playing games. This is great news for everyone who loves playing games like teenagers.

Assuming that you’re a devoted gamer or just for the most part prefer to live stream, there are a ton of chances to make money on Twitch, and many Twitch streamers have had great success on the platform. This article will feature several legitimate ways of bringing in money on Twitch and how to increase the money you make streaming on Twitch.

What is Twitch?

Twitch is a live online streaming service, with its most important focus being computer game streaming and also other different kinds of streaming. Twitch clients can set up an account and live stream themselves playing computer games, playing music, or even approaching their daily activities as a live stream, which likewise incorporates Twitch Pulse.

7 best ways to start making money with your Twitch channel

Twitch has an immense client base, and numerous famous streamers bring in cash streaming their gameplay on Twitch. So if you’re asking yourself how would you make money on Twitch, we’ll investigate a portion of the potential ways you can utilize your Twitch channel to start making money online doing something you love.

Become a Twitch affiliate

One of the essential ways of producing income on Twitch is through the Twitch affiliate program. As long you stream consistently (somewhere around 500 minutes, seven days with three simultaneous watchers or more as a base, and have more than 50 followers ), you can become a Twitch affiliate. As an affiliate, you can start making money from subscriptions, advertisements,s or using Twitch Bits.

If you are streaming routinely and you reach 12 streams 25 total hours and an average number of 75 viewers, you as a Twitch affiliate will be able to apply for the Twitch partner program. It works in much the same way as the affiliate program, yet Twitch partners get much more extra advantages compared to affiliates.

Brand sponsorships

Numerous famous Twitch streamers have brand sponsorships that make it possible for them to make money streaming. These sponsorships can take various shapes relying upon what the sponsor would like. For instance, the sponsorships could incorporate selling games and in-game things and to be eligible to be sponsored you will need to have viewers n the range of 50 -100 anytime you go live.

Ad revenue generated during streams

Twitch streamers can likewise make considerable money from running various advertisements on their Twitch streams. Twitch ads incorporate video advertisements, for example, pre-roll and show promotions that watchers see during the stream. When you run advertisements and promotions during our streaming you will receive a share of the adverting revenue.

Build a Twitch store and sell your merchandise

You can likewise make different that you can sell in your store as another way to make money on Twitch. This permits you to be inventive and offer interesting things to allure your following. You can create your merchandise similar to Cafepress or Etsy. Products you can create and sell are shirts, mugs, caps, and the sky is the limit from there, and it’s an incredible way for your followers to demonstrate their backing for your streams.

Ask for donations from your viewers

Numerous streamers make money by requesting their Twitch followers to help their streams by giving money. You can add buttons for Paypal or an outsider application, for example, Streamlabs to your channel to acknowledge gifts and request that viewers make a small donation every time you do a live stream.

Twitch subscriptions

Twitch subscriptions are probably the most ideal way to offer viewers certain benefits while additionally working out a consistent income stream. With a membership, clients pay a limited sum consistently to watch you mess around or produce different sorts of content. You can add extra benefits for your subscribers so they will come back and keep them interested and renew their subscription.

Proote affiliate programs and exclusive offers

You can use also promote affiliate programs on the Twitch channel. You can promote things that your audience might be interested like games, gaming hardware, etc. Every time they make a purchase through affiliate links you promote you will earn a commission. You can sell games at a rebate for a certain short period of time or make different offers and product giveaways, sweepstakes, or special discounts to increase the number of your followers and also bring benefits to your supporters.

How much money can you make streaming on Twitch?

Income on Twitch can enormously depend upon a few variables, including the number of Twitch followers you have, the diverse adaptation open doors you have, and how consistently you’re creating content. Many Twitch streamers report paying somewhere in the range of $3,000 and $5,000 every month, except it’s hard to pinpoint definite average earnings since they are not public.

Twitch pays once you reach the minimum account of $100. If your earnings for the month do not reach $100 they will be transferred to the other month until you reach $100.

Step by step guide to starting making money on Twitch

Twitch is exceptionally simple to get everything rolling with, so you can rapidly start making money . Here is a step by step guide on how it’s done:

Step 1: You’ll require some gear to get everything rolling with Twitch, including a great camera, mic, and a PC that is powerful enough to deal with streaming.

Step 2: When you have your gear prepared, you can set up your account on Twitch to get everything rolling.

Step 3: Zero in on planning your profile to draw in sponsors and make sure your profile stand out from the crowd.

Step 4: Run ordinary live streams regularly to assist you with building your audience as you get everything rolling on the Twitch platform.

Step 5: Join the Twitch affiliate and Twitch partner program when you meet requirements and start monetizing.

How to maximize your income on Twitch

When you get everything rolling on Twitch and begin bringing in a little extra money playing games, you can begin to invest even more effort to get even more followers and sponsors and increase your income even more. Here are a few methods for growing your Twitch earnings:

  1. Build your relationship with your supporters. The more you establish a connection with your supporters, the more probable they will remain faithful and keep buying in. Make time to communicate with them and feel part of the experience. Continuously watch out for different streamers to perceive how they are able to keep their audience cheerful and gain motivation for your channel.
  2. Choose games to play that are popular. As a Twitch streamer, you will make money depending on how many people watch your streams. When choosing which games to play you should choose not only games you love playing but also games that at the moment are very popular. This will increase your chances of having many viewers.
  3. Pay attention to criticism. As your following builds up, pay attention to the input and criticism coming in and use that to improve. You can use this criticism to your advantage and make the necessary adjustments so your supporters can have at least some idea that you’re effectively paying attention to them.
  4. Publish your gameplay recordings on a YouTube channel. You can build another source of income by posting videos of your live streams to other online platforms, for example, a Youtube channel for extra exposure and income. Make gamers are making good money by posting gameplay videos on YouTube.
  5. Upgrade your Twitch profile to gain more exposure and stand out from the rest. Ensure that your Twitch profile is improved and simple to find to draw in more supporters. Check out what other very popular streamers have in their profile to get a few ideas on how to enhance yours.
  6. Promote yourself on other social media websites. Use other social media platforms, for example, Instagram and Facebook to promote your Twitch profile and draw in new sponsors and followers. You can post short recordings of your gameplay streams as an embeded Youtube video on other websites to acquire supporters. Or you can announce your live streams in your posts so your followers can know when they start so they can plan their time.


Making money online by streaming your gameplay videos on Twitch is possible and there are many streamers that are making extra money this way. It is an easy way to make money doing something love just as is listening to music or reading books. If you are a gamer and spend hours playing games then you should consider joining Twitch.

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