How To Get Started With Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

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The practice of affiliate marketing has become a well-known method of earning passive income from marketing other companies’ products and services. It is a legitimate way to make money online and many are making a decent income online as affiliate marketers. If someone decides to buy products you’ve advertised via an affiliate program, then you’ll be paid a percentage. Affiliate marketing is carried out on the internet and is carried out in various ways, such as by bloggers who allow affiliate links on their blogs.

To be successful in affiliate marketing you first of all need to have good knowledge about methods and strategies involved in affiliate marketing. There are many ways to educate yourself and to gain knowledge about affiliate marketing, such as attending one of the numerous online courses for training. Experience is usually the most effective teacher. You can also get a better understanding of affiliate marketing by trying it yourself.

How to educate yourself about affiliate marketing

Fortunately, today good information about affiliate marketing is readily available and can be found online using a simple Google search. You will find many good sources of both free and paid education and knowledge bases about affiliate marketing. You can start learning affiliate marketing using:

Blogs and websites. There are many blogs and websites online that provide useful information about affiliate marketing. You can read about promotional strategies and techniques, reviews of networks and tools, and case studies.

Online forums. Online forums are also another great place to learn about affiliate marketing. Many marketers both beginners and experienced are frequent on these forums and exchange ideas ad opinions. Some of the best are WarriorForum, AffiliateFix, Afflift, and others.

YouTube videos. On YouTube platform you can find many videos discussing different topics associated with affiliate marketing. You will find case studies, reviews, lessons about tracking, landing page design, etc.

Books, newsletters, and ebooks. You can find many books and books about affiliate marketing on popular marketplaces like Amazon. Many ebooks and reports are free and are given away by their authors when you sign up to their mailing list.

Online courses. Online courses about affiliate marketing are also available in great numbers. You can find many courses focused on different topics about affiliate marketing like, social media marketing, pay per click, landing pages, etc. You can find many on Udemy and other websites.

Online training websites. One of the best options for those willing to learn affiliate marketing is by joining online affiliate marketing training websites. The benefit of joining these websites is you are trained to step by step how to set up and start your online affiliate marketing business. Some of the best you can join is Wealthy Affiliate and Affilorama.

Understand the difference between affiliate marketing merchant and affiliate marketer

To understand Affiliate Marketing on the internet and learn how to begin Affiliate Marketing, the very first important thing to understand is the distinction between Affiliate Marketing merchants and Affiliate Marketers. The person who creates or sells the product of products in Affiliate Marketing is called an Affiliate Marketing Merchant and the opposite is true. Affiliate Marketer aids in marketing these products using various platforms.

Be familiar with the common terms associated with affiliate marketing

When you have a clear understanding of the differences between Affiliate Marketing and Affiliate Merchant The next thing to be aware of is the different essential terms that are used in Affiliate Marketing so that you understand the right terminology associated with affiliate marketing.

Affiliates. Affiliates are affiliate marketers, or publishers, who utilize affiliate program links to market products and generate sales.

Affiliate Marketplace. Diverse marketplaces such as Shareasale, CJ, and Clickbank that serve as the central database for affiliate programs within specific niches are known as affiliate marketing places or networks.

Affiliate Software. The various tools and software employed by businesses to create an affiliate program like iDevaffiliate is Affiliate Software.

Affiliate Link. It is an affiliate tracking hyperlink offered to you by the affiliate program to assist in keeping track of the performance of your affiliate marketing campaigns.

Affiliate ID. It’s similar to an affiliate link that affiliate programs provide. It is a unique identification number you can put on any page on your website.

Payment Mode. Different payment methods for Affiliate Marketing include Cheque, PayPal, Payoneer, wire transfer, and many more.

Commission Percentage/Amount. The actual amount or percentage is what you’ll earn as an affiliate commission on each sale that you make.

2-Tier Affiliate Marketing. In this method in Affiliate Marketing, you permit people to join your affiliate programs which means that you get a share of the profits in the event that your sub-affiliate is successful in making an acquisition, and this commission is referred to as a sub affiliate’s commission.

Landing Pages. It can be described as a unique sales method as well as demo sites, the primary reason for which is to increase sales. It is an important tool for promoting affiliate programs.

Link Cloaking. This lets you utilize techniques such as URL shorteners, which means you can transform the ugly URLs to URLs that look better and are easier to read and remember.

Choose the product type you want to promote using affiliate marketing methods

You must become aware of different product categories that you are able to successfully promote using affiliate marketing. Visit the Amazon website and select one of the categories that you believe is best suited to you. This is the only way to select a niche or category of products you’re familiar with.

If you decide to select one specific type of product to promote through affiliate marketing this will ease the burden of targeting specific groups of people for a certain kind of affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing selecting an item, type is known as choosing a niche.

It is possible to check Amazon and Flipkart or other websites to find out the commission rates for various products that are available on them.

Create a website and signup for an affiliate program

The next step in understanding Affiliate Marketing on the internet and knowing how to begin affiliate marketing understands how to build a site to aid you in running a successful affiliate marketing campaign. The creation of a website or blog is thought to be the most effective method to market affiliate links. It is essential to create a blog or a website that is not just targeted at people to promote affiliate programs but also educates them in the most trustworthy manner that is possible.

Building a rapport that is based on credibility can help build anticipation and trust in the minds of your audience about the products and services that you discuss and promote. And because of your credibility, they will be more likely to purchase the items and services that you suggest buying.

The next step after establishing your website is signing in to the affiliate program. When selecting the affiliate program, choose the one that pays more commissions for the specific product category you’ve chosen.

When you’ve signed up to an Affiliate Program then the next step to master affiliate marketing for free and knowing how to begin affiliate marketing is to add the affiliate link on your website or blog. This can be done by following the steps below to follow.

The first step is to have to sign up with your Affiliate Program e.g. Amazon Affiliate Program or eBay Partner Program.

The next step is to find an item by typing in keywords, search terms, or product names in the database of the affiliate network. You will also get information about the performance of different affiliate programs. You will also find many creatives you can use to promote your affiliate products like text ads, banners, email swipes, etc.

In the event that you come across the product that you like, you can go on and start promoting it using creatives. In some instances, you will need to apply to individual programs and you will first need to be accepted before you can start promoting. The program owner (advertiser) will review your application and inform you if you get accepted or not

Write Content about the product you are promoting

You can also market the affiliate product through writing content regarding the products. The various types of content you should be aware of while learning Affiliate Marketing is:

  • “How to” tutorials, articles, and tutorials
  • Review article
  • Articles on comparing similar products
  • Social media posts

Establish your reputation online and build trust to drive targeted traffic

If you study Affiliate Marketing on the internet and know how to begin affiliate marketing, it’s essential to be aware of the various methods to help you develop a good reputation with the target audience. Building connections with your partners can help you gain targeted visitors to your marketing campaign. Below are some ways to draw potential customers into your Affiliate Programs:

Free Advertising

This allows you to put ads and links on free websites to bring visitors to your site. You and the site that you use earn money through Affiliate Marketing by letting people visit your site and click on the ads. A popular method to get free traffic is through social media websites, online forums, etc.

This allows you to drive traffic using ad networks. To achieve this, you will need to use ad networks like Gole Adwords or Facebook Ads. PPC ads are among the most significant aspects of affiliate marketing as you must be sure to design effective advertisements to drive revenue and improve ROI.

Email Marketing

In this manner, marketers can include an email subscription form to visitors to their website. This will allow you to collect the email addresses and names of your users, which can assist to maintain a long-term connection with your visitors. You can later send emails promoting affiliate programs to your subscribers.


Affiliate marketing is very lucrative for those affiliate marketers that know how to do it properly and have mastered the methods and strategies of this business. If you want to set yourself up for success as an affiliate marketer first of all you need to educate yourself and learn all you can. The good thing is that you have the possibility to do it online and many of the resources are available for free.

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