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arn money writin blogging publishing articles on medium

If you are a talented writer or blogger and can create original content then there are many legitimate ways how you can start making money online. One of the ways writers, bloggers, and other content creators can start making money online is by publishing content on Medium.

There are many opportunities online today for talented people to earn money using their talent, skills, and experience. Most people would first think about freelancing or selling their writing services to clients. They can become online freelancers and find many online jobs on freelance jobs websites like UpWork, PeoplePerHour, Fiverr and get paid for every work they complete by their clients. Or they can create their own blog using platforms like WordPress or even start a free blog where they can publish their work and monetize their traffic using ads, affiliate links, or other methods.

These are all great options about how you can make money online writing but here we will reveal one more that can be a good source of extra income. This is a website called Medium.

What is Medium?

Medium is an online publishing platform that welcomes writers. Bloggers and other content creators publish their articles. It is available to everyone and content is posted there can be any area of interest or niche.
Medium has a very large number of readers and subscribers. Tens of millions of visitors visit it every month many of them paid. Because of this large traffic Medium attracts many content creators who by publishing on the platform can reach a large number of interested readers, and also make money online. You too can publish your wor on Mediu and get more exposure and earn extra money in addition to your freelancing or blogging income.

On the Medium website, there are so-called “publications” which are a sort of joint publishing area where many writers publish content around the same topic. They are open to other writers and you can also consider joining.

How to start publishing your content on Medium and making money

Just as with many websites first of all you need to join Medium as a writer. This is not very hard to do and next, you will need to join Medium Partner Program. Medium is open to new writers and they make the process to join easy. To create your account you can use your email, Facebook account, or Google account.

You will also need to provide your payment details so you can receive payments from Medium. Payments to writers are issued once a month. With Medium, you can essentially join and start writing and making money as soon as possible. They make it very easy for new and talented writers to join and start writing immediately.

To start making money on Medium you have to create original content and publish it. It is your content and how well it is performing that determines how much you will earn. In the past, there was a system based on o called “claps”. Claps are something like upvotes on Quora and how many claps the post got the more money the writer would make.

Although the “claps” are still present on Medium they are no longer the basis to determine earnings. However, claps are still important. They are still used by administrators to determine which posts are most popular with the readers. The posts with more claps get more promotion than others You can also look into which posts receive more claps so you can choose topics to write about.

If your story is really liked by readers and gets many claps then that is the first step to your article getting more attention and more promotion. This will result in even more users reading it and earning even more money.

The statistic that really matters how much you will now earn from your posts on Medium is the reading time. The more reading time spent from users on your work the more you will earn. Medium basically awards you for the time people read your articles.

If you are a logger then Medium offers another benefit for you to use to get even more online exposure. Medium allows you to import your other posts you make like your own blog. So if you want to get more exposure for your work and build your reputation this is a useful feature.

Tips on how to be successful on Medium

Medium is a great platform for writers, bloggers, and content creators offering opportunities to make money online, and exposure to tens of millions of readers that are regular on the platform. On the other hand, there are many other talented writers there and they are your competition you must be able o stand out from. Here are a number of tips.

  • Focus on quality and not on quantity. Don’t think that you can get away with mediocre work. Readers want quality and original content and also a more personal perspective on the topics you write about. You need to be able to write high-quality content starting with a catchy headline and going on with writing interesting enough to keep them reading the article to the end.
  • Focus on topics that are both in demand and you are an expert about. Write about things you know and you have had personal experience. These can be from both your personal life but also the business. The audience on Medium likes original content and if you can deliver you will be successful. Also, check out which articles have the most claps and focus on writing for that topic.
  • Share your posts on social media. You can write about anything you like and on Medium, there are tens of millions of users that you can reach. You should however also invest efforts to promote your content on social media. This will bring more readers and because your earnings depend on the reader time then you will earn more money.


Making money online is certainly possible for writers and content creators and all those who can create original content that is interesting, informative, and helps others to solve certain problems. In addition to selling their work to clients or publishing on a money-making blog, content creators have also the option to publish their work on Medium. Medium is a great side hustle for freelance writers, easy to use and when you join he only need to focus on writing and creating original content Medium allows you to make passive income from your posts for the time to come.

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